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When a Stream Sniper is an Angel | Yolex Ep. 4

[Music] where am i I’m lost where’s Yuri you have to come save me stay there what what see the one one of the two people who are smoking yeah oh I thought I got his number did you already save it the dog missile while walking just to got a paper and wrote it down you drop something it’s my number fight over here this numbers gone vanilla chocolate and cookies and cream why would you bring our wallet don’t ever do that again I can’t even tell what okay um mint chip coconut pineapple chocolate vanilla chocolate [Music] it’s nothing I don’t wanna eat what you’ve been eating it’s good I don’t eat meat Oh use your lipstick cherry flavor a surprise I like these now she doesn’t look like us you usually spend my younger brothers coming home Christmas you know if I tell my family I’m going to see a girl they’re gonna be like please go really is that real like actual girl go that’s not that kind of thing how about we spent early Christmas together release it all [Music] I’m looking at human not your own you’re pretty I like I like it lady – what’s your plan in Vegas enemies [Music] my book club right I don’t know American culture what happens at bars I’ll tell ya we drink do you know you guys gonna be drinking together you’re the only one [Music] kiss her already and I can sleep happy tonight the kissing my lips are dry I don’t know you know how to use it I never use it before [Music] the good child and I want them together I never put on a Sunday I hit 80 tons of thumbs she was the first one to congratulate me kiss her on the cheek we want some content you’re not a solid girl either and they want us to go to me then let’s go someone yeah I’m a CEO a young Oaxaca still inside the hotel okay oh wow this is really creepy hey we’re on our way to a hotel to see garden nice Ali yes designs for couples I haven’t seen anything pretty like Yuri yet today yesterday wow this is a famous place yeah all the people who has a lot of friends go here I thought on Instagram can’t believe I’m here wait how are you supposed to take with you I’m gonna make it [Music] oh yeah look at this [Music] very private place incredible which charities as corner as yeah look at the viewer all [Music] my heart too advice wise my heart pounding so fast Dodgers – is it a location guys do you guys want to see the pretty chairs [Music] nice hair yeah I do I know that the umbrella [Music] who do you think designed the umbrella designed it [Music] we think that campus or the medium girl like turtles [Music] how do you go to complement fountain wait they didn’t see the fountain dinner oh yeah cuz this weird little okay we see it there me too [Music] hey this is a very popular dish also under this everything comedy [Music] [Music] [Music] exactly Rock time yeah that’s where we are yes it’s under 48 we have so many real [Music] good time I stopped watching kdramas just for this experience Oh [Applause] my entire life thank you so much what should we do now good job how many have to turn okay okay we should walk that way cuz there’s so many cars oh let’s go that way that was pretty dark not to you know it’s a stream so they can show the vibe umbrella yeah I like here you want it there oh your choice turret race with Shawn brother do you want to see why if you all they need to cover to them laughs with you love knowing what’s gonna happen here you get the umbrella [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “When a Stream Sniper is an Angel | Yolex Ep. 4

  1. Yooo guys it's been 6 months. So tell me the truth, what actually happened during umbrella watching scenes?

  2. 13:56 Do You Guys Wanna See Umbrella?
    Yes Please.. Keep The Kissing Scene Out From Live Stream.. lol

  3. 8:50 – 9:30 – Is the most fishy part!!!! I really happy to watch your videos alex I already found the channel I'll support the most.

  4. I'm so for Alex and him finding a girlfriend. But I feel like its more trying to appease the viewers then just be solely on his date which is what this series is about, finding love.

  5. Yolex or carlex? One is 2 years younger, the other is 2 years older. Hahaha

    Anyway, Yori’s really confusing. Its like she softened up after the horror “date”. But Im not saying shes faking it or trying to be plastic or trying to snatch his viewers or anything … its just kinda confusing. Seems like a sad state of affairs that theyre not together, despite the ship. But if someone has his/her priorities straight then thats probably the more important thing, especially when someone is still young.

  6. Heehee!!!… Way too funny when you want to "make out" just tell us just tell us do you want to look at the nice chairs?..

  7. Omg I just watched the recommendation video which is the sim card legend boy and i end up consecutively watching your videos.

  8. Yori: he wants to go to a dark place, to show you guys
    Alex: show you guys the umbrella
    Yori: what you mean!

    We all know what he mean😂 the private 😚😚

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