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What is The Bullet Journal Method?

Hi. I’m Ryder, Creator of the Bullet Journal, and today I want to take some time to answer the most common question that I get about my upcoming book,
The Bullet Journal Method, which is “What’s new in the book
that’s not already available online?” [Music] Okay. So maybe we should start by taking a step back and ask ourselves, “What is the Bullet Journal?” Okay. So, when people ask me
what The Bullet Journal Method is, I usually say that it’s a mindfulness practice that’s disguised as a productivity system. Okay. So, what does that mean? Well, let’s break that down. On the one hand is the system. On the other hand, we have the practice. Most people are only familiar with the system. This is what you know and love. The system helps us increase our productivity; whereas the practice helps us
improve our ability to be mindful. The system helps us make the most effective use of both our time and our energy, and that’s really what guides our actions. Mindfulness helps us be more present and aware. It helps us check in with ourselves and figure out what matters to us, what is meaningful. In other words, it helps us surface and clarify our beliefs. So in the most basic terms, the system helps us organize our what. The things that we have to do, our responsibilities, our to-do lists and so on; whereas the practice helps us clarify our why. Now, the system helps us become more organized. It helps us get through the day and wrestle and juggle all our many responsibilities. The practice helps us identify patterns and things that we believe to be meaningful. It helps us take a step back
from the rush of our busy lives, helps us check in with ourselves. And in that space, a lot of times, we have insight and ideas. The problem is if we don’t know or understand
why we’re working on what we’re working on, we enter this cycle, right,
where you’re just kind of working for work’s sake, but it’s probably not fulfilling. Now, the problem with just having ideas and having these insights is if they don’t play an active role in your life you tend to forget them, and this is where the book comes in. [Music] On the one hand, we have productivity. On the other hand, we have mindfulness. This is what the book is about, where productivity and mindfulness come together, where we get into a place where we can take our insights and then we can put them into action using, you guessed it, The Bullet Journal. It’s about combining your what with your why, understanding how you can align
your actions with your beliefs. And that is what I refer to as intentionality. So, there you have it. Essentially, what the book is about is about this space right here. This is what The Bullet Journal Method is all about. It’s about aligning your actions with your beliefs, your what with your why, so you can take the things that
you find to be meaningful in your life to put them into action, so you can live a life of intention. One that is both purposeful and full of meaning. And don’t worry. If you don’t know what is meaningful to you or what your purpose is, that’s fine. That’s what the book delves into. It shows you a variety of different techniques, tricks and tips that will allow you to start clarifying the things that are meaningful to you, the things that are valuable. It provides the foundation that will allow you to discover that for yourself. So that’s really what the book is about. On the one hand, we’ll delve into the system,
which covers a lot of the topics that you already know and loved in much greater detail. On the other hand, we’ll explore a lot of new territory, which can take your Bullet Journal practice to a whole different level, and make the experience of
Bullet Journaling significantly richer and I believe a lot more impactful. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get this book into your hands. The book comes out October 23rd, but it is available for pre-order now. And if you pre-order your book
between today and October 22nd, you’ll also get 25% off
the Official Bullet Journal Notebook. I’ll link it in the details below. If you’re excited about the book, I’d kindly ask that you pre-order your copy. If you have any questions about the book, please leave them in the comments below. And if you want to follow along
with the series about the book, please be sure to subscribe to our channel. Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you next week. [Music]

100 thoughts on “What is The Bullet Journal Method?

  1. I discovered your system in the spring of 2016 and have had your book on pre-order since the day it was announced. I am so excited to read how you've expanded on the website information!

  2. I can't wait to get your book! I love, love, love bullet journaling, but i feel like something is missing. I really think your book will solve this for me, and bring my experience to a whole new level! Thank you Ryder for all you have done!

  3. I use the BuJo. I like it. It keeps me looking at he big picture of my life. Glad I found it. Skeptical at first. It’s the new 7 habits since 1989. Thanks!

  4. I'm so excited for everyone to read your lovely book, Ryder! It is a definite treat 🙂

    P.S. For those who enjoy listening to Ryder's voice, make sure to also pre-order the Audible version of the book!

  5. Looking forward to reading it.. my friend is bringing it to Africa for me on the 30th. Thank you for changing my life Ryder 🙂

  6. i love the method, but it's hard for me to follow your video's…
    i just can't focus on it, and your voie is hard for me to understand, sorry…

  7. My 2 cents. I found the bullet journal website back in 2014. It has changed my life. If once a year or so Ryder sells something a book a new app or whatever.. he has my $25 or so … I am proud to have one of the original 100 bullet journal from his kickstarter. He puts positive energy into the world and I am grateful to him.

  8. Very helpful and much needed explanation, just started a few weeks ago with the system and it’s the best practice I’ve found after years of searching, I arrived at your two separate question marks for a while now, excited to turn them into exclamation points !

  9. Your system works v well for people who needs a visual cue (e.g. the signifers. The dot for bullet, – for notes, checkbox for tasks). As a graphic designer myself, I really can see how theof signifiers came about and I feel it's an useful feature for normal people to log what's happening in their lives in a more organised manner. I started to bullet journal in early 2017 when I was studying part-time while working full time. I was terrified that I'd not be able to balance both so I've had to try this to at least note down important dates and stuff. Now, I'm still using it but with a more established sense – logging comes naturally to me like a habit. But reviewing what I've done and transferring is still trying to do. It's a habit. I used to be living each day just like that without knowing what I need to do on that day until it's almost the end of the day. It isn't productive and many times pretty damn frustrating. But logging and having a monthly log helps to put some tasks into perspective.

  10. Ryder your bullet journal method is great. I really love it and it's one of the best things I discovered this year 🙂 Great job!

  11. OMG Ryder, where DID you get that voice? – it's just heavenly! I could listen to you all day. Can't wait for my copy of your book. 👏

  12. THIS is great! I've been using the method for a few years now, and I believe this book is awesome to take journaling to the next level.

  13. Thank you so much for explaining. I started my BuJo about 2 weeks ago and have felt kind of lost because I was so caught up in perfection (my detachment from this is a work in progress). I'm excited to keep going and discover what the future holds in BuJoing for me.

  14. You speak to my ADHD mind with the language it comprehends! Thank you for this. AND for the practice that has helped me clarify my own approach to planning and journaling. Your system helped marry my personal planning and journaling methods in a way that brought connection and clarity for my own practice!

  15. Thank you for clarifying what the book was about! I'm super excited to buy this book. I have yet to decidw whether i should buy an English copy or an esition in my own language (if it'll be translated)

  16. I pre-ordered the book on october 15 (via AMAZON UK, I live in Belgium, Europe), and indeed I am exited to get the book and agenda and to start GETTING THINGS DONE
    Greetings from Belgium

  17. I preordered mine long enough ago that I had to check to make sure that it was on order! I am getting excited to get and read your book. Thank you!

  18. Hey Ryder!
    You're Super! Such a true rider & seer (:

    Thank you so much for making wellbeing and mindful for so many people abroad.
    I am grateful for this creation of your life, specially for understanding under skin exactly