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When “SHALL NOT” Stops Working – The Fight

We are at a pivotal time in American history. Everything offends someone. The mere possession of an inanimate object
can have you labeled as a domestic terrorist and while this is happening, we as a community
are throwing a temper tantrum. Welcome back to the gun collective, my name
is jon patton and the fight for gun rights continues. It was a couple weeks back that I tweeted
and reposted a comment I made about the way to move our community forward. I said: And that quote pissed a few people off. I think largely because people often misinterpret
the word conversation to mean the same thing as compromise. Some people heard me say conversation with
the opposition and immediately started stomping around and saying SHALL NOT. Not once have I ever wanted to compromise
on the right to bear arms. There’s no reason to do that. It is enumerated in the US constitution. However we are at an impasse. Our right to bear arms is more infringed than
it ever has been. A lot of folks are talking about repealing
all gun laws as if that is even close to a possibility right now. Ideally, sure, lets scrap all that garbage
off the books… but here in reality, they are PILING up laws against us and all we seem
to be able to do is stand in place and hope we don’t get pushed over. Its like demanding that we get to Jupiter
before we even get people on the surface of mars… it’s not impossible but we damn sure
aint gonna make it happen overnight. But there is a way to move forward. We need to push back. And I’m sure some folks might disagree with
my methodology but hear me out. Let me take a second to share something I’ve
learned about human behavior. Some of you may have heard me say this before. I’ll say it as clear as I can. No one likes being told that they are wrong. One more time. NO ONE, likes being told, they are wrong. Why does that matter? Eff their feelings right? Well of course feelings don’t matter when
it comes to facts. However, we are not losing this fight based
on facts. We are losing because we have seemingly been
unable to push our fight forward through emotionally connecting with the other side. If you are talking to someone that is either
anti gun or not sure about gun ownership, and the conversation starts to get challenging. Its very easy to fall back on the constitution,
but if you are speaking to people that fundamentally disagree with the constitution, as stupid
as that might be, you are essentially telling them or making them feel like they are wrong. And that causes people to dig in even harder
on their points. What we should be doing, is letting people
speak and actually listening to their concerns and then helping them understand your point
of view. Instead of trying to shove it down their throats
with the use of logic and facts, we need to take a different path. Educate people enough and guide them into
thinking that your way of thinking is their own original thoughts. Plant the seeds of freedom in their brains
and step away while they grow. Only tending the garden as needed. The anti gunners are excellent at making emotional
arguments and convincing the impressionable that gun owners are evil. They say things like “don’t you care about
the lives of the dead” or “what about the children” and they will even go as far as
having crying children up on a news broadcast after a shooting… I call that weaponized children. Of course we care about the lives lost. Of course we care about children. But we are being painted into a corner and
labeled as the enemy because we refuse to be punished for the acts of a murderer or
terrorist. Educate through discussion. Sit down with your fellow man and talk to
them. Be honest, be kind and be understanding. Those children crying on TV may have just
lost someone very important to them. That’s incredibly sad. But at the same time, it’s important to understand
that the sadness of those kids can be used in different ways. Tell a story about your own children or loved
ones. Paint the picture of your family being destroyed
if you were unable to defend yourselves. Help people understand that being defenseless
is not a moral high ground. Being responsible parents might just mean
stopping a bad guy from hurting your kids with the use of a firearm. That is the same tactic they have been using
for years. Emotionally connecting with people to educate. It is time we took the opportunity and challenges
we are faced with nationwide and turned things around. Show up at rallies, contact your lawmakers
and get involved anywhere you can. We have never had more gun laws on the books
then right now, and the only way to turn that around is by showing people how much that
can ruin lives. Just because you are having a conversation
with people, does not mean you have to give an inch. I hope that a lot of you actually take something
away from this. I hope that this mindset makes you feel empowered
to take charge of your rights and push back. Together, pushing in the same direction, we
can turn things around for gun rights in the US. If you have anything to add, please let me
know in the comments below and of course if you think this needs to be seen by others,
share it everywhere. Be sure to hit the like button as well. It all helps spread the message. As always, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon.

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