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Whistling Roman SHOTGUN Bullet Experiment

ok oh look I got him get shot hello everyone this is jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS, if you watch my channel, there is a good chance you also watch this guy’s channel
that’s right let me show you his FEATURES! this of course is Joerg Sprave
from Germany=the slingshot guy recently he had a guest on his channel i
believe it was an archaeologist and this gentleman brought some examples of some
ancient slingshot projectiles that they found in a dig in Scotland that were
used by the invading Romans around 200 AD now what was unusual about these
projectiles was they had little holes drilled in them since they were not
completely sure what the point of the hole was for creating projectiles
with a hole in him when your shots from his slingshot they made a
whistling sound so they believe that the point of the whole in the projectile was
for psychological warfare to make a scary sounding projectile I will have a
link to his video at the end of this video don’t worry also be a link in the
description and i highly recommend watching it because you’ll fully
understand the whole context and history involved we will of course be using a
shotgun to propel our projectile and our projectile will be a cube made out of
blood now despite it being a cube-shaped the projectile worked fantastic and it
was actually very accurate and it also TUMBLED a lot so we’ll do a simple
modification by drilling a hole to the same specifications that you’re using
his video now as a comparison will shoot and unmodified cube then we’ll shoot a
cube with a slight dent in it kind of a dimple then we’ll shoot one with the
same dimensions that you’re used a four millimeter hole with that’s about six
millimeters deep and then finally the Mickey Mouse round which has three holes
in it one large one in the center and two
smaller ones now looking down our road we can see our full size ballistic dummy
way down there and we will be launching these things at close to supersonic
speed needs now all these cubes slugs perform
like York’s spherical slugs and traveling at those high velocities will
they make any weird sounds now the plain cubes slug did not make
any sounds up to the point till it hit the ground and then it began spinning at
a higher rate and then it made a sound simple yep the temple slug did pretty much the same
thing it his hit the ground then we heard a wine now surprisingly this one
didn’t make a notable chirping sound either so what’s going on here none of these slugs were accurate enough
to hit the dummy however the Mickey Mouse lug fortunately
came through and actually chirped as it flew through the air why you tell me now since we have a few
these slugs leftover we’re gonna bring everything a lot closer and shoots a
ballistic gel and bring back a very special friend checkout day we’re less
than 10 yards away right probably okay hit it now today we have five of the
ballistic gel gummy bears the slug managed to go through all five that’s
about 15 inches of jail and reality and that’s pretty much to be expected with a
solid non expanding slug and of course a cube-shaped slug leaves a square hole we
didn’t see a whole lot of energy when the slug hit we’ve shot these things
with much more powerful slugs and they just stretched and contorted all over
the place anytime skipped out of there ya see a nice big splash because these
gummies are all wet we keep them in a water bath otherwise they just melt in the Sun but
once again the slug managed to go through all five gummy bears nice little
cube-shaped entrance from the cube-shaped every time on the flat side
this time ok center mass get it this is definitely the shot you’ve been
waiting for its kind of hilarious watch as he does like a perfect
cartwheel and that white Wiggly thing I don’t even know what to say about that I don’t know if this shot was better or
in the board bullet video where Nick shot him in ahead and he did a
one-and-a-half head twist he’s definitely an Olympic hopeful
though this is the scene of the crime we’ve found the victim laying here
missing one arm rolling over rigor mortis had set in that you can see the
square puncture in the pretty accurate formats where you Raven right hold it that’s what he’s no longer with us
though it did server the arm pity the fool and blew out his back taking with
it is plastic lungs and heart square-shaped cube-shaped impact one but
i don’t think you get more center mass in that without you know really shotgun
is pretty pretty pretty good that’s kind of a cool shirt whenever you
get those I thought I got this is a concert once available on the town
fighter mouse channel you click the link down below and it took me right to a
site where you can pick these up for under 25 bucks in it arrived at my door
in about four days not bad couldn’t get easier than that everyone go out there
pick one up we have that is awful today thank you went bye-bye oh wait we forgot about your don’t
forget to check out his video on the whistling bullets i hope you enjoyed
this video thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Whistling Roman SHOTGUN Bullet Experiment

  1. you wanna know why it whistled? Well basically its the air coming into the hole, its like blowing a jar of water and it made sounds that why it make that sound. Now to make a whistling bullet properly follow the regular whistle we have today and try make a slug out that bullet. I am not making one nor I am getting paid, so up to you guys make one.

  2. i would drill all sides completely through the cube (since you dont know about the rotation orientation), also try different drill parameters. I figure the smaller bores chirp different / more. You may also try drilling offset from the center.

  3. Perhaps the projectile must be more aerodynamic to let that whistle hole working. A square shape has to many disturbances to make a clear sound. You may try a simple ball with a hole.

  4. 0:30

    Roman's were slinging whistling projectiles around "2000 AD" and all I could worry about at the time was whether or not Y2K was gonna keep me from having an electrical grid.

  5. HYA GUys 💕 I always wanted to see my own personal dildo fired from a gun !? Sadly I can't manufacture any for you guys to test and I personally don't have a 175 .mm BARREL to fire one from ether !???🙄. LOL .. this is literarily a bumber !.

  6. Holes are usually lined sideways instead of forward. Was something they did with the black powder rifles. No accuracy what so ever but a wicked sound.

  7. Too fast. They probably DO whistle, but the speed makes it such a high pitch that we can't hear it. I bet your experiment bothered all the dogs in the area

  8. Im not sure but on the round projectiles the hole was on its sides mabe be on the slug try it with the holes on the sides of them that might work

  9. Shooting down a road? Um, did you have the road closed off? Is it a private road? I saw some cars driving by in an intersecting road downrange from where you guys are shooting…

  10. like when he shot him in the head the head was spinning like crazy to funny great vid TAOFLEDERMAUS and the cartwheel was awesome

  11. The whistling would have been more used for signaling other friendly troop rather than psychological warfare.

    EDIT: Troops*

  12. Shouldn't you have drilled the hole all the way through the slug in order for it to whistle? Otherwise all it'll do is catch air and make it unstable.

