10 thoughts on “Wheels Up, Guns Down Riders Caused Several Crashes Over Weekend

  1. lol .. so we're supposed to feel sorry for the officers that injured themselves? Are you that dumb to step infront of a moving wehicle, that's on YOU, pal! If an officers is in bad shape, why did he take up persuite on foot? "Injuring" his ankle or whatever. If you lack or have low motorskills perhaps desk duty is more suited until you get your body and brain in shape to be out on the streets.
    I don't feel sorry for those cops, it's their job and they failed at it. Not a first, and sure won't be the last. But to try and place blame externally on to others breaking the law or not, is simply pathetic!
    Ramming a bike?! What's up with that…. That's putting people in direct danger as apposed to persumed danger.
    In most normal countries if a biker takes of their helmet it's standard procedure for police to easy off the persuit in order to calm the person down.
    American cops be like 'oh his helmet is off, go for the head' .. it's sad how poorly compassionate American police is. And that's the reason they are considered the worst cops in the world.

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