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What’s Inside Gigabyte Sniper B6 Gaming Motherboard

Hi.. today we want to show you What inside the box of Gigabyte Sniper B6 Gaming Motherboard this motherboard have a LGA1150 socket Support the latest intel processor and the other specification you can read on the description below Now let’s open this box You can see the motherboard on the top of packaging let’s take a look inside You got a back panel plate this black color plate is so cool πŸ™‚ 4 SATA cable with silver color Labeling stickers you can add label to your HardDrive SATA Cable, make it easier to find πŸ™‚ pair of cable straps with G1 Gaming name on it Manual book and guarantee card and also Drivers CD Oh what is this? WOW!! A cool Gigabyte Ultra Durable sticker!! that’s all you get from this box Now the motherboard itself let’s open this.. looks like Green Goblin to me πŸ™‚ Let’s see the back panel You got PS2 Mouse/Keyboard port Gaming USB Port D-Sub Port DVI Port HDMI Port Gold Plate USB port (USB DAC-UP) Two USB 3.0 Port Gigabyte LAN Port and a groups of Gold Plate Audio Port You got a dual channel DDR3 Memory (RAM) LGA 1150 Processor Socket SATA III Ports Dual PCI Express x16 which you can use SLI or Crossfire Graphic Cards PCI Slots this motherboard use 8-pin of Power Supply on the back of this motherboard you got a Green LED that will Lights when you turn on the computer That’s is, thanks for watching and don’t forget to Subscribe πŸ™‚

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