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Whitetail deer hunting 2020

Hey! Today we are in whitetail deer hunting in Vehmaa. This is an exciting form of hunting. we use dachshunds and drever. The deer population in the area is good. The combined permit area is 60,000 hectares and 1,250 deer felling permits. Using dogs for hunting is necessary. The deer population is so large that dogs are also needed in SRVA situations in road accidents by finding wounded deers. There are 150 deer accidents a year in this area. It would not be possible to control such a large deer population without using dogs for hunting. Reasonable deer taxing will keep the deer population healthy and viable. Next, the posting is planned. The dog seems to be going towards Tomi. Let’s go and see what Tomi’s posting looks like. The GPS shows that drive is going towards Heikki. Let’s have a look at Heikki’s post. The first posting of the day is over. The deer did not come into our post this time. We had deer next to our post, and the result was quite good. The weather was great to be in the woods. Let’s go and eat and after that next hunt. Do I leave the car here? Yeah, I was wondering if I leave that tower empty anyway. It looks like a trail too. Now we are in the second hunt of the day, soon the dogs are let loose. Pretty good looking posting place now, probably something is going to happen. Let’s go and see how the dogs start their work. Just go. Search. (for the dog) We were in a deer post, and it didn’t take too long before Jussi’s Hiski dog found a deer. The dog was chasing deer and took a little loop and began to come towards us. The deer went along the opening, and we were excited to see how close it would get to us. The deer noticed me about 80 meters away and started running sideways. That’s where I took the first shot, which hit a bit down. Then, with the second shot, it dropped here. An exciting situation since I haven’t experienced so much this type of hunting. The weapon I used was the Blaser R8, with GRS was Bifrost log and the 3HGR Drive harness. The GRS log fits really well for deer hunting. The ready-made section makes it easy to attach the barrel cameras. Let’s see what kind of material we got. The day is about to end. Today was a hunt day that we took two different hunts. Between the hunts, we recharged with some sausages, and then we continued. The total count of the day was about ten deer. Nice day. Few minus celsius degrees and calm, it was a pleasant to hunt. Good morning. In deer hunting, the second morning is about to start. Pretty optimal weather for this last day of hunting. Last night we got a tiny bit of snow, otherwise a drizzle on the plus degree side. There was no frost on the snow surface, which would damage the dogs’ feet. Now, we are in our first post and waiting to discover what we can find. The dog started barking and chase right away. Now the barking goes straight to Pertti.
Let’s have look hows Pertti’s post looks like. Pertti got the first deer of his life.
Great situation. I am only a posting man today. I took along a 3HGR Drive sling. A major benefit of this harness versus the other ones is that you have gun all the time in front of you and ready to use. You can easily follow hunt with GPS when the situation comes, you just loose only one strap and the gun is instantly ready for use. Pulling the belt will tighten the gun firmly to the front. Really nice sling, I highly recommend you to test it. Now the dog seems to be heading towards Jussi. Let’s go see what Jussi’s posting looks like. At least some shots were already heard. Tomi and the dog set off by the road. I couldn’t get too far when he said that deers were coming. Behind the small hill came three deers. One-year-old female deer was shot here, one bigger one continued and tripped here. Such a morning here. It seems to be coming towards here. What a great situation. Jani’s drever was driving right in front of here. The deers seemed to go straight towards the neighbouring post, but then they turned and came straight to me. I got a young deer in sight, and I shot. It fell immediately. Great situation. Now the lunch break is over, and the last hunt of this trip is on its way. It’s been really lovely to hunt here Great hunters and game-rich area. A very successful trip. The deers come straight to Jussi along the field. Let’s see how things look in Jussi’s post. The day is starting to be over for us. I used this 3HGR Drive sling. It worked very well in this kind of hunting. I genuinly recommend you to get one. The deer hunting trip is starting to be over for us. Let’s go and get Jussi’s deer. Thank you very much for the hunters with the dogs. We had dachshunds and drever, and they worked really well. The game is solid in the area. A lot of deer. Big thanks to Sami for having us and entire hunting club, it was very nice to hunt with all of you

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  1. Olipas hyvää laatua teknisesti ja oivaa materiaalia ajojahdista. Ja ampuminenkaan ei ollut mitään perseilyä, vaan tarkkaa toimintaa ja tulosta tuli. Ilo oli katsoa.

  2. Hienot videot, ammattitason porukkaa ja lisäksi hyvin toimivat koirat. Kiitos. Tervetuloa uudelleen Vehmaalle Karhukopla!

  3. Miten nuo sponsori hommat käytännössä toimii saatteko tuotteet ilmaiseksi ja saatteko pitää ne vai saatteko ne huomattavalla alennuksella?

  4. hyvää matskua, hassusti video vääristää "pipon" punaseksi 😮 (oletan siis että oranssi, oranssinpunainen se on kuten pitääkin 🙂

  5. Todella mahtava video. Olette saaneet hienosti kuvattua useammasta passista tilanteet talteen. Tuo mukavaa lisää videoon. Ja nuo dronella kuvatut pätkät tuo myös lisää eloa videoon. Näitä on aina mukavaa katsella. Jatkakaa samaan malliin.

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