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What’s inside a Stun Gun?

(stun gun and laughing) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is my Dad, Dan. – What’s up guys, I’m so excited to have Dan and Lincoln here in my workshop. I actually invited them to come here. I like to work with electricity and a lot of random
experiments, so I thought, what if I brought them over
to cut open a stun gun. (stun gun) – Oh my gosh. – That’s the real deal. – Stop, please. (laughing and stun gun) – This is the first
time Lincoln’s ever seen one of those, ever. (laughing) What you think about that? – Uhhh. – This thing I got off the internet. Claimed to be nine million
volts of electricity. – That’s insane. – Yes, and it doesn’t shoot out the prongs like a taser would, this is just a stun gun. So why don’t you just give this a try, just put your finger on that button and just press it and just
see how it feels to you. (stun gun and laughing) That’s awesome. Do it again, hold it down
a little longer this time. (stun gun) Yea, do you feel the power? Isn’t that awesome? – Yea, it’s just weird. It hurts my eyes when I look at it because it’s so bright. – Yea, this electricity is
actually a high enough voltage, it’s actually turning the
oxygen into ozone right here and if you did it long
enough you’d actually smell that same smell you
get after a lightening storm. – So I’ve always wanted to do, what’s inside of a stun gun, but I needed to find somebody crazy enough that’s willing to let
them shock themselves and it turns out he’s willing to do it. So, we are here, we’re
gonna take this thing and shock each other, I might get shocked. – No, no! – Lincoln may not get shocked today but after that we’re going to take it and we’ll take it home and we’ll take it apart and hopefully not electrocute ourselves and we’ll see what’s inside of it. But let’s have a little fun with it first. We have a slow motion camera
to get an awesome shot. And Lincoln is in a very safe place, over in the corner. He didn’t want to be too close, which is understandable,
this is kind of scary. This is one guy that’s not afraid. Okay, it’s working. – [Lincoln] (screaming) – Whoo, here we go. (stun gun and screaming) – Okay, that’s enough. (laughing) – It shocked me on the first one, it went through and got me. (light energetic music) (stun gun and screaming) (laughing) – Yea. – How’s that feel? – It feels like that’s gonna leave a mark. – My wife is gonna be so
mad when she sees this, she told me not to do it, so– – Do it, do it, do it, do it. – [Grant] It’s so much harder
when you do it to yourself. – Alright, (groan) okay. – [Lincoln] Do it, do it.
– [Grant] Light it up! – You got the shot? – [Grant] I got the shot. – Okay, here we go, it is stun gun time on myself. – [Lincoln] Do it! – I take me ring off, or (mumble)? – [Grant] No, you’re fine. (laughing) – I’m scared. – [Lincoln] Do it, do it. – (mumbles) (stun gun) – [Grant] Whoa! – Whoa! – [Grant] Do it again. – Okay, I’m doing it again. I’m doing it again, that was a wimpy one. – [Lincoln] Hold it for longer. (stun gun) (laughing and screaming) – That was a good one. (screaming and laughing) That was crazy. The first one just felt like a battery, like when you lick it with your tongue. But that second one, whoa. (light energetic music) That was crazy. That was wacky and look at
this, this is beautiful, YouTube golden play button, we ordered this in January, YouTube please send it to our house, asap, because I want it. (laughing) – Yea, it does take– – Why do you have a minion? – This guy, actually
that comes from a project where I used electricity, funny enough. 12,000 volts of electricity we used to cook a marshmallow. – I really don’t get how you do that. – Cook a marshmallow, okay. Well, I haven’t seen this one yet, you should check it out. But now we need to go home and take it apart and see what’s inside of it. – Yes, but I’m not gonna
give it to you, Dan. I think Lincoln is the obvious choice, since he’s the only
responsible one among us. – I’ll take that. – Make sure your Dad does
safe things with it, okay? – We’re back at the house and now it’s time to cut
these stun guns in half. – This is the one that gave us and this is one that’s
like exactly the same. And this is the one that we got that’s actually a pink one.
– [Lincoln] That’s scary. – So they all have
different voltage to them. – And they all are very scary. – It’s for self-defense, obviously, and that’s why they have pink ones. Because a lot of women like to use them. This pink one is cool because
it has this little slider, you can plug it right into the wall. And if you turn it on
to the first setting, it’s a flashlight. So they can just take the flashlight and be walking around, then obviously if somebody comes and tries to steal their
purse or something, they can switch it to the other setting and then, (stun gun). Well, I think it looked
real cool in slow motion, when you just like pushed
it and it (stun gun). I don’t have a little
tiny screw driver that can go down in there right now, so I have something that’s more effective. This little, tiny knife. (laughing) – [Lincoln] Yea, it’s so little, tiny. – [Dan] I guess the first thing is let’s turn off this, not the flashlight, let’s keep it all the way off. And now let’s slowly cut into it and hope I don’t shock myself like crazy. – [ Lincoln] You’re doing on the side with the button? – [Dan] Yea. (hammering) – [Lincoln] Whoa, you’re getting in there. – [Dan] Yea, we’re in there now. (hammering) Okay, should we go from the other side? – [ Lincoln] Yea. (hammering) – [Lincoln] Oh, that was the button, the button’s broken. – [Dan] Okay, we’re in a little bit. – [Lincoln] Whoa. (hammering) You totally bent the metal. – [Dan] Okay, it’s not shocking me. – [Lincoln] That’s a good
sign. (laughing and screaming) – [Dan] The light just turned on. – [Lincoln] That’s a problem. – [Dan] (laughing) It still works. The light works. (hammering) Whoa baby!
– [Lincoln] Whoa! – [Dan] My gosh (screaming). I’m just kidding, it
was this one. (laughing) Here’s the inside parts with the switch and those batteries and then the wires go up into this box that has
these metal coils on them. It almost feels like tin foil. And then what happens is,
it all charges in there and then gets stronger and stronger until it goes up into
those two cords right there and these connect to the metal end points and then the electricity
jumps across to each other. So, that is like the
amplifier box right there. So we don’t recommend that any children play with these things or use these. Stay safe, stay smart. If you see one of these
in your parent’s purse, don’t mess it and try to have fun with it. We’re in a safe controlled setting here. Here’s the actual inside of the stun gun, all of the parts without the casing. Here’s the knife that we used because I didn’t have a screwdriver. And, come on, this is a lot more fun than a screwdriver, right? – And it does a lot more damage. – Yea. So that’s what’s inside of a stun gun and let us know what else, you’d like us to cut open. (stun gun)

