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What you DON’T know about the Glock 19!?!?!?!

As most of you know the Glock 19 is my all-time favorite pistol because it is reliable, inexpensive and extremely versatile like I said versatile The Glock 19 is effectively a shorter more compact version of the Glock 17 The Glock 19 was first introduced in 1988 at the request of military and law enforcement units from around the world. Now one thing that I really love about the Glock 19 is the ability to use Glock 17 mag round magazines or I can even use the Glock 18 stick mags I call this Glock on a stick the Glock 19 is an amazing pistol but with so many different generations to choose from it can be a little bit daunting your impressed that I use that word? I’m impressed too to try to figure out which generation you’re gonna choose So here I have a generation 3, generation 4 and a Gen 5 Glock 19 The Glock 19 Gen 3 was first introduced in 1998 The major difference between the generation 3 and the generation 2 was the addition of an accessory rail that allows you to mount a flashlight, a laser or a tactical knife they also introduced these finger grooves Some people really like the finger grooves and they like the way it feels on their hand I personally don’t like them On really most or all of the generation 3 firearms that I own I’ve always ground off that those front finger grooves as well as modified a lot of different stuff to the frame Now, the way that I did that is with the Dremel and you basically just start shaving the material off The front strap underneath the trigger guard the beaver tail He said beaver and then I reduce the entire frame The grip on the gen three Glock is very smooth which some people really like I personally can’t stand it which is why on most of my firearms I’ve stippled the plastic this is a process of using a very hot wood burner and slightly melting the plastic Now this should only be done by a properly trained gunsmith This is the very first block frame that I ever attempted to stipple and yeah it’s pretty fun I pretty much ruined this gun all because I simply did not know what I was doing so make sure you spend the extra money bring it to a qualified individual before you start damaging your firearm The gen 3 has a single recoil spring and a very small magazine release button that I really cannot stand Now on the gen 3 models this is when Glock introduced this Picatinny rail Now this rail allows you to attach a flashlight, a laser or even a tactical knife Now, I’m not really sure why somebody would need a tactical knife on their gun But it is kind of cool What I really like about the gen 3 Glock is that they are extremely inexpensive and reliable $50 for a Sig mag not in your flipping mind However I am NOT a very big fan of the thickness of the grip on the gen 3 Glock It just feels very big in my hand That’s what she said The trigger on the gen 3 kind of sucks It’s very smushy but with some mild of work you really can make it a much better trigger with some polishing and some stoning The magazine release is very small I usually always install an extended magazine release from one of the popular companies online Again as I mentioned earlier my biggest complaint with this pistol is the smoothness of the grep I bet you liked it rough it stinks I also really hate these plastic sights that come with the Glock come on glog get it together installed metal sights like every other gun company on the planet in 2009 Glock introduced the Gen 4 Glock 19 to its lineup with some pretty significant changes However it is kind of like iPhone where you make a very small change Brandon has a new gun and charge you another couple hundred bucks One of the major changes was the addition of adjustable back straps that allow you to customize the grip based on what feels comfortable for you The second major change was a larger magazine release and the ability to swap the magazine release if you are a left-handed shooter The magazine release on the gen4 is easily reversible for left-handed shooters all you need to do is field-strip the gun take a flat head screwdriver and inside you can see this little tiny spring that you simply remove swap the button over to the other side and reassemble the gun it really could not be easier Now I’m happy that Glock made the Gen 4 a little bit easier for left-handed shooters to operate However, you’ll notice that we still do not have a slide release on the right-hand side of the gun so left-handed shooters are still gonna have to operate that bolt catch with the knuckle of their trigger finger Now that’s not an earth-shattering thing It can definitely be done But it is kind of a pain in the butt The gen 4 also uses a dual recoil spring compared to the gen 3 which is a single recoil spring Now honestly I have shot thousands of rounds through both to gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks I don’t know if I have ever noticed a reduction in recoil because of this dual recoil spring so I don’t know The Gen 4 also comes with 3 15 round magazines The sights on the Gen 4 and the Gen 3 Glock suck If you line up the sights properly you can see it’s like a goal post with a dot up front If you line it up properly the front sight dot is actually cut off I think that’s really dumb and I always elect to install night sights on really every firearm that I own These are the Trijicon HD night sights that are filled with depleted tritium which will burn for about 10 years and it glows extremely bright in the dark In 2015 the FBI began searching for a new duty pistol for their agents They were looking for a full size and a compact pistol that met some very specific requirements First, they wanted a striker-fired pistol with no manual safety They wanted an accessory rail. No finger grooves, adjustable back strap along with a few other things To meet all these requirements Glock developed the Gen 5 Glock 19 Now finally it took the FBI request to get Glock to fix the things that we the consumer have been complaining about for decades because all you people want is more They finally remove the finger grooves They added a trigger guard undercut They even beveled front of the slide which who really cares about that They flared the magazine well and They improved the factory sights They made the rear sight wider and a little bit deeper so that we could actually see the entire front sight Personally I still hate them and I would much rather upgrade to Trijicon night sights that are made out of metal Also added a ambidextrous bolt catch that allows left-handed shooters to operate the firearm like us normal people Glock also introduced its Glock marksman barrel which is supposed to have improved rifling and crown for increased performance and accuracy The slide has a new end DLC finish that does some fancy that nobody really cares about And the front slide is beveled similar to what you would see on the Glock 26 or even at Glock 27 The Gen 5 has a flared magazine well to assist with faster reloads They also added a much larger magazine base to allow you to get the magazine out if it is really stuck Now for some reason with the Gen 5 they included this little Halfmoon cutout that if you ever have a really bad Jam you can wedge your trigger finger and your thumb and really be able to pull it out Now the problem with this is some guys as they’re shooting when they go to do a reload they’re actually pinching the bottom of their hands That’s probably true The Gen 5 Glock 19 comes with three 15 round magazines that include this orange follower Sorry Magpul your idea just got jacked In 2016 the FBI selected the Gen 5 Glock 19 and the Gen 5 Glock 17 as their new duty pistol and it is currently being used by over 13,000 FBI agents from around the world

13 thoughts on “What you DON’T know about the Glock 19!?!?!?!

  1. First
    I like the video- have avoided the Glock for years but recently got the 43x and like it after a trigger job, changing the sights extremely.., 😃

  2. Don't forget,as much as i love my glocks,when the gen 5 guns were being tested by the Indianapolis police department,the slides kept falling off. Just brought that up to show that even Glock has concerns with new models . All 7 of my Glocks are gen 5,plus i own many Beretta and H&K guns. I am not brand myopic,just love firearms in general. Great channel and i really enjoy your content.

  3. Yeah…. great gun… buy one …. mod the crap out of it…and change the sites…lol….. But the darn thing shoots….every time… even without the tackle knife!!!!! ( classic )
    And it was only improved for a government contract !!!
    Still shoots every time…… sigh.
    Still dont like them…. but they shoot every time. GREAT VIDEO !!!

  4. My G42 took the place of my G19 only for summer carry…first gun was was G30. Glock for life….ps I love M&P 9 shield

  5. I am not a huge fan of Glock firearms. Thanks not to say that I don't own any…you hit it with the trigger. Have you tried the Canik TP9 series. I have the TP9SFX, Elite and Elite Combat! Amazing pistols for such a great price!

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