100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Handgun?

  1. You could of just disassembled the berrata if you want to know what’s inside and if you want to know if the water can cut thru metal take a block of the metal

  2. You could've just taken it apart and see what's inside, you didn't have to ruin the gun..but good thing it wasn't a Legit Berreta

  3. A chamber is where the bullet gets fired from not where the bullet goes through that is called the barrel

  4. What’s inside a gun? Oh I don’t know, maby you should take it apart.

    Also, when you tried to explain how it worked it was somewhat close, I respect you.

  5. Do you know you could disassemble the gun WITHOUT CUTTING IT HALF please make what's inside my your son's backpack with the gun

  6. LOL Police officers DO NOT use the TAURUS PT-92… Military uses a similar (what the Taurus is a knockoff of… the Beretta M9)…. don't trust your life to Taurus, they are garbage…. go with Glock/S&W/Sig etc…. not Taurus

  7. Warning ⚠️ do not cut open a gun because it might be loaded and might shoot some one butt if you do do it under prenatal supervision

  8. U say can water cut through metal kinda can water at high pressure that would kill easily with sand and other minerals that are so hard they can be used to cut some gems and diamond then yes also this isn't as fascinating to me because I live in the south and we all carry guns we have rifles pistols shotguns muzzle loaders bows cross bows all for hunting and home defense it is cool anytime u see a side view of something internally but I know most of the parts

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