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Who Is Bernie Sanders? Narrated By Mo Welch | NowThis

– Instead of spending
money for food production, for education, for all the
things that human beings need, healthcare, we spend it for weaponry. And that is, and I’m glad we started this discussion off by saying, “What would you deal with “if you were running for president?” I think probably, in my own mind, that’s the most important issue. – [Narrator] That’s
Bernie Sanders in 1987. A former mayor, Congressman,
friend to punks everywhere. – That’s an interesting hairdo. – [Narrator] And current
U.S. Senator from Vermont. In 2020, he is running for president and saying the exact same things. But who is he? I’m comedian Mo Welch and this is a story about a democratic socialist who’s a serious contender to become the President
of the United States. Bernard Sanders was born in
1941 in Brooklyn, New York, to a lower middle-class Jewish family. They lived in a rent-controlled
apartment in Flatbush. His father, Eli, emigrated from Poland, escaping prevalent anti-Semitism, but almost all of his family were murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust. – I learned a great deal
about immigration as a child. Because my father came from
Poland at the age of 17 without a nickel in his pocket. – [Narrator] In high school
Bernie ran for class president. No wonder the man had a heart attack. He’s been running for
office since the late ’50s. While attending the University of Chicago he organized a sit in against segregation, protested police brutality
and the Vietnam War. Later, he attended the historic
1963 March on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. During that same summer,
Bernie was arrested for resisting arrest after
he crossed a police line while protesting segregated schooling. He spent the night in
jail and was fined $25. After college, Bernie moved
to Vermont full time in 1968, where he initially worked as a carpenter. Only he wasn’t that good. As one local put it, “He
was a sh*tty carpenter.” in the ’70s he ran for U.S. Senate and the Vermont governor’s seat, twice each, under a third-party ticket. He lost. But he became the mayor of
Burlington, Vermont in 1981, winning the race by just 10 votes. As an independent he
beat the two party system and caught the nation’s attention. – The leadership of the Democratic party and the Republian party are tied to big money interests and
that neither of these parties will ever represent the
people in this country who are demanding the real
changes that have to take place. – [Narrator] He was
re-elected mayor three times, serving eight years. Although Bernie is a
self-described socialist, his tenure as mayor was more
pragmatic than you’d think. He worked with big business
and compromised on things to get most of what he wanted
accomplished, accomplished, like revitalizing the waterfront. While mayor, he also
hosted a public access show called “Bernie Speaks With The Community”. This show would end up serving as a record for his consistency. Take a look. – You’re talking about the
problem with the ozone layer, that people see in the paper every day. When they’re talking
about climatic changes that are measurable
within a few years time, you’re talking about wrecking
havoc with the entire planet. If we can’t bring the
entire world together, then the planet we’re
gonna be leaving our kids and grandchildren will be
increasingly unhealthy. – [Narrator] That crazy consistency, depending on how you look at it, is either very good or very bad. As mayor Bernie champion,
what the UN recognized as an award winning sustainable
affordable housing program and was named one of America’s
top 20 mayors in 1987. In 1991, he won a U.S. House seat for the Green Mountain State. He was declared an honorary
woman by Gloria Steinem. – That progressive movement, thanks to you and thanks to people like
Bernie has increased. There are subjects in
the public opinion polls that weren’t there at all 35 years ago. – [Narrator] And among other issues, Bernie voted against the Iraq war, which resulted in the deaths
of hundreds of thousands of human beings. – I have not heard any estimates of how many young American
men and women might die in such a war or how many
tens of thousands of women and children in Iraq might also be killed. As a caring nation, we
should do everything we can to prevent the horrible
suffering that a war will cause. – [Narrator] But at other times, Bernie was further to the
right on certain issues, although he’s never risen
above the grade of a C minus from the NRA. He did do some things in
Congress that pleased them. He voted against the Brady Bill, a gun law, making sure everyone
who wanted to buy a handgun had to wait five days
while law enforcement ran a background check, so that sucks. – Back in 1988 when I first ran for the United States
Congress, way back then, I told the gun owners
of the state of Vermont and I told the people
of the state of Vermont. A state which has
virtually no gun control, that I supported a ban on assault weapons. – [Narrator] He voted for
