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What’s In The Crate? Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistols!

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Thursday, May the 18th, and we want
to show all of you folks some new Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev pistols that we just got in,
a small new batch. We’ve been out of these for a while, very
fortunate to have them in. Overall, so far, we think the condition is
pretty impressive. Dylan’s running the camera today, Dylan, come
on in. Let’s look down inside this crate. People are always telling us, “I can’t believe
how they stack those guns on top of one another like that.” But folks, that’s the way they come to us
from overseas. They put them in here in a haphazard manner. Here’s what we’re gonna do on these. These came to us from the importer. Basically, they’re calling them good, very
good. I would tend to agree that most of these meet
the criteria of good, very good. Dylan, come on in again, we’ll just look down
in the crate. We’ll show some differences. You’ll see some of them have a little lighter
bluing wear. Folks, sometimes the camera don’t pick this
up as well as I would like it to when I review the videos. Maybe you have a high-definition computer
screen, I do not. This would be one of our lower end ones. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if this
one would even match up to the good criteria. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re gonna tell our guys, anything that doesn’t
meet up to what we would call a good criteria, set it aside. We will sell that at a later date under a
lower condition code. But, everything you can expect to buy here
as far as a base model is going to be quality, at least good surplus. Well even that, it’s a judgment call, but
you’re seeing what we have here. Dylan, come back into the crate again. Some of these are packed a little heavier
than Cosmoline. But even from the top, you can see some of
the bluing’s a little lighter. Some of that’s because the Cosmoline is thicker. Some are a little uglier. Some are more pristine, but we’re going to
sell the all. The best part of it is that they’re going
to be at a great price point. We got into these very well. We’re gonna pass it on to you. The first time we’ve ever sold these to my
knowledge under $200.00. They are price point on a standard good Yugoslavian
M57 Tokarev pistol 7.62×25 semiautomatic. These are very popular. Opening price point on these is $199.99. Now Dylan, I know I’ve had you do this a couple
of times, but come back in, because I do want to show a couple of differences. Most of these, but not all have the Yugoslavian
crest on top of the slide. Does that show up good on your camera Dylan? It does. Most of these, I would say about 80% of these
have it. About 20%, do not have the slide. Now I don’t know if this is a commercial issue
gun as opposed to one that was issued to the military, and therefore, has the crest on
the side. I don’t have any idea. In this particular case, the one without the
crest is a beautiful pistol, very good condition. I would consider that one a hand select, but
it doesn’t have the crest. There are more of them in here that do not
have the crest. But, like I said, about 80% of them do. So here’s what we’re going to do. Standard grade guns, if you just order one
without selecting any of the upgrades, you’re going to get a standard good M57 Tokerev. It may or may not have the crest, but it will
a good condition at $199.99. If you desire the crest, and want to make
sure you get one with that crest, the Yugo crest on the top of that slide, we’re going
to have a check box for $10.00 additional. Only for $10.00 more will guarantee the crest. And then, for a hand select on any of the
guns, that will be an additional $20.00 for the hand select. So standard at $199.99, a crest for an additional
$10.00, or a hand select for an additional $20.00. If you want the crest and the hand select,
be sure to check both boxes. Otherwise, like I said, you may get a hand
select, but it would be like this one. This is definitely a hand select gun. Would you agree Dylan. Absolutely. That one looks like new, but again there is
not crest. So, if the crest is a big deal to you and
you want to insure it, be sure and check the check box for the crest, an additional $10.00
and then $20.00 for a hand select if you want to go that route. Okay, that’s enough about these. You can look these up under the key word Yugo,
under the handgun section at our site. We’re going to stop on that with these. Be sure to take advantage of them while we
have a good supply. The more they get picked over, the harder
it is to find a really top end hand selects. So, the first people to get in on the offer
always get the better guns. That’s just the way it works. Dylan, before we close this out, let’s talk
about this big pile of ammo here behind me. If you guys have watched our site for any
length of time, you have seen us shoot videos in this very same location and you’ve seen
this big old stack of ammo behind us. It’s been here for a long time. We’ve even had some comments on YouTube saying,
what is that ammo behind them? They’ve got 7.62x54R. They’re hoarding it out. They’re waiting to release it. They’re waiting until the price goes up. That’s why we actually hung this comical sign
on at one times, that said, this is not 54R ammo, it is 7.62×25. The truth on this ammo is folks, we got into
this ammo 18 months ago, a couple of years ago, I’m not sure at this point. But, we paid a little too much for it. We bought it when ammo was very high and there
was none in the country. We just got into it a little bit too high
by marked standards. We’ve been sitting on it for quite some time. We would sell it as best we could without
losing money. But, the time has come to let this stuff sell. We though it was a good opportune time while
we had these new Ms that take this ammo. So if you will check this out, this is Romania
7.62×25. Dylan come over, I’ve got an open tin right
here. On the corner of the lift, this ammo was packed
72 rounds per box with 17 72 round boxes inside a tin. I think a tin is 1,200 and some odd rounds. Anyway, beautiful ammo. This is the brass-cased stuff. This stuff has very good velocity. It shoots very flat and very true. It is actually what is made for these pistols. It has the thicker jacketed casings on it,
unlike the commercial ammo, which is a little thinner. So, we really recommend this ammo. We just had to get it to a price point, and
we have done that folks. We are actually taking a loss on this ammo
right now, but we’re going to let it roll. You can find that under Romanian. Go to your ammunition tab, keyword Romanian,
and look up the Romanian 7.62×25. A great price point on it right now, either
by the box or by the tin, and a great addition to these really nice Yugo M57 Tokarev. Folks, we appreciate your business. And, as always, thank you for being with us

