32 thoughts on “What is the Solution? El Paso

  1. How about instead of Gun control, society tries the empowerment of Law Abiding citizen to keep and bare arms in defense of the citizenry…

  2. Im shocked with all the vehicle deaths yearly that the Democrats haven't banned cars yet!
    Guns are just tools that don't work without an operator.
    You can't stop CRAZY, doesn't matter what the tool is.
    And good guys with guns always negate evil

  3. It’s crazy how this happened in Texas of all places, with all the carriers in the state. Seems a little fishy imo. Coming across the country in oc states, I never had a problem oc in Walmart.

  4. It’s amazing that the reports say feds new about the Texas shooter through a hate website and did nothing. The Ohio shooting is still new and they’re working on the details. It’s always easier to push a certain criteria than to put the blame where it belongs.

  5. Have you heard about that group that is trying to get a ballot measure in FL to have all semi-auto firearms banned? The State AG is fighting hard to stop the measure from being added to the ballot box for the next election.

  6. The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything ― Albert Einstein

  7. If anyone been to war, you can’t simply predict an attack unless you have intel that an attack is coming. Gun control or any type of law would have NOT prevented the massacres in the last 50 years. We need better intel and possibly a way for people to discreetly come forward with intel about potential shooters. I also know that in some states, school teachers are not allowed to come forward about a child with possible mental health issues because they can potentially be sued. Lets talk about the war on drug wars, mass incarceration and steep penalties; the drugs that are never made in America, never leave America.

  8. I’ll be taking your online class next week I look forward to meeting you and taking your course I’ve learned so much from watching your channel

  9. How are the democrats brain washing these people into doing these things? In Texas and NO ONE had a fire arm to STOP this from happening

  10. It may not be in your wheelhouse for videos but just got back from a meeting at our city hall on way to reduce gun violence. About 100 people there and all but 5 were gun grabbers and the politicians speaking want to keep jobs so were middle of the road on most every issue. What’s upsetting is the lack of 2A supporters at meeting and opportunities to talk with the law makers.
    You reach a lot of people but again it may be something for another channel to address

  11. Let's confiscate every firearm in the US for the solution. AND, let's ban provocative clothing because that's what is causing rape situations! It will be a great country finally!

  12. I can't help wonder if the "self-defense" laws aren't the problem…
    In a emerging stress issue, you don't usually have the time to analyze (legally) the situation, but the courts do, after the fact…
    If a person is thrown on the ground and are still facing that person, the danger is still (potentially) there…where I'm going is the system doesn't seem to account for what the person felt (or saw), which could be dramatically different than (perceived) reality and that could be the determiner as to wether or not (be it needed or not) that coming to the aid of those in need is done, as well (possibly) yourself…
    Question?: Would shooting the (Texas Walmart) shooter in the back be a crime? (He wasn't directly targeting me), and do I want to take that chance?

  13. Unsubscribed and Thumbs down!Fake false flag shooting with another White Boogeyman patsy courtesy of The Department of justice(ADL/🇮🇱 SPLC💰)!Ever do video on all the Americans who've been killed by HATE RACA !
    Many more American Humans have been killed, kidnapped ,Raped, assaulted than the el Paso drill hoax💰!That doesn't matter to you, just hit the like button or subscribe that's what matters to you Snowflake boy ! Not fellow Americans killed by 🇲🇽Hate RACA!💩

  14. So liked the video, very well put for our times. Too bad people like Shilonious Monk have to act like complete TOOLS. Keep the videos coming your awesome.

  15. Thank you for this and all the other (comedically) informative videos that you share on here. #2A #ShallNotBeInfringed

  16. It may be a PITA to carry and sometimes uncomfortable to CC every day but you have to be committed to do it if you want to be prepared. I carry in the truck (G45) and EDC appendix G43x. No exceptions.

  17. Not a Florida resident but what you have to say crosses state lines and is relevant in most states. keep up the good work!

  18. I really like your channel. It’s educational and I live in South Florida. I appreciate info on Fla law. Again thank you. Keep up the great work.

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