Who Gets the Cool Gun? | CH Shorts

(whimsical music) (helicopter whirring) – Alright Bravo team, listen up. The target is at the base of the hill. They’re likely heavily armed
and likely booby traps abound. Everything you learned in training… – How come the captain’s gun is so cool? – I know, right? Look at that. – Keep your wits about you… – It looks like he got
it from like a alien. – Yeah, like an old alien. – Everything you learned in training is… – It shoots– – Like lasers or like– – God, it’s so– – balls of light. – Stay frosty. Let’s move out. (dramatic music) – Awww. (mortar exploding) – He’s gone. This changes nothing. This facility is an imminent threat to national security, alright? All we’re gonna do is
locate that compound, surround it, okay? I mean, locate the target,
call in the air strike, then we’re all home to our girlfriends. You got me ladies? (laughs) Let’s do it! – (clears throat) Sarge? – Hmmm? – Why do you got the captain’s gun? – What? – Why did you specifically
get to pick that up? – Oh, the gun. – Yes. – I, um, well I’m, you know, the acting commanding officer, and so it’s my duty to make sure that the mission has its goal accomplished. I’m, I have the gun. The gun, I’m gonna use the gun. – No disrespect.
– Yeah. – All due respect.
– No, yeah. So much respect.
– All… As much respect as you
– Uh huh. – can have.
– Mm hmm. – We’re all good soldiers,
and people say that I’m like kinda the best shot. – Oh, yeah, and I’m the fast one. So I’ve, I, I really– – I, I have the most armor, so I would get to use that the longest. – That’s enough, that’s enough, alright? I’m keeping the gun,
the gun’s for me, okay? You don’t get to have it. There’s tactical reasons I need it, okay? So, just, look. Stop arguing. Cap is dead. We have a mission to accomplish, alright? If someone would snap a quick picture of me with this I feel
like I look pretty cool. (gun firing) – Sniper! (guns firing) (grunts) (machine gun firing) – Ahh, well, okay.
– Ahh, no no no, ahhh. Just a community feeling. – I just, we were just talking about how I’m the better marksman.
– Well, no I’m next in the chain of command. – Right but what’s more valuable… I think, are you really… – Oh, this is awesome. (gunfire) What are you doing? – Waiting. – Waiting for what? (stammers) – Waiting for you to
die so I can pick it up. – Are you kidding me? No, get your own gun. – This gun sucks. – Ohh. (incoming gunfire continues) Fine, you have to give it back to me. – Yes, totally, totally
give it back to you. Oh my God, I can’t beli… Here we go. (laser gun firing)
Uh… Oh, it is a laser! (laser gun firing)
Hahh. Yeah, it’s so coo… (laser gun firing)
Ohhh. (laser gun firing)
– You’re too strong. I have to… Give it back to me. (laser gun firing)
– Ohhh. – It’s my gun. (laser gun firing)
– Yeah! – Do you… (laser gun firing)
– Whoo hoo! (laser gun firing)
Yeah! (laser gun firing)
(pistol firing) (exhales loudly) – I am so cool. (machine gun firing) (mysterious music) (leaves rustling) – Ahhh, hell yeah! (gun firing) – Hah, nice. – (electronic noise) – Hi, I’m Rekha from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for other fun stuff. And thank you so much for watching. I love my job and I’m definitely
not trapped in this video. (exhaling loudly) (finger squeaking on window) (simple drum beat) Things are great!

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