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What’s In The Crate? CZ-82 Pistols! Small Quantities

Hey everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Wednesday, July the 19th, and we
just got in something very special. We’ve had these in the past, some CZ-82 pistols,
nine by 18. We got in a small quantity. We’re going to do an unveiling here. Actually, we’ve already been in these when
we checked them out, but they did just come in. Dylan’s running the camera. Dylan, come on in, let’s look down inside
this first crate here. I was talking to one of the guys who actually
did the counts on these to be sure the counts were right. While he was counting, he went ahead and did
a little sorting, so he says that he’s been through this crate. This would be basically our standard grade
of pistol. So Dylan, come back in. I appreciate you’re trying to catch all this
at the same time. But, he told me he went ahead and did a little
sorting while he was counting them out because he had a little extra time. I’m glad that he did. He told me that this crate would represent
the standard grade. If you don’t get hand select, you can see
the different finishes on them as far as some would have a little more wear than others. But certainly all are nice quality very functional
pistols. They all come with two 12 round mags. Dylan, if you’ll stand back up, we’ll get
a shot on the pistol itself and go over some of its features. The CZ-82s are probably our most popular of
all of these types of pistols. They have really smooth actions. They have a cock and lock safety as you can
see here of course. As I said before, they are 12 round traditional
single or double action. They have an ambidextrous magazine drop with
a smooth magazine drop as you can see, and very accurate, very easy to carry, very good
size, nice little pistols. We’re having a hand select on these, folks. This is our standard grade. Dylan, I’m going to cause you to run around
a little bit. Come around on this other side, because I
was told, Austin told me that he went ahead and sorted some of these as he went, and it
looks like he did. I’m seeing some really high end stuff in this
particular crate. They weren’t really turned where we could
take advantage of them. Let me do this. Let me pull some up and stand them up like
this. Is the light able to pick up on that? I think so. Some of these are at least very good condition. Most that I’m seeing here are excellent. Some are borderline new. Take a look at that one, Dylan. Those are great. Now folks, you see how they’re packed? They’re coming stacked on top of one another,
the way you see them is the way we get them. We don’t do this. They ship to us just this way. But we do try to find you some nice pistols
if you do the hand select, and even on a standard grade we’re certainly going to have a very
functional pistol. Dylan, if you’ll work your way back around,
I’m going to ask you to do something. Go around, step up on that crate and look
down in here. These are also coming with the leather holster
and with two mags. Now in this case, the holsters all came to
us separately. You can see the leather holster there. It has the additional mag and the cleaning
rod. Folks, we’ve carried CZ-82s before. People always love them. We always sell out of them. They are a great value in a pistol. Because we try to show you the condition going
in, we seldom have any complaints about the condition of a handgun because we represent
them really truly and try to be spot on as far as what you can expect to get. We often get complaints on holsters for some
reason. People say, “Really, I got a really ugly holster. Mine had some stitching wear,” or whatever
the case may be. Folks, here’s how we get them. They come to us in a big pack. You can see, some are better than others. This particular one’s pretty ugly. It’s got a lot of wear on it. We make no guaranty for the holsters other
than the fact that you will get a holster and will get an extra mag with every pistol. Now some may even have their lanyards. This one has a lanyard in it as you can see,
has a cleaning rod, but we are guarantying for a holster and two 12 round mags with the
pistols. Alright, we’re going to close it out. Right now we’ve got them at an introductory
price because we just got them in, $319.99, really nice little Czechoslovakian CZ-82s,
two 12 round mags, and a holster, hand select option if you want to go that route. Folks, we appreciate your business. If you like our videos, you can click right
here to subscribe … not describe, but subscribe to the videos. Folks, thanks again for your business. We appreciate you being with us at

25 thoughts on “What’s In The Crate? CZ-82 Pistols! Small Quantities

  1. Just ordered mine, can't WAIT to get it in. This was my first center fire pistol I ever got and qualified CCW with it. (Sold it) Now I finally get the chance to own one again. They are a terrific little power house. Thanks C.F.!

  2. I remember buying these all day long about 10 years ago from Classic and other places. Great pistols and still have a few left.

  3. Had 2 CZ's b4 Wife got sick many yrs ago now gone 2 pay the bill's CZ is top of the heap gunwise! This Ole DAV hopes 2 @ lest git one more b4 the clock run's out! Great video 😉 TY

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