67 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Live With Bullets Inside You | NYT

  1. These only happened to people in WWII in other countries but in US it is current life tragedy. Welcome to democracy

  2. Just read Trump tweets…looks like you guys need to retract a story.
    Trump is old school…most people over 60 like old fashion phone…
    They do use a PC though..
    It's like a type writer.

  3. This is why I'd rather stay home all the time even though I'm such an extrovert. I feel safe about myself but not everyone else. People like those shooters really put up a wall for others that destroy friendships and loves of all kind but has impacts so strong that it all changes in a split second. The way you feel, think, love. I had friends in the Aurora Century 16 theatre shooting here in CO and after seeing the impacts in their lives and this videos post-shooting victims lives… it just really makes you appreciate yours.

  4. 2nd Amendment! Good guys with guns! Knives and paper cuts can kill you!! Government regulation bad!! Fascist! More likely to die in car crash!!!!

  5. Propaganda piece. No mention of bullet wounds from Democrat run cities, where most of the bullet wounds are created. White ladies and numales aren't interested in that. Gotta show people they can relate to.

  6. My lord—imagine as they age… the pain will return as agonizing 😞
    Sometimes scars give the elderly painful episodes; I can’t even imagine how something inside of you would feel.

  7. This is a good reason for reasonable common sense gun control laws. No outright bans on certain weapons, or modification to make them "safer". Semiautomatic is fine and limited magazine size is ok too. Ban on bump stocks is something I agree with.

  8. This was very well done. Esp to shed a different perspective on what is evidently some really strong humans. Those little gold cones look so foreign & eerie like yet they were 100% created by us. 😢

  9. The time has come for people to rise up and to bear arm . To protect their families, wife, girlfriend . Because once they are gone , they wont come back . We want ours guns and we will fight for them. No person is going to tell me that i can not bear arm. Bring it

  10. One thing we don't learn from history, is we don't learn. Time and again the same tragic story repeats itself. When will America learn?

  11. I’m glad I live in the UK, where I don’t have to worry about getting shot.

    Inb4 people talk about knife crime, because we all know how they’re responsible for as many deaths as gun crime /s

  12. I know someone with a bullet in their arm from an accident. It doesn’t seem to bother him as far as I know. I guess he just got really lucky.

  13. Very good documents by TNYT. I see my body as evidence… it really captured an out of experience on how it is to live with bullets inside you..and everyday nightmare that can happen to anyone when one selfish person decides to snap and be reckless and harm anyone within a vincinity. It’s almost like we’re all lambs for the slaughter. Very frightening, I pray for these brave people.

  14. I think the video did a great job at not making it overtly political, but also maintaining the message and impact it has on even the survivors,

  15. Please government take all the guns away!!! …… from the CRIMINALS

    I see everyone screaming for fun control ? Why are you ignoring the 1,000,000 cases of guns by law abiding gun owners saving peoples lives every year ?

    If you want to control the violence we have to change peoples hearts ! can we as a country stop blaming everything on these tools accept ourselves as creating this problem by this Godless secular culture we’ve accepted and created ? Look at London my friends and his family have to walk around with stab proof vests on when they leave the house because there is an EPIDEMIC OF STABBINGS they can’t defend them selves with a force equalizer like a gun because it’s illegal , can we stop ignoring facts as a nation so we don’t end up like this ?

    Please I’m not taking anything away from these poor folks who have been victims of CRIMINALS
    But I thank God for every one of the million cases a year saved by these tools

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