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What’s the Biggest Gun We Could Possibly Build?

This video is sponsered by war gaming and their game, World of Tanks The first 300 new users to use the code in the description will get three free days of premium time, 500 gold and a free premium tank. Ever since the invention of gunpowder in China during the 9th century, Humanity has made significant advances at perfecting the technology behind guns. But how large can a gun actually get? And how far away can a gun actually shoot a projectile away at? The answer starts with some context and history. The Paris Gun was built by the Germans in 1918 and was by far the largest gun ever built up to that point. It was used to shell Paris from a distance of 120 kilometers away, Or about the same distance from one side of Denmark over to the other side. It was transported along railroads and weighed 256 tons, Which, you guessed it, is about the weight of 200 Toyota Corollas (the best unit of measurement) It was 34 meters long and capable of firing a 106 kg shell to an altitude of 42.3 kilometers The first shell fired from this gun in 1918 was the very first man made object to enter into the stratosphere. And it took 182 seconds for the shell to finally make impact 120 kilometers away After leaving the gun’s barrel Fast forward to WW2 and the Germans were BACK AT IT AGAIN with an even more ridiculously sized gun This time called the SCHWERER GUSTAV Which remains, to this day ,the largest gun ever built that actually fired a projectile Just take a look at its size compared to the biggest tank ever built, The Panzer VIII Mouse And like the Paris gun, it was transported by rail. But unlike the Paris Gun, this monstrosity was over 5 times heavier at 1,350 tons More than the weight of 1,000 Corollas. The barrel alone was 32.5 meters long, And it took 250 men to assemble the gun in 3 days. Once set up, the guns’ caliber was 80 cm wide, And could fire 1 shot every 30-45 minutes. These shells weighed an impressive 7 tons, Heavier than the German built Panzer one tank even was Imagine a gun shooting a light tank a distance of 47 kilometers and you’ll begin to understand the power behind it But…it didn’t last long. The germans destroyed the gun themselves in 1945 to avoid it getting captured by the Red Army, and little advancements were made in super gun technology from there until 1961 In that year, the US and Canadian governments started a joint research mission called Project H.A.R.P, which stood for High Altitude Research Project. Without getting into complicated details, the project basically tried to build a gun big enough and powerful enough to fire objects like satellites into space, Without the need for expensive rockets. One such gun was built in Arizona that had a caliber width of 41 cm, and a barrel length of 41 meters, longer than the SH FAR ER GOOSTOV. It fired a 180 kg projectile out of the barrel at a blistering speed of 2.1 km/s Which briefly sent it into space and set an altitude record for guns at 180 km high which is a world record that still stands today if you’re looking for something to do 😉 Since the escape velocity of earth is actually more like 11.2 km/s, H.A.R.P was nowhere near capable of firing a projectile that could stay in space, and it was canceled shortly after. But the head of the project named Gerald Bull wouldn’t give up so easily, so he met up with a guy a couple decades later who really liked the idea of big guns too named SADOM, and got to work on a new gun code-named “Project Babylon”. A prototype gun called “Baby Babylon” was successfully built that had a caliber of 350 mm and a barrel length of 46 meters It weighed 102 tons and after being set up on a hillside, it was supposedly capable of achieving a firing range of 750 km, (wow!) Enough to fire something from San Francisco all the way to San Diego. The actual non-prototype model that was never built, however, would’ve been far larger. Going by the slightly obvious name of “Big Babylon”, It would’ve had a caliber size of an entire meter. The barrel was going to be 156 meters long, nearly 5 times longer than the barrel of the SH FAR ER GOOSTOV, suspended from cables on a steel framework, it would’ve been over 100 meters high at the tip, and the complete mechanism would’ve weighed over 2100 tons. Since firing projectiles directly at targets would’ve been laughably inaccurate with this thing, it was going to be used instead like the H.A.R.P gun, and fire projectiles into orbit. These could’ve been satellites, or, more sinister, guided weapons. Using onboard rocket boosters, these projectiles could position themselves over an enemy target or city, and drop down using gravity to pull them down and gain kinetic energy while falling. It’s unclear if this truly would’ve been possible for Iraq to accomplish, and…we’ll never know since Gerald Bull was mysteriously assassinated in 1990, outside of his apartment by unknown agents. “Big Babylon” is not, however, the largest gun ever conceived to be possible. That honor probably has to go to the “quicklaunch gun”, which pushes the limits on how large guns can possibly get. While not yet built, the barrel was built to be 1.1 km (chuckle of disbelief) long, much longer than the tallest building in the world is tall. It would be mostly submerged in the ocean and used Hydrogen instead of gunpowder as its firing source. The claim is that it would be capable of firing a projectile at 6 km/s out of the barrel, and then onboard rocket boosters on that projectile would speed it up to 7.8 km/s, which could get supplies on the projectile into orbit. While not designed for military applications, Quicklaunch is probably about the biggest gun that humanity could conceivably build right now. If you’re looking to operate a vehicle like the Panzer I though, which was lighter than the projectile fired from the SH FAR ER GOOSTOV, the you should play World of Tanks next. World of Tanks is a free to play online action game that throws players into breathtaking tank battles across epic battlefields. Set in the same timeframe as the SH FAR ER GOOSTOV, World of Tanks boasts an impressive roster of over 450 authentic historical tanks for you to play with. Over 150 million people worldwide are already playing including myself. (cool bro, what tank you got?) But viewers of this video can get an exclusive advantage starting out by clicking the link in the description of this video. The first 300 new users to click on this link and use the code WWIITANKS will receive 3 days of premium time, 500 gold, and a free premium tank It’s compleltely free, fun, and a great way to support this channel. So thanks again to World of Tanks for sponsoring this video. Go give them a shot, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos just like this in the future (DO IT!!!!)

