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Where Do Bullets Go When Fired Into The Air?

Hi, I’m Cristen from
“Stuff Mom Never Told You.” And if I take this imaginary
gun and fire it straight up into the air, [SHOOTING
SOUNDS], what’s going to happen to
those imaginary bullets? Well, the old
saying what goes up must come down is
an appropriate way to start off this
conversation, because that’s exactly what happens to stray
bullets fired up in the air if you want to go crazy and
shoot your guns in the air. If you shoot a
fun up in the air, that bullet’s going to
travel up to a mile high, depending on the angle of the
shot and the power of the gun. And once it reaches
its climax in the air, that bullet is going to fall. Now, air resistance
limits its speed. But bullets are designed
to be fairly aerodynamic, so the speed is still quite
lethal if the bullet happens to hit someone. Now if you’re in
rural areas, say, all of us firing guns
out in the fields, the chances of hitting
someone is pretty low because the number
of people is low. But if you go to a
crowded city going to someplace like– I
don’t know– Times Square, and start firing
off a gun, well, A, you’re going to get
in a lot of trouble. And B, the chance
of hitting someone is going to go dramatically up
because the number of people have gone up as well. And the back of the
matter is, people do get killed quite
often by stray bullets. Therefore, most major
cities have laws in place to try to keep people
from shooting guns in the air in celebration. So if you want to
celebrate, I don’t know, think of alternatives
like high-fiving or eating ice cream. That’s a safe thing to do. And you can throw your spoon up. And it might hit someone on the
head, but it won’t kill them. Don’t forget to like and
subscribe to BrainStuff. And if you have any questions
for our brains, comment below.

100 thoughts on “Where Do Bullets Go When Fired Into The Air?

  1. I actually thought they turned into a rocket past 1 mile and land on moon then start a civilization.

  2. She said time square… the chances are still slim, most likely the bullet will land on top of a building somewhere. Now if you shoot a gun straight in the air let's say at a major events with thousands of people in one big open area then chances are you're going to hit someone.

  3. "BrainStuff"…What a smug video. Would have been nice to at least get an attractive woman to treat the viewers like imbeciles.

  4. bullets are aerodynamic when shot out of rifled barrels with rotational staility… not when tumbling heavy blunt end over lighter pointed end through the air. what an idiotic video.

  5. If you want to kill some one get a machine gun come 2 min before he passes a road cross now start shooting bullets a t 90 degree with a machine gun surpressed now run when he come he will gwtna lot of bullets 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. We can separate this issue into two classes called "falling projectiles" and "indirect fire". Falling projectiles kill no one. Indirect fire however has.
    The difference between them is the physics not covered in this video.

  7. 1:23 "People do get killed quite often by stray bullets." This is simply not true and is an untruth pushed by the media. The best that can be said is that people get killed too often by stray bullets, because one per century is too many.

  8. Thumbs down! this video was useless. It's obvious the bullet will return -.- we are here to know about speed and physics behind it.

    Here's my thoughts on the physics.
    If a bullet is shot straight up 90 degree angle. It will eventually stop completely in the sky then turn back down. on return it will hit terminal velocity in about 15 seconds, (120 mph) this is much slower than the initial velocity.
    should the bullet be of a 22. or 9mm the bullet will heavily be influenced by wind. at that speed the bullet shouldn't break skin, but children and baby are exceptions vs a human adult.
    I think a bullet shot bellow a 45 degree angle would do the most damage as it might retain the most speed on descent.
    but I'm not a physics major.
    just my thoughts.

  9. 0:40 When you shoot straight up (with no angle!), once the bullet reaches its climax in the air, it will fall down exactly as ANY other object. That means that this bullet will only accelarate by the Earth gravitation. Will you be killed by a 7 or 8 g little stone freely falling on you from a height of 1 mile?

  10. Bullshit. The terminal velocity is quite low. I have caught my own 22 rounds fired straight up. Shotguns are so slow as to be harmless, the most you would get for most is a painful thump on the head. Also, most bullets fall on their side, which makes their terminal velocity far slower.

  11. The conclusion of this video is.. if you fire bullet upwards than its gonna fall down and hits a person as if its stone😌

  12. Well the thing is this has been proved wrong many times…….. The chances of a bullet coming down from the sky and killing you are slim to none. The myth busters have proved it many times as have I with a video… Maybe a bushmaster cannon or something but something like a 9mm doesn't have enough force when falling back to earth

  13. Very true, all that to tell us it comes down… but she failed to mention that if u are in “Times Square” as stated here, if u fired up it will come down, almost like if it will hit someone there!!! The chances of that are 0.0000000019% because the gravity, the rotation of earth etc… it won’t come down RIGHT Back at Times Square… Urgghhhh I lost interest explaining something so simple.

    But you should be able to get the point by searching this on physics too, if my answer didnt make any sense!!

  14. Barely lethal, really you need to hit someone on the head, terminal velocity of most projectiles is much much slower than when they leave the barrel.

  15. I was going to add a negative comment to what is obviously a high school girl's (she looks older) science project and presentation, but thousands of people beat me to it. Poor thing. Maybe the next ballistics test should be in her mouth. Ouch. No he di'int!

  16. Miss .. actually it comes down 2 to 3 times faster depends on the angel and the air – wind speed .. because of the gravity of the earth (physics rule) . Thanks good information .

  17. Actually Myth Busters did an episode on this subject and as long as a bullet is fired straight up it does not fall fast enough to be lethal but if it is fired at an angle it certainly can be.

  18. Well when bullet reaches max altitude and starts to fall down its nothing more than a stone then. It can do harm but cant kill. And a spoon threw from same altitude could do more damage.

    Thanks for nothing, lady.

  19. The first 50 seconds of the video covers information an infant should already know. The rest of the video makes claims without data nor explanation… At the end of this video I still don't know "HowStuffWorks"…

  20. Literally wasted one minute and thirty nine seconds (that's how far I made it). Possibly the least informative clip of this channel.

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