Joe Biden’s crime bill, which helped contribute to the
rise in mass incarceration, that disproportionally
affected Black Americans. But his vote was more
complicated than that, the bill included tons of provisions, like a ban on assault weapons and the Violence Against Women Act. Bernie knew there were
bad aspects of the bill, even spoke out against the
mass incarceration provisions, but ultimately he decided to vote for the controversial bill. – I have a number of serious
problems with the crime bill, but one part of it that
I vigorously support is the Violence Against Women Act. We urgently need the
$1.8 billion in this bill to combat the epidemic
of violence against women on the streets and in
the homes of America. – [Narrator] In 2006 Bernie
ran for Senate and won. He’s chairman of the U.S. Senate committee on Veterans Affairs, where in
2014 along with John McCain, he passed a massive veterans bill to improve their health care. On December 10th, 2010, Bernie
took the floor of the Senate and went to bat against
one of Obama’s policies. The extension of some of Bush’s tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Bernie’s speech lasted
eight and a half hours or almost as long as the Irishman and viewership crashed
the Senate video server. – For those people were earning
a million a year or more, they on average, on average, will be getting about
$100,000 a year tax break. – [Narrator] Critics of
Bernie’s time in the Senate claim he didn’t get much accomplished. In fact, he has to date,
sponsored over 200 bills while serving in the Senate. However, only three of
those bills were enacted. And then Bernie decided to
run for president in 2016. The primary was initially a tight race. Hillary narrowly beat
Bernie in the Iowa caucuses, but Hillary gained steam. Then the night before
the California primary, the associated press
released an article that read Hillary Clinton has commitments from the number of delegates needed to become the democratic
party’s presumptive nominee for president. Clinton had about four million
more primary and caucus votes than Sanders, giving her a clear lead going into the Democratic
National Convention. Two weeks before the convention, Bernie dropped out of the
race and endorsed Hillary. And just days prior to the convention, hacked emails were released by WikiLeaks showing several members of the Democratic National Committee staff were pulling for Hillary and
we’re annoyed by Sanders. Critics of Bernie, like Hillary claimed he waited too long
to drop out and endorse her. – [Man] Bernie could have
endorsed you quicker. – Are you kidding?
– After you beat him. – He hurt me. There’s no doubt about he hurt me. – [Narrator] Bernie went
on to hold 39 rallies in 13 states for Hillary. He also held 17 events in 11 States in the last week of the
election in support of her. Many in front of his supporters
who booed the decision. In 2017 Bernie was back in the Senate where he introduced Medicare for all. – I wrote the damn bill. – [Narrator] Bernie argues that every other major
industrialized nation on earth made healthcare right and he
believes the U.S. should too. His Medicare for all proposes to replace existing insurance plans with a comprehensive government run plan that covers more benefits. Critics argue simply that it’s too costly. An estimate says Sanders Medicare for All would cost roughly $34
trillion over a decade. According to ABC news, new research which analyzed nearly two dozen national and state-level single-payer
healthcare proposals made over the last 30 years suggest that single-payer plans are projected to save the
country money over time. Opponents point out that
the plan would raise taxes for most Americans. However, Bernie believes Americans would come out ahead on his system because they’re gonna be paying
high price premiums anymore. – Are people gonna pay more in taxes? Yes, but at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of people are gonna end up paying
less for healthcare because they’re not paying
premiums, co-payments, and the deductibles.
(clapping) – [Narrator] Bernie decided
to run for president again in 2020, with Medicare
for All as his centerpiece. While, Bernie was on the rise, he was suddenly slowed
down by a heart attack. It scared many who looked at a candidate in their late 70s hoping to oust one of the most firebrand “Home Alone 2” cameo stars of all
time for the presidency. But just two weeks later he
was back on the debate stage, pushing the field further to the left. Bernie has shifted the
national conversation as the 2020 race heats up, his platform has taken center stage, subsidizing college,
single payer healthcare, a $15 minimum wage and
a federal jobs program just to name a few. Politics keep changing, but
Bernie stays the same, sure. He’s looked 70 since he was 25 but his views have been
consistent just as long. It’s pretty crazy. But there is one thing
he’s looking to change at least since 2016. – We are going to win this election because we are going to put together, the strongest grassroots coalition in the history of our country. (cheers) (lively music)

