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What would you choose in a nuclear attack? To live or die? | Ban Nuclear Weapons

What are you thinking about? If a nuclear bomb were to explode right now, what would you choose? Live or die? Live. Yeah, because if I died then there’d be a lot of things I couldn’t do anymore… I’d never see my family again… I’d miss the sun on my face… I’d never eat my favourite food again… Never travel… Never be in love… I wouldn’t… live. What about you? What would you choose? Live or die? Die. Because if I survived I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things anymore… I’d never see my family again… I’d miss the sun on my face… I’d never taste my favourite food again… Never travel… Never be in love… I wouldn’t… live.

66 thoughts on “What would you choose in a nuclear attack? To live or die? | Ban Nuclear Weapons

  1. What do you decide?World War 3 or World War 4 with hundreds of millions of deaths?

    Nuclear Weapons are Peace keeping Weapons.

  2. Thats why 'Society after Doomsday' was written by Bruce Beach.

    It is not about individual survival. It is about service to humanity.
    And preparing to reconstruct society.

  3. Die…. Man… The life the guy on the video predicts its practicaly the life of every civilian under a battle zone. The biggest problem you would have with the bomb is not that it will kill a lot of people and destroy your city. Your biggest problem would be all the radiaton you have recived. The characters dosent make celar how they would survive the bomb. But they surely assume that after the "survival" they will have to live in the bombed zone. Wich it will be radiated as fuck. Then your real bigges issues would be your skin burn, it will turn red, full of blisters and start to peel. Your internal orgnas may even start to bleed. Brain damage. And a lot of cancer… (You can read more simptoms in wikipedia)

  4. Live and get ready for very short generational cycles and rapid early pregnancies to counter-act the radioactive accumulation in individuals.
    No more old people for a few thousand generations and horrible short lives of deprivation and mutation, cancers etc.
    Cannibalism would likely be a necessary evil and the world would be a brutal mess.
    But you cannot surrender….humanity in some form is worth struggling for.


    For me, I would prefer that we design new toys and dolls that will bring fun and happiness to children and teenagers, instead of those silly nuclear weapons that will possibly kill us all and will destroy the world in any second. NUCLEAR WEAPONS SHOULD BE BANNED INTERNATIONALLY.

  6. If you survive it, considering most people in the first world don't know how to:
    A. ration supplies
    B. know hand to hand combat (Properly, not just punches and kicks)
    C. understand how nuclear weapons, fallout, or radiation works
    or D. know how to even survive the blast

    (Again MOST people, I know people including myself, who know how to do or understand these things.)

    you probably wouldn't survive long enough to see the next year.

    Edit: 3 weeks later I realized that this is r/iamverysmart

  7. We have to live,if you lost all of your important things.It's new start to live.Catch the smile together.Smile is power to live.

  8. And we all thought World War 1 and World War 2 was bad, if world war 3 starts it would be the actual end of most of life on earth. So I have a theory if we send all of are nukes into space and make it illegal to make new nuclear weapons we would have world peace and then there would be no tensions of a world ending war, and like my social studies teacher said it would’ve or would be the war to end all wars and this shows world war 3 would be the tipping point.

  9. If one country nukes another country with nukes, it’s just a scary outcome to all humanity. Nuclear war, fallout, famine, cancer and who knows what

  10. I'll choose live,

    It's a no matter what happen.
    Because we cant give up, we cant loose.

    We have to survive for the bright future, NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS.

  11. Why am I watching and reading the comments when I am just a kid

    I am scared that nuclear bomb would drop right now

  12. ..if there were an all out exchange between the US and Russia, there wouldn't be much left. Major targets (read cities) would be "hot" zones for a long time, and those who did manage to survive the blast would succumb to radiation poisoning. Radiation would also be carried to other areas on the prevailing winds, so even many surrounding rural areas wouldn't be safe for long (the radiation cloud from Chernobyl, just one reactor, drifted over much of northern Europe now imagine this multiplied by a hundred fold or more ).

    Another concern is what is called "nuclear winter" where large amounts of particulate matter would be sent high into the atmosphere. This would change weather and climate patterns effectively lowering the earth's temperature which in turn means shorter if not nonexistent growing seasons. Our means of food production would suffer greatly for decades, while many other species would simply go extinct.

    Pockets of survivalists would exist but as a society, we would effectively be thrown back to the hunter gatherer stage., kill or be killed.

    There really wouldn't be much to live for.

  13. In that case, the choice of living or being dead will be on the part of nuke exploded, not yours. A joke will effectively shed light on the situation: A person asks another person, "What will you do if you come across a LION in the jungle?" The guy replies, "What can I do in that case? Whatever will be done, will be done by LION himself". Helpless poor humanity is caught on the horns of a perplexing nuclear dilemma.

  14. It's better to die with he best memories,than to change them with worst. No one wanna watch their Loved ones dying everyday battling for basic needs …it's horrible

  15. The thought of having to live through something like that is truly horrific, but the truth is we have these weapons to protect ourselves and our freedom.

  16. Those choices were not given to the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    If nuclear weapons have already been used against civilians in History, be sure it will happen one more time. It might not be today, nor even this decade. But soon or later History might repeat itself as it always does, this is why I think nuclear weapons should be disarmed as fast as possible.

  17. Ban 1 mass weapon and another one will rise. First, it was gas, then the nukes came, even worse, imagine that will be developed if they ban nukes.

  18. This is Horrifying I am glad I signed up to stop Nukes from Destroying Cities and Killing Innocent People. #NuclearBan #WWIII?

  19. I mean, if you survive doesn't it actually make you travel, since you cannot/it is hard to stay in the place of the blast. Just saiyan.

  20. In a nuclear event death is honestly preffered over surviving. I mean you happen to survive the blast. Congratulations, what you gonna do next? Live in the post apocaliptic nuclear winter world where there is no food, no clean water, no medical supplies, radiation everywhere you go, death all over the place and last but not least other survivors who will most likely kill you for your supplies or even to literally eat you because cannibalism would be a day to day occurance in a situation like that. This is why it's simply crucial that we prevent a scenario like this from ever happening. We may all have different views and beliefs that distance us from each other, but if there is that one thing that we all share is our desire to live so let's put our differences aside for now and do our best to ensure that we at least get to live so we can continue debating our differences without having to worry that one side of the conflict will destroy the planet and hundreds if not thousands years worth of progress we and our ancestors in the past made with a single click of a button by some military guy in his safe bunker.

  21. Thanks for the collaboration with Kurzgesagt, this is really an important topic to speak and spread information about which might define our future as humanity

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