100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Bulletproof Backpack?

  1. Meanwhile, in Australia, school is still a relatively safe environment and the only real danger is getting into a fist fight…… But hey, it's not like they should tighten gun control like what happened here in 96, right?

  2. Um, a 22 cal bullet is "much bigger" than a 44 magnum? Its literally twice as wide, much heavier, and a lot more powder. Do your research, know the facts, and ignore mainstream media coveragr on guns, that is the worst place to get information

  3. Oh yea that remind me we going to honor those 17 student in 17 min.WHAT ARE THE TEACHER THINKING it a extra ressus

  4. When I was in school I always carried a bullet resistant backpack with all the stuff like 3 thick books from the library as well as paper, folders, and etc. I was relatively safe. But the years(1996-2011) and where(pre-k to k at an elementary school that was on a US Naval Base) I went to school, I never had to use it for protection thankfully.

  5. If link uses this and he gets in a school shooting tell him to wear the backpack on his chest that will help

  6. A kid brought a gun to my school to shoot it up but got caught. Does that count? $5?? I would’ve been shot. I know him and I think he hates me because his crush likes me instead…

  7. Sorry to tell you, but both the .44 magnum, and the 9 mm both use larger bullets then the AR-15. The AR-15 uses 5.56 mm bullets, the 44 magnum uses 10.9 mm bullets, and the 9mm uses obviously 9mm bullets. Please do some more research before posting a video on this important topic.

  8. Whilst I respect you for making this video, I find it a sad old state of affairs that some in society rather put a bulletproof plate in a backpack rather than make it harder for people to buy guns. That is certain societies/countries as a whole, not individuals.

  9. I disagree with your last line, "We can't stop bad things from happening in the world". It should not be hard to figure out why you need this product in the United States and not in other countries

  10. Idk that i would call 223 or 556 very powerful. I still wouldn't want to get hit by one lol. I do think I'd rather take one that a 44 mag.

  11. Okay sorry but an AR-15 does not have a definite bullet there's a AR-15 that shoot 22LR they don't have to be large bullets

  12. We freak out about AR-15s than handguns which cause 4-5 times more killings than AR-15. Even if you ban guns, criminals can use other things as weapons e.g. a knife, glass, baseball bat. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns are only tools which a person can use to kill.

  13. I’m all for children’s safety & think this video is educational in many ways. Thank you!

    This video shows that you need to be trained with weapons, decently strong, & have good to very good skill level to shoot an AR 15 once or repeatedly & hit anything close to the target.

  14. 0:50 Well no, the 223. is a 22 caliber bullet, the same size if not smaller than a 9 millimeter. It’s just that the round has a lot more speed, and speed equals penetration.

  15. I’m not aloud to wear a backpack during class because they want to prevent kids from carrying weapons so this product is pretty much pointless for me. What would be more effective is not letting civilians own weapons made for warfare.

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