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Why a Glock 32?

This time on Gun Fzx, I buy a Glock.
I resisted the idea of a Glock for a long time because I have a friend who’s
a fanboy and it kind of turned me off but the customizability and the multiple
calibers – I decided to head to try a law enforcement trade-in. 22’s are commonly available but
they shoot the forty caliber and my friend again. I know, it’s childish
emotional response but, whatever, I’m human. Ever since I was real little my
favorite color has always been camouflage my favorite number has been
32. For real. I took a year-long adventure to South America when I was 32.
I met my wife when I was 32. And that Glock 32 shoots a real man’s caliber –
the 357 SIG. it was listed in very good condition and this things quite nice.
The one included magazine says “Restricted – Law Enforcement Government Only”
and the previous owner colored it with a blood red crayon. Gotta get me some more
of those. So apparently story goes that 40 Smith and Wesson got together with
the 9 mm Luger and they had little baby. This 357 is a flat nose
9 mm projectile and I’ll feel better knowing that there are a bunch of
little bullets in my guns saying that. The night sights are hot and that’s good
because this is an experiment pistol. So yeah, I bought my Glock 32 because .357 is
a man’s caliber, camouflage is my favorite color, and 32 is my favorite

18 thoughts on “Why a Glock 32?

  1. The 20 and 21 are supposed to be better investments as far as range toys go, considering all the different overpowered calibers you can fit it for.

    You're amassing a relatively odd collection of firearms by the looks of things…

  2. when u get the hotter load's in the 357 ammo it sure Will well not to much but u can get the more recoil and feel the difference but I Was surprised that it looks the size of the GLOCK 19, so it's a easy cancel Carry… well it looks like it!…

  3. I carry the G23 love the 165 grain PDX-1. I had a glock 357 sig but it was ported, didn't like it. I think it was because of porting. Going to get a 32 barrel for my 23. See how that goes !!

  4. Because 357 Sig is really, really powerful. I might never buy one, but I've got my uncle's P2000 and it has less recoil than .40 S&W plus way more power. But people, including myself, tend to shy away from recoil, it keeps the range more fun somehow. Yeah and the ammo price yadda yadda.

  5. I bought a Glock 32 because I only have 32 357 sig. bullets in the box of 50 I bought. I took this mistake as an omen

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