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“Which Class Should You Play?” – Sniper / Gunslinger | Star Wars: The Old Republic

Hello guys and welcome back to SWTOR Central! In this video i’ll be taking you through the
classes, Sniper and Gunslinger so you can decide if either one is the class
you want to play, out of the 16 in total that you can
choose from! We’ll be going over combat playstyle and story! But don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers! Let’s start with combat playstyle. The Sniper and Gunslinger are both ranged
damage dealers. The sniper of course, does use a Sniper
Rifle. The Gunslinger however, dual wields blaster
pistols. That being said, these classes are mirrored. So although they use different weapons, they
both still have the same paths and abilities, just with
different names and animations. With these classes you’ll be spending most
of your time “in cover” dealing damage from afar. But don’t for a second think that these classes
have a disadvantage in melee range, in fact, when played very well,
the Sniper can be just as hard to kill as a Tank. These classes in particular are quite different
from all the others, in the regard of mobility. While yes they can move around and even have
a roll ability much like the Operative and Scoundrel,
to get the most out the classes, you’ll need to be stationary. This is compensated though through
good defensive abilities and great utility points to take. It’s also arguable that these classes
are among the best in the game for damage dealing, and I don’t just mean in this current
patch. They have been consistently good through out
the games existance. The learning curve to master
these classes can be considered steep, but it is still fairly easy to be introduced to
the classes and learn through experience as with others. Some of the note worthy abilites the Sniper
has are the long distance roll, which you may recognise
from the Operative and Scoundrel, however this roll
travels further and can be used a second time with the use of another ability. You’ll also have a
large shield which can be placed around your group, which is great for both PvP and PvE. Last but
not least, you’ll have the “XS Frieghter flyby” with the gunslinger and “Orbital strike” with
the Sniper. These are some of the most unique abilities
in the game, and can be very fun to use! Let’s move onto Discipline paths. Not forgetting what I mentioned earlier about
these classes being mirrored, they are the same in almost every
way other than having different ability names and animations. It’s also very important to understand what
discipline paths are, as they decide what kind of Sniper
or Gunslinger you’re going to be. Each class has 3 paths to choose from, all
of these paths are focused on dealing damage. These classes can not take on any other combat
role. For the Sniper your options are, Marksman,
Virulence and Engineering. For the Gunslinger you have, Sharpshooter,
Saboteur and Dirty fighting. Let’s begin with the Sniper. Marksman is a path focused on single target
burst damage. You’ll have access to abilities with names
such as “Ambush” and “Sniper Volley”. This is probably the easiest of the three
to learn, if you are a new player who isn’t familliar with SWTOR
combat. With this path you can sit back from afar
and just focus all your damage onto one enemy,
that being said, that one enemy will be killed very
quickly if they don’t defend themself, even then, it might be too late. Next up is the path Engineering. This path focuses on AoE and some burst damage. AoE stand for “Area of Effect” which basically
means you can deal damage to an area of enemies vs just one target. You’ll have access to abilities with names
such as “Explosive probe” and “EMP Discharge”. This one is arguably the hardest to master,
when you do master it, only the most formiddable of foes will stand a chance against
you. Just remember, that with great power, comes
great responsibility. This path also has great utlity abilities
and plenty of cc and stuns. Making
this a preferred spec for PvP, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. It’s still very good for PvE too. Next up is the path Virulence. This path focuses on DoT damage and a some
burst, DoT stands for “damage over time”. Virulence can be easier to learn for a new
player, as the rotation is quite simple as far as getting high damage goes. But, there is a learning curve to be seen
when trying to master this path. You’ll have access to abilities with names
such as “corrosive grenade” and “Lethal shot”. The main premise of this path is to apply
your dots to a target and use your burst ability “cull”
to dish out the damage. Now moving onto the Gunslinger. I’ll go through the paths in the same order. First up is the path, Sharpshooter, which
is the mirrored version of the Snipers Marksman. You’ll have access to abilities with names
such as “aimed shot” and “Burst volley”. With this path you’ll be focused on dealing
damage from afar on one target. As mentioned before,
this one target will be pretty quick to die if they do not defend themselves. This path hits very
hard in a short amount of time. The burst damage offered here, is quite considerable. Next up is the path, Saboteur. This is the mirrored version of the Snipers
Engineering path. You’ll have access to abilities with names
such as “Shock charge” and “Sabotage”. This path focuses on AoE damage, which is
damage you deal to an area of enemies, along with some
burst. As stated before, this is arguably the most
difficult path of the three to learn. This path is also one that is preferred for
PvP as it outputs a high amount of damage to an area
of players, and can be quite nusiance to an enemy team who isn’t prepared to deal with
it. This path is still very good for PvE, too. Lastly we have the path, Dirty Fighting. This is the mirrored version of the Snipers
Virulence. This path focuses on DoT damage, which is
damage over time abilities and some burst damage. You’ll have access to abilities with names
such as “Wounding shots” and “Dirty blast”. This can be an easier to path to learn but
even harder to master, you will become a force to
be reckoned with. We’ll see how the force users hold up when
you throw a Shrap bomb at their face. Let’s move onto Story. Now seeing as the Sniper and Gunslinger share
the same story line as the Operative and Scoundrel, I’ll give you the same rundown I did before. Starting with the Sniper.. This class starts you out on the planet Hutta. As you can tell from the name, you’ll be meeting
Hutt’s. Now the Sniper story is one of the leading
stories in this game. It has been written
and executed in a way that get’s you very immersed and excited to see what happens next. On your arrival to Hutta, you’re mission is
to go undercover and convince a powerful Hutt to ally
with the Empire. You’ll use deception and phony accents to
worm your way in. Which isn’t the
first time you’ll make use of such skills. Eventually you’ll find yourself falling down
the rabbit hole and discovering a few things that lead
you to investigate allies. This storyline is the
perfect example of how a non force user can influence the Empire and change it’s due course. This breif summary is all you’ll get from
me, as this story should be experienced first hand by
yourself. Now we have the Gunslinger storyline. Have you ever wanted to be a rebelish, none
law abiding space cowboy? Well, now’s your chance. The Gunslinger storyline has you starting
on the war stricken world of Ord Mantell, where
you promptly arrive to smuggle weapons. You will see some resemblance of the Smugglers
ship, to that of the Ebon hawk. I can confirm, they are not the same ship. It’s still cool though… After some trouble upon landing you later
find out your ship was stolen, along with the goods
you planned to sell. The Gunslinger story takes a big leap eventually,
from smuggling a few blasters to intervening with politics. Becoming involved with corruption and doing
the right thing to save a lot of lives… But of course, for a price! You may not be a powerful Sith or Jedi, but
your powers of “wise cracks” and “Narcisissm” can
be just as effective! Instead of being the badass
who doesn’t look at explosions while walking away, you’re the type of badass that watches
the explosion and complains about how small it
was after all that work you put into blowing it up! Okay ladies and gentleman, I hope that this
video somewhat helped you decide whether or not you want to play the
Sniper or Gunslinger. If you’re a new player of star wars the old
republic then I highly recommend you subscribe and turn on notifications. This channels main focus is star wars the
old republic news and guides. So you
have a lot to gain if you are a new player! As always thank you very much for watching
and I will catch you guys, in the next one!

