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  1. This episode is one of the most frequently requested songs for Sabaton History. And while the story of Simo Häyhä is a compelling story, the Winter War was about much more than the deadliest sniper of World War Two. We have made an earlier episode about the Winter War, based on the Sabaton Song 'Talvisota', which is Finnish for Winter War. You can watch that right here: https://youtu.be/6grVeu3EWis. If after that, you're keen to dive even deeper into the history of the Winter War, I suggest you check out Indy's 'World War Two' channel, where he covered the Winter War (and everything before and after that) week by week. You can check that out right here: https://www.youtube.com/c/worldwartwo

  2. Yo Sabaton could you help a channel known as Knight SGC. He makes excellent music videos for your songs but YouTube has taken his channel down twice and has deleted all his videos

  3. I wonder if they'd make songs on either the American Revolution or the French Revolution? Both are rather similar in concept, but one involved a war that ended with a declaration while the other focused on the executions of millions with an absolute uprising. Yes, both revolutions happened in the same time, practically, but what's funny is that King Louis XVI helped the American revolution by funding them, and then a little while later, got his head chopped off as a result of a French Revolution. Very interesting topic to make music from.

  4. I love this channel. I like how Sabaton turns the spotlight on national heroes from all over the world and all sides of conflicts. Brazil, Finland, Japan, Swedes… I love it. Finland's struggle with the USSR is absolutely glorious. The Finns earned their nation for sure! As a Canadian, though, I am extremely proud that Sabaton chose not a glorious Canadian battle (there are a few!) or famous Canadian warrior or unit (again, there are many. The Maple Leaf Forever) but closed The Great War with In Flanders Fields. It's the definition of reverence. Thanks for making this channel happen. I'll see the Sabaton guys in Vancouver in October!!!

  5. They need to a song about Nobunaga Oda The Demon King and Zhuge Liang the sleeping dragon. The battle of Nagashino aka the first record of volley fire for guns in Japanese history

  6. 1905, near Russian board?
    But the Principality of Finland at that time was part of the Russian Empire

  7. You guys need to write a song / talk about rudder's rangers and the cliffs Of Pointe Du Hoc. History hard on material.

  8. My grandfather's brother Erik Lehto fought in the continuation war. I had no idea for perhaps 20 year who he was, but then at his funeral his sons showed me pictures of him and his company standing on top T-34 tanks and cheering.

  9. Do they have a song about Gustav Vasa? If not, it'd make for a good song idea. Gustav was not only a significant figure in Swedish history, but in Finnish history too (since Finland used to be the eastern half of Sweden, for those who don't know). He basically ended the Kalmar Union and did numerous other things, for example he made Sweden (and finland along with it) protestant and took away the Catholic churches power in the north. And he's actually the founder of the city of Helsinki, now capital of Finland. It's sort of sad that many people in both Finland and Sweden have have completely forgotten pretty much all of our common history, even though Finland was part of Sweden for almost 700 years. There's so many figures from that time period that have affected pretty much all of the Nordic countries' histories during times of war.

  10. "On 2 November 1940, Hellenic Air Force pilot Marinos Mitralexis shot down one Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 bomber, then, out of ammunition, brought another down by smashing its rudder with the propeller of his PZL P.24 fighter. Both aircraft were forced into emergency landings, and Mitralexis threatened the bomber's four-man crew into surrender using his pistol. Mitralexis was promoted in rank and awarded medals." Kickass song about ww2 pilots maybe?

  11. where I can suggest song theme? I would like to suggest Bohemian General Jan Žižka (Jan Zizka or John Zizka)

  12. Roll down you’re sleeves 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ you have an adult body with kid arms so nothing to show off.

  13. The reason he didn't use a scope was also because scopes of that day often fogged badly in the weather conditions. Thus, he just used iron sights.

  14. The main reason that the Soviets were not prepared for the winter war was because their soldiers in this conflict came mostly from Ukraine, the only part in Russia (at the time, need to say that before I trigger someone) that doesn't suffer severe winters. This was mainly because Ukraine was a historical hotbed for rebellions and Stalin wanted to thin out their fighting age men on top of conquering Finnland.

  15. Soviets trying to go to sleep in the vile and cold terrain of Finland in the 1939

    Also soviets: You may not rest now, there is a monster near you

  16. I like to think that the Soviets only signed a treaty once they heard that the “White Death” was shot but recovered, and feared he would seek revenge.

  17. And for what? Why did the Russians think they needed that land? I suppose they thought they needed it for strategic reasons, but it cost them exactly what they wanted that land to prevent that very cost.. if they left Finland alone, they wouldn’t even have needed any soldiers on the border to begin with

  18. The ironsight of the m28 rifle apparently reminded the finnish soldiers of dog ears, hence "pystykorva". https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pystykorva
    For most of them, probably the finnish spitz. https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pystykorva#/media/Tiedosto:Finnish_Spitz_600.jpg

  19. Sabaton History
    I have read many times that Häyhä had a bounty placed on his head but i have never heard how large of a bounty it was or what it was.

    Also in a finnish documentary it was said that Soviet called the Finnish snipers cuckoos (or käki) caused they believed that Finnish were hiding in the trees cause they could not find Finnish snipers after searching them after been attacked.

  20. Gotta say while the Finish M 28/30 is harder to find, and heavier than a typical Mosin. I can see why Simo loved it. I'm still getting the surplus kinks worked out of mine via a gunsmith, but after a thousand rounds I love it.

  21. Hunters make the best snipers but if y'all want insperation for a good metal history song white feather deadliest Vietnam sniper from the Marine Corp

  22. My both grandgathers were socialists. Born in Lapland and killing so many Russians. And crying for it. My father was a war child in Sweden. (war child was a little bit different back then, my dad was 4 years old).

  23. Hayha couldn't return home because his home was in soviet hands but he found a new home.
    Lauri Torni had the same story but he wouldn't find a new home. He would take revenge and tirelesly fight against the people who stole his home by joining the waffen ss and the the american army in vietnam just to fight communists………ok then

  24. Pretty sure the crowd from a Sabaton show could conquer Europe as long as the band kept playing. Need to send them that speaker truck from Fury Road.

  25. If you ever want to write a song about a Spanish hero without delving in the… let's leave it as polarizing… matter of Pizarro and the "conquistadores", you should look at the figure of Agustina de Aragón. Hell, the whole First Siege of Zaragoza (with special mention to Spanish commander General José de Palafox) during the Peninsulan War would make for a great song.

  26. please please please PLEAAAASE!!! Make a mini documentary about all the fighters on this list here: http://www.meh.ro/2011/04/28/5-soldiers-who-make-rambo-look-like-a-pussy/

  27. If you liked Simo Hayna, please check Yogendra Singh Yadav, Jack Churchill, Alvin York, and Audie Murphy too! And please help me get these awesome guys to do a short documentary like this one about them too!

  28. Man it must have sucked to be a russian line soldier in that conflict. Undersupplied, yet in superior numbers so your officers expect you to make ground and progress. Sending you out there into the frozen snowy wastes only to meet the white reaper in the woods. Actually meeting isn't the right word when your entire squad gets picked of one by one from god knows where.

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