100 thoughts on “Who Is Bernie Sanders? Narrated By Mo Welch | NowThis

  1. There will be a movie about this man one day and we will get time off for his holiday! Let’s celebrate this man while we still have him. Bernie 2020! Donate before the deadline tomorrow as well!

  2. Very nice that they glossed over all the inconsistencies and DNC controversies around HRC's nomination. He won in all the states where votes could be recounted physically, but HRC took all digital states by huge numbers. The DNC may have learned their lesson this time around, but Bernie is getting in bed with a bunch of snakes. Wish he could go fully independant, instead of being roped in with a bunch of poser progressives.

  3. Obama’s White Values And Hillary’s Back Voters have no place for Comrade Castro’s pet Socialist in the DNC.The DNC have plans , and they don’t include the Sandinistas Snake Oil Salesman.

  4. Berns would also appreciate it America's slave descendants would just hush up about reparations so that we can continue to be this Country's door mat while he cements his legacy by trying to save the middle-class from itself.

  5. how outrageous of Hillary to say Bernie waited too long to support her wow.what nerve. So she's blaming Bernie indirectly for her loss? when iscHillary going to realize that she didn't win because some people simply DID NOT LIKE HER

  6. When I first heard Bernie speak I couldn't believe my ears. Shortly before hearing him I had seen the film BULLWORTH starting Warren Beatty who played a fictional senator who because of a brain abnormality ,became fanatically obsessed with telling the truth much to the discomfort of lobbyists big business and his political rivals.
    After viewing the film I fantasized what it would be like to actually have a senator like the fictional Bullworth .

    Then along came Bernie and I was amazed.
    Here was a senator who actually said the things that regular Joe's like me talked about around dinner tables on street corners in barber shops.
    I was immediately hooked.

    no hes not perfect, but more than any other politician he seems to have a genuine love and concern for the underdog and hasnt forgotten that hes a public servant. Unlike most politicians who run on platforms he runs on convictions jes held for years. hes so committed to what he believes that its redundant like a broken record.
    And that's GOOD because you cant trust a politician who believes one thing today and opposed the same thing tomorrow

  7. What a garbage "centrist" approach to the situation. Thanks for not mentioning how the DNC literally rigged the election and abused electric voting machines to do it🙃

  8. Bernie…Bernie…Bernie…I may be Canadian but I’m still a supporter without a vote. I first became aware of Bernie in 1990. My family and I were travelling through Vermont during an election campaign. Bernie was the favourite to win. We caught up on the local issues from the news sources and were truly impressed with Bernie. We’ve followed his career and read about his civil rights work when he was still in college. From what I can tell, Bernie is genuine in his politics as aspirations for the American people. I wish him success .

  9. He is a con artist crooked politician that has became a millionaire off of being a public so called servant for the last 30 years he is no different from any other politician at least trump is or was not a politician until very recently

  10. The 32 trillion cost of medicare is a Koch brother funded study that said it would save 34 trillion that's a 2 trillion dollars amount in savings from our current system that's a right wing conservative estimate but it's more likely it would save us 10 trillion $ and everyone would health Care

  11. Really! A career politician promising you free Healthcare and college tuition, and you believe this ? Next is free housing, food and a vehicle . Wake the f up.

  12. Bernie speaks to all issues and has been fighting for the working class & minorities for as long as I can remember. I've always been afraid too many people in this world only see him as a socialist but we are already socialists. We love our social security, medicare, disability and I would like to see that expanded upon. It bothers me that the richest people in this country don't pay their fair share of taxes if any at all because they know how to work the system which by the way was designed specifically for them!

  13. I can't wait to see who Bernie rolls over for this time..
    Maybe that little Bloomberg fella, or 40 IQ Biden. Maybe the wicked witch herself is waiting in those wings?

  14. If you listen closely she clearly says democratic socialism isnt "pragmatic". Sounds like fair analysis. Lol fake news

  15. Now This News doesnt seem to know anything about the rigging of the 2016 primary and elections by the DNC establishment. Or their fake news. Wonder which it is….

  16. Bernie sanders is such an amazing person he deserves all our praise it’s too bad he had to wait and fight this long to achieve it.

  17. He’s been a communist since the 80s now he has anti semites on his team Ihlan Omar and others such a sorry candidate has past no legislation he sucks!

  18. Please all my black brothers and sisters put the good of the people first and don’t complain about Bernie not supporting reparations outright or whatever

  19. Bernie does well with the first time voters who have never even filed taxes as adults yet. They will be disappointed because the cost of Bernie's ideas will be twice the collective earnings of the taxpayers in this country. Another words if you and every tax payer in this country gave your entire pay check to Bernie it still would not be enough money to cover what he is promising.

  20. Only real take away here is that Bernie would make a better carpenter than US president.

    Will never vote for this loser. Bye bye!

  21. The same man who praised Venezuela before their economy collapsed.
    The same man who praised Communist Cuba for their government run healthcare system just recently.
    The same man who indirectly self identified as a communist in the 70s
    The same man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union
    The same man who had soviet flags in his office.
    The same man who preaches against the 1% while himself being part of it.
    The same man who didn’t get a job until his 40s, living off of state given benefits.
    The same man who preached against flying first class, while doing it himself. The same man who wishes to take another shot at socialism, which has been done and failed every time in the past.
    Let that sink in.

  22. Bernie just doesnt quit. He keeps trying after failure until he wins and keeps winning. He is the most consistent person in politics. Respect to him.

  23. In a country where laws literally cannot pass which favours the people, getting 1 legislation through is an achievement.
    Getting hundreds laws through on the other hand, means you are feeding into the machine for the rich.

  24. You guys really should have brought up the Yale study when it came to the costs of Medicare for all. It saves 450 billion every year compared to the current system.

  25. People forget Martin Luther King Jr. was a Democratic Socialist, we
    named streets after him, raised statues of him. We even have a national
    day for him.

  26. People forget Martin Luther King Jr. was a Democratic Socialist, we
    named streets after him, raised statues of him. We even have a national
    day for him.

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