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This week on TGC News, Weird AR10’s, Trinkets
for Sigs, a modular rail system and updates on past stories! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to everyone that is subscribed to
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that you guys listen and watch! Now how about some news? Sounds delicious right? MMMMM. As per usual, there is a ton to cover so let’s
get to it. First up, Doublestar, a company most known
for the ugliest AR receivers known to man has released the worst looking AR10 pistol
known to man. It’s called the Star10-P and its chambered
in 308 winchester. I’ll run through the accoutrements real quick. Out back there is a strongarm pistol brace,
then you have their weird looking receivers, their G10 pistol grip, which I actually like,
a CMC drop in 3.5 lb trigger, then Doublestar’s cloak mlok handguard surrounding the 12 inch
stainless heavy barrel capped off with a rasp flash hider. I think that downward slant on the magwell
really just hits my eyes weird, the whole thing looks like a knights helmet with a rhino
horn sticking out the front and a ponytail out the back. But besides my own discomfort with the styling,
the doubelstar rifles are actually well built and carry a price tag to match. The MSRP on this is 2299.99. Grey Ghost Precision has expanded on their
line up of pistols slides. They already had offerings for the Glock 17,
19 and 43, and now they have an offering for the Sig P320. Side note, it’s pretty neat to see the 320
become so popular in a somewhat short period of time. So the features on this are fairly straightforward. Up front, those big old holes in the slide
top and sides to reduce weight, angled serrations, similar to the factory serrations on front
and rear, the optic cut, is pretty slick because it’s actually compatible with 3 different
optics without using adapter plates, Its set up for the RMR, the delta point pro or the
sig romeo1. Its a solid set up all around. Pricing on these starts at just under 420
bucks which is only slightly more than the Procut slides from sig that are coming in
at 399 and the sig slides also come with night sights. So the real winner here is the optic cut if
you ask me. Speaking of Sig upgrades, there is a company
called Icarus Precision, out of the pacific northwest and they are making a new grip module
for the P365. That doesn’t sound super exciting, except
for the fact that they are made out of aluminum. There are, of course, some differences from
the factory grip module. This aluminum version has a much different,
for the most part, non existent, texture, a slightly elongated indent for your fingers
as well as a small one for the mag release button, a palm swell, which i think it’s neat,
an extended beaver tail, and up front, its got picatinny rail for attachments instead
of a proprietary rail like the original. They also have a 2.0 version without the palm
swell and a little bit more texturing. The price for a slightly heavier, potentially
better equipped p365 grip-module, 299 dollars which would turn your 500 dollar gun into
an 800 dollar gun. Strike Industries has released a new modular
rail system called GridLok. The overall concept here is actually pretty
neat. There are sort of 3 sections to this. The rear which attaches to the barrel nut
via a locking lever, the middle portion which gets attached to the rear and then the front
section which comes in 2 pieces, the top which has a fold away iron sight and some pic rail,
and the bottom, which has some mlok as well as a couple horizontal slots in it, I’ll call
it MSLOTLOK. The rail looks fantastic. I guess the overall idea is that you could
swap out the middle section for a different length piece if you wanted or you could swap
out the colored pieces for something else. I’m not really sure why you would want to
do all that but its still a neat concept. The pricing for an all black 8 inch version
is 199.95 and goes up to 284.95 for the 17 inch version with colors. And now it’s time for some updates on things
we already covered. First up, you may remember that Prime ammunition
was tied up in litigation with Swiss ammo giant, Ruag Ammotec. There were some strong accusations in both
directions to include product being withheld and bills not being paid. Well its seems that might be over. According to a press release from Prime, the
litigation has concluded. Jim O’shaughnessy the CEO of prime is quoted
saying “RUAG contacted us and asked us to conclude the litigation. We reached a mutually agreeable settlement
and are taking their offer to restore the business relationship under careful consideration.” When I first read that I interpreted it as
saying that they were going to continue doing business, just by sort of taking it easy. However, I spoke with Jim O’Shaughnessy himself
and he said that my interpretation wasn’t exactly correct and that they were still considering
things. Another thing I discovered whilst browsing
their website is that everything except the 6.5 is listed as out of stock. So right now, that’s all you’re able to order,
and it also says now that the ammo is being made here in the USA. Jim also shared with me that it’s actually
being loaded by Spark Munitions with Peterson brass, two companies from the western side
of my home state of Pennsylvania. It appears as though Prime may be back up
and running and if this 700 yard group out of a 24 inch rifle is any indication. They could be on a good path. Now, our next update, It’s very important
for me to give brands a fair shake here on the show, if I say something that they feel
is wrong or flat out not fair, I will do my best to share their side of things with you
guys. That happened recently with Atlas Arms, you
guys may recall me being pretty harsh on their crowdfunding campaign for AP pistol ammo. They tweeted that I got things wrong and was
misinformed. And I of course asked them to tell me so I
can make an effort to get it right. Well, they responded.. With a wall of text on their website. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to read
through everything so I will make sure it gets linked in the description everywhere
except youtube. However, I will hit a few highlights, I said
that the ammo was going to be 3D printed. I guess I assumed that based on what folks
commonly have available to them. That is actually incorrect and if you are
going to make it at home you will need a hobby mill or lathe. They also made a point about my comments on
the 30,000 dollar mark they were trying to hit. They essentially said that 30 grand is a small
amount of money for a project like this and that they have invested significant time and
12,000 dollars of their own money. I sure as hell hope you invested your own
time and money into your business. You’re a business owner, that’s what you’re
supposed to do. It’s not a badge of honor. The next thing that I suppose I misunderstood
was that this project is less about the actual end product and more about the information,
knowledge and research gained from the project. All of the promo you guys have on the website
and in the video leads with the ammo, not the freeware you plan to share afterwards,
the focus in your promotions is the ammo, not the open source data. hence the way I explained it. There’s also a point about me saying that
they may never deliver. They basically go on to say yea we will even
if we have to fund it ourselves but with donations we can do it faster and better. Again, you guys can go read about this yourselves
on their website. They feel like I slighted them and in some
ways I did, but at the end of the day, it’s not up to me. It’s up to you guys at home. Let me know in the comments what you guys
think about this situation. If I was wrong, tell me. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This is the only AK that I currently own. This is a rifle Dynamics Rd 702. This one has a slightly unique story, right
now it’s sporting a holosun optic, it’s got this really nice cerakote the red and the
black and silver. I think it’s cool, I love this rifle, it’s
also got an XTech mag in there, it’s just a really really nice AK and I thoroughly enjoy
this. Now, the way I acquired this is different
than how most people acquire their guns. So I actually got this in trade. Basically in exchange for promoting something
that that particular person wanted me to promote he traded me this beautiful rifle and even
did the cerakote, I mean this thing is beautiful it’s got an ALG trigger, got a whole bunch
of nice Parts all in all there’s a reason that this is the only AK that I own. If you guys enjoyed this little look at my
guns, and want to see more, let me know in the comments. I think that trauma classes specific to gun
related injuries are really important. However, they are expensive and that is often
a prohibiting factor. You can’t go wrong with any of those if you
choose to carry a wheel gun. My friendly fire question to you guys this
week, with the moon landing 50 year anniversary over the weekend, I started thinking. That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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