  13. I know it's been 2 years, but if you ever revisit this idea, try loading the shell with the hole perpendicular to the axis of travel, and/or use a rifled choke/barrel.

  14. My guess is that there is a high freq pitch/sound made, but can't be detect by human ear's. The round may ne going too fast. Might possibly hear it with black powdered guns

  15. Just saying I feel like the Romans used the projectiles for signaling the units over long distances like the Mongols (they used specialized arrows). Different sounds for different commands

  16. Didn't the sling shot round have a hole all the way through it though? Lead probably wouldn't stay in one piece but it might whistle if it did have a hole through it.

  17. I had heard about these Roman sling bullets before, but I recall that they were described as having the hole all the way through…

  18. I’m sure it’s been said but I think you meant to say 2000BC? As 2000AD was just 19 years ago! Great content as always of course. Love your channel! Keep up the great work!

  19. You guys are firing towards a roadway. The second slug you can see cars moving at 5-600 yards perpendicularly. Theres no way to explain around this. Not safe!

  20. Shooting .22 air rifle pellets used to make a long pinging noise if they hit the ground at a shallow angle and spun off. Kind of like that pew pew noise in old western films.

  21. Drill into the front then another perpendicular to the hole but only half depth

    The whistle comes from air flowing over the hole not into the hole. A side hole would make more sound. But you will lose mass.

  22. pan flute effect , but not quite detectable by our ears becouse of the speed and the small holes. if you can catch the sound by a high frequency recording device, you can play it back on our hearing frequency.

  23. We used a ration can with top and bottom removed and holes poked into its circumference, placed on the business end of a HEAT training round…but that predated the Romans, circa 1980 A. D.

  24. I’m surprised modern day Romans would be motivated enough to invade Scotland. They are too busy eating pasta, watching soccer, and drinking wine.

  25. Mouse slug was uneven in drag and thus induced a spin. when the air is going across the hole instead of into it will whistle. if u loaded the others with the hole on the side you would likely get a sound off on them as well.

  26. I would try molding a standard round slug. Bore the hole in the side and fire it through a rifled barrel to see if that would produce the whistle you are looking for

  27. I disagree about the psychological warfare part. I think it was a tracer of sorts. I've seen it before. Sure the sound probably did contribute to a psychological effect but by the time they heard it it was too late, so the tracer explanation I've heard before makes more sense.

  28. The most logical guess for the lack of really loud chirping is because they are probably moving faster than the speed of sound

  29. I think it’s so the person Who is shooting can Here for what the shooting out if they hit their target or not.

  30. Borg bullets!  I once had some old 43 Egyptian rounds loaded with flat, square buckshot. I was told that these were supposed to be more effective on Muslems. This was back in the 1960s. I only had a couple of them and think I might have some of the weird buckshot kicking around someplace.

  31. I think you didn't pay enough attention to Joergs video, no offense.

    But they mentioned that he could shoot them at higher speeds but that they needed to be below a specific speed to have the effect of the chirping.

  32. I think you will have to drill all the way through the slug or cube to get the airflow to produce the sound.  It does not appear you did that?

  33. Calculate the pressure inside of normal metal whistle and compare the size of its port. Then calculate the pressure made from a bullet and see if you can’t manage of drilling a port, I would think the bullet goes so fast that the port would be small to maintain the pressure you would rationalize for the whistle. It would be so high pitched we may not be able to hear it lol.

  34. But those projectiles are going subsonic. The hole our ancestrors thought was not made for this velocity

  35. LOL. That archeologist could fit inside of Jeorg twice. If we get stuck in the artic Jeorg might end up being my tonton.

  36. The " Sceaming ME ME" Slug is Truly Frightening!
    Next.. we have the round that announces the Target's Mother's Maiden Name on the way in 😉 Love your work…Thanks

  37. cant really hear anything because the projectiles are going close to super sonic speeds, back in 200AD they only had slings not shotguns lol.

  38. I have had 30 Roman's throwing rocks and lauching slingshot ammo at me and I Just took em out with my AR and my 30 round magazine everyone keeps tellin me I dont need worked flawlessly

  39. Small hole, transsonic speeds – it looks like you blocked the holes aerodynamically.I look at whistling as just a very unstable vortex.

  40. Tardy to the party, but on the mickey mouse one whistling: you had two holes offset from the center to induce some drag, and the bullet whistled when the hole tilted sideways and wasn't holding in the pressure cavity. It doesn't work at those speeds because there's no air actually flowing over the hole like it would ad subsonic speeds, so the hole needs to off to the side and you'll have to sacrifice accuracy unless you drill a hole on either side of the slug and use a reduced charge instead of a stronger charge with a centered hole. Just my thoughts on the matter, but I'm almost 4 years late, so oh well.

  41. TAOFLEDERMUAS, yes, even though the slugs were moving sub-sonic, the air flow around them is traveling super sonic, because it has to speed up in order to get around the object. Often objects with supersonic have an issue where the air just flows strait over the object rather than into the divots or holes. This happened with Spacex’s falcon rocket, it uses grid fins to translate while falling. While traveling at supersonic speeds the air completely acted as if the grid fins was a flat surface and the air didn’t go through them, it just went around! They fixed this by making the grid fins have a pointy bit but whatever. That’s what I think is happening here. Another thing is, the faster things go, the higher tho whistle, maybe the whistle is too high for us to hear since it’s traveling so fast. Thanks for the awesome video and the great problem that I could roil with.

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