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Which weapon can be thrown the furthest?

I promised the world of Reddit that I’d test
which weapons could be thrown the furthest. This is without a doubt THE most important
video that you’ll ever watch. How many times have you been stuck in a corner with a load
of weapons, while your weaponless team-mate is begging you to toss one across? Which stands
the best chance of crossing the distance between yourself and them? This is a classic Tosser’s
dilemma and is one that I’ll be studying in this video.
For this I had a friend help me. That’s right, I have friends! I began by throwing weapons
into shallow water to record where the splash was and then ranked them from best to worst.
I guess that this most accurately represents how people throw weapons. Here were the results,
with the longest throws being awarded the highest points. Rifles, SMGs and heavy weapons
fare worse than pistols which are clearly the best things to toss.
There’s clearly some kind of pattern going on here! To test this further I then repeated
it, only throwing the weapons directly upwards. You know, in case your team-mate’s stuck in
the rafters or something. The same sort of pattern emerged, with the pistols outperforming
the others and the rifles faring poorly. The red blobs are the mid-points of the weapons,
since otherwise longer weapons would have an advantage over shorter ones. ‘But they
do!’ you might cry. NO THEY DON’T! Here’s a test to show that the AWP can only be picked
up from a certain point, even though it looks as though it should be picked up sooner if
pointed towards or away from you. If I was to test the rafter throws again I’d probably
do it with low gravity to try and differentiate between the results a bit more. But whatever.
It’ll be something for me to look forward to doing on a rainy afternoon sometime.
And finally, I designed a tall tower to simulate longer drops. I don’t think you’re ever going
to throw a weapon from Vertigo to aid a team-mate on the streets below, but YOU NEVER KNOW.
This is where things got interesting. Rifles do the worst and the pistols do the best.
Interestingly, in all three of these tests, the shotguns (with the exception of the nova)
consistently performed well. It’s important to be aware of the limitations
of these tests. Every toss-spot is unique so it’s hard to compare weapon throws in any
sort of meaningful way. I also noticed a strange phenomenon where some weapons would drop far
slower than others, much like how the rag-dolls in Counter Strike Source used to. Sniper rifles
were particularly prone to this which is probably why they did so poorly in the tower-test.
A fascinating subject in its own right, but I think that I’ll save that for another video.
We don’t want too much excitement in one day, do we.
Remember that the gaps in distance are further apart in some situations than in others and
isn’t something that the numbers really show. For example, in the ‘up’ test, a lot of the
pistols were the exact same height and due to the limitations of my testing some inevitably
got ranked more favourably than others. Because of this, take my results with a pinch of salt.
I combined all 3 results into a mega-table and came up with these ranks. You can criticise
these all you like but I have made my decision. Some weapons, such as the main automatic rifles,
are consistently poor for throwing, while most pistols are good. Remember this the next
time a team-mate asks for your AWP at spawn. Inform him that your pistol is much more likely
to reach him since firstly the length of the weapon DOESN’T compensate for anything and
because, with the exception of the tec-9 which only performed averagely in the tests, and
the elites which are bad for throwing to people in the rafters, pistols can be thrown the
furthest. So with this in mind, ‘Philip’s Favourite Toss’ award goes to the P250, while
‘Philip’s Ultimate Flop’ award goes to the M4A1-S. An honorable mention to all shotguns
but the nova, which all consistently performed better than other heavy weapons.
Now of course the angle at which you throw the weapons is also important. Standing from
a height of 64 units, I found that pointing 10 degrees upwards yielded the best results
for throwing the furthest. So far, throwing a P250 at an angle of 10 degrees is the ultimate
throw! I tested a number of skins, but didn’t find any difference. I’m very disappointed
with my friend. Can’t trust anybody these days.
I tried all sorts of things myself to try and throw weapons further but to no avail-
until somebody suggested an ibp sticker. But surely this wouldn’t work! This wouldn’t work,
right? I find the heavily scratched and tarnished
IBP throws better. But is there a way of throwing it EVEN further?
I tried changing the skins and everything, but nothing worked. But then, somebody suggested
an IBP sticker. Surely not. …Right?
I didn’t make this video all by myself. A special thanks to Welshe for being the concerned
CT in these clips. He’s always willing to help me in my videos- check out his channel
in the description of this video!

100 thoughts on “Which weapon can be thrown the furthest?

  1. Bad vid, IBP sticker p250 flew by Saturn without getting caught in orbit or falling to the surface, and they call this scientific.

  2. but wait!?!? you did not do testing with the power of jumping and running while tossing the weapons this rounds of testing only shows how are you can toss while standing still!

  3. Problem with this video, you didn’t test what happens if you let the weapon role. On JailBreak Community Servers for CSGO, we use the deagle, because of its role distance whenever we do the mini game called ‘gun toss’. The deagle at certain angles will role unlike the other weapons if you run then jump and toss your deagle in different angles

  4. That last one is fake as hell…
    There's no way a sticker will make a weapon be thrown all the way to space especially because there IS no "space" in CS:GO.

  5. Pro Tip: throw the weapon near them enough, then throw a grenade to make the gun fly towards them.
    50/50 chance, but worth a shot 👌

  6. Were you testing a jump throw? Whether the answer is "yes" or "no" it should have been disclosed during experimentation.

  7. @3kliksphillip I wanna know if Hostages cause bigger Fall Damage than without I wanna know thx

  8. If you grab the AWP by the barrel and throw them like a hammer, you should be able to throw it further.

    Valve, pls fix.

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