26 thoughts on ““Which Class Should You Play?” – Sniper / Gunslinger | Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. Sniper is my 2nd favorite class in the game. Its unique and fun to play, it can be easy to handle for casual players while also great for the more competitive people. Its awesome.

  2. A other great video, can't wait for more.
    PS: can you also tell us a bit about the light and dark side? How the story is for let's say gunslinger is if he pick dark or light side. Maybe in a separate video.

  3. I love that description of the Smuggler's story, and how it is in such opposition to the Agent. The Agent won't look at an explosion, because he's already two star systems away, not at all linked to any events that may or may not have happened leading up to said explosion, not like anyone would know either way, because everyone who would have witnessed that explosion is probably dead anyway. The Smuggler is not only looking at the explosion, but is cheering at the charred wreck of what used to be the object that exploded, with a small sinking feeling that the explosion could have been bigger, and perhaps could have exploded in a way that wrote "I did this" in fiery remains on the ground so passing starships could see it from space.

  4. IMO Virulence is harder to pick up than Engineering. It has more Rotation blocks and, espacially in raids, it's less set than engineering, due to multi dotting, replacing Series of Shots with Lethal Shots, popping cooldowns at the right cull, takedown placement etc. I get that Engineering seems hard at first because of the rougher energy management, but once you've got that done i think it's pretty easy.

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  6. plz do a guide on advanced systems Powertech BH next. I seem to be doing PITIFULLY low damage compared to my Merc and wanna know how to improve. No idea whether its cuz I suck at it or because Powertech has been nerfed into the ground

  7. Saboteur and Engineering are the best in PvE to kill off multiple npc's and PvP as you mentioned. Won't do much against Bosses, but other classes are there for that.

  8. Fantastic Video. best class guides I've seen by leaps and bounds, and something that swtor community has greatly needed.

  9. I never knew that SWTOR was free to play up t a certain degree none the less it's still free

  10. Back at launch I tried Gunslinger and found the lack of mobility very restrictive, it just didn't suit my playstyle. Scoundrel however was very mobile and fun to play. It may have changed over time however.

  11. Sniper, Chiss, male, body type 2, marksmanship, light side
    Gunslinger, Togruta, female, body type 3, dirty fighting, dark side

  12. Ah, I remember when dirty fighting was buffed (It was nerfed but still a pretty strong DPS tree)
    PVP was like this:

    Commando healer: I'm freaking invicible!
    Dirty slinger: You are already dead. applies vital shot, dot spreading, hemor blast,
    Commando Healer: "NANI!"
    Slinger: uses Wounding shot
    Healer: Where is my HP!?

    based on a similar event that took place.

  13. I'm playing Gunslinger in 2019, July. It starts to get noticeably harder around level 38 or so (that may change). I'm now about level 42. BUT, it was so easy before that it was trivial and I thought the game had become a joke. It's getting more interesting now, combat-wise. Companion Corso Riggs' AI heals well.

  14. if the Gunslingers still have the Duel Wielding Down Grade Snipers will still be Stronger over all. since Duel Wielding in this game means the Secondary Weapon has 30% less chance to hit which means you miss a lot more on the secondary and the sniper rifle has a higher base dmg so hits harder.

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