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Stun Gun?

  1. you know, if that knife pierced that lipo, this wouldent of been so fun, such a dangerous way to take this appart while your son is laying on the table next to you.

  2. its not 9 million volts…… those stun guns are usually around 20-30 thousand volts, at relatively high current. hope that helps SOMEONE.

  3. Here's one suggestion. What's inside a camera flash? I bet there might be something really surprising on what gives a camera flash it's brightness. Hint: it's a gas.

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  5. STUN GUNS DO NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING MORE THAN 30,000 Volts!!! It's literally impossible for any, ANY of these devices to produce more than 30,000 Volts! Because their unregulated in the states, Asian companies producing this crap are able to manufacture whatever false claim they Choose! …..Stun Guns fall under the Pain Scale Rating system! RESEARCH IT, OR, RESEARCH SABRE TACTICAL STUN GUNS FOR AN APPROPRIATE EDUBOOKATION. AGAIN, FALSE CLAIMS OF MORE THAN 30,000 Volts is simply too ridiculous. Worse, people like this who appear educated, are not.

  6. Lol, I literally was scared of the electricity from the stun gun would come through the screen and shock me when Dan were opening it . 😂

  7. Letting your child handle a stun gun? Really? It's ok to let him watch and educate him but allowing him to handle one? Poor judgement.

  8. theres are broken too. the vipertek ones are good but broken. i have 2 just came to me from ups truck about 30 mins ago and my rod was bent too

  9. Am I the only one who knows the difference between a stun gun and a tazer I thought a stun gun was the one that shot the copper wire with the prongs and it shocks you and a tazer was more like the one they use here in this vid

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