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  1. You mention not reaching escape velocity as the reason that the HARP's projectile couldn't stay in space, and that's just not true. Escape velocity is the velocity required to leave Earth's sphere of influence, or in other words to put it in direct orbit of the Sun. Orbital velocity (the velocity required to keep from falling to the ground) is significantly lower, less than 8 km/s at the ISS's altitude.
    Of course, you need more than orbital velocity to stay in orbit. If you are traveling at Earth escape velocity, you will leave Earth's sphere of influence no matter what direction you travel, as long as you don't crash into the planet. If you are traveling at orbital velocity, however, you need to be moving more or less tangential to the planet to avoid crashing into it. This is a significant problem for satellites launched from the ground, since they will always have an "orbit" which intersects the ground (unless they have an onboard rocket engine for orbital insertion).

  2. Germany loved their big guns I mean the size of everything for goodness sake the tried to put a battleship gun on a tank

  3. It was easy to guess that the paris gun weigh as many as 200 toyota corolas, its a very educated guess in my part

  4. Gerald Bull was not assassinated by unknown agents, unless you mean their individual names. He was more than likely killed by the Mossad when he refused to stop assisting Saddam in building the super gun. There are various stories of course, some of which were made up to conceal the actual story.

  5. Me: What if Toyota Corolla is shot by these guns?
    Real Life Lore: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..

  6. Okay, Lore. The name of the Maus, is actually the Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus, according to Google and my German friend

  7. Football Fields as a Measurement: Exists

    Real Life Lore and Toyota Corollas: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  8. Gerald Bull was not killed by unknown agents.. he was killed.. by Israel's secret Service Mossad

  9. Democrat: sees title
    Democrat: oh that’s easy it’s the FULLY SEMI AUTO ASSAULT RIFLE WITH A 100,000 round CLIP

  10. try blitz it is more fun as you can rush instead of staying in the bushes and waiting for the enemy to make a mistake

  11. 0:44 "One side of Denmark to the other side" that's the Jutland Peninsula which is only part of Denmark bro. The capital is not even on the peninsula. You are facts guy, get your facts straight 😉

  12. whoever made the captions can die because they can’t even spell schwerer gustav even though it was on the screen

  13. But China didn't invent gunpowder, China invented black powder.
    Saying China invented gunpowder is like saying the guy who figured out how to build mud huts is the guy who figured out how to build with concrete. There's a huge difference.

  14. I will not play World Of Tanks under any circumstances.

    No one will convince me that anything but a one-time-payment game is anything worth playing. If it has microtransactions, I'm out.

  15. "How far away can a gun actually shoot a projectile at?"

    Dude, your grammar has always been awful but this is just inexcusable.

  16. Well I'm not satisfied.. I didn't just want a count down and then a guess that it would probably be the biggest, at least for now.. NO!! I want to know what is truly PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!! MUHAHAHAH!!

    No joke, I really want to know!! : )

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