37 thoughts on “What’s In The Crate? Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistols!

  1. I would love one. Hahaha. Put my c&r in two weeks ago. I'm not sure if I can just buy those pistols in my state without a C&R. MA

  2. Should add a "Hand Select for less than good condition" -$20, I need a good refinishing project 🙂
    Also some people might want a "Ensure pistol doesn't have a crest option"?

  3. Production suggestion: to help take off the glare from the overhead lights when showing the guns make a frame with typical window screening on it an put it above your head while shooting the close ups. To avoid seeing the frame cut from your wide shot to your close up. Without the glare your viewers will get a better idea of the finish conditions of the guns that you are selling.

  4. Shit, I remember when you could get a Tokarev for $25!
    Ahh, the good old days…
    damn…I AM the old days lol

  5. Coupla questions… What are the bores like? Since these shoot corrosive ammo, the bores can be toast… Also, is the ammo that you are selling corrosive?

  6. Been watching these for a couple of years and this is a good deal so ordered mine yesterday. This round seems to be nice performer at longer range so makes it a nice versatile truck gun.

  7. Hey Ben, how about you have Dillon put down the camera and ship the pistol that I purchased already!

  8. Great video. Great gun. Just bought one with some ammo too. Looking forward to shooting it. Maybe will upgrade with a rubber grip….that stock grip looks uncomfortable as heck. Thanks, Classic Firearms!

  9. watching this beautiful crate full of pistols make depressed because i live in a shitty cou try with no freedom

  10. M57 was manufactured in the city Kragujevac in Serbia so the guns without the crest are most probably manufactured after Yugoslavia collapsed in early '90. Before that all of them had those old Yugoslavian amblems commercial, police and military issues.

  11. the one without the crest is a new production model. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, so even on the hand grips you do not have a communist star anymore but a logo of Zastava (Z)

  12. Just bought one from the latest batch – mine was EXCELLENT. Almost new looking. The trick is to pay attention to what they are graded at – then buy when the shipment FIRST arrives – get hand select. I may be lucky, but I have never received a bad pistol or rifle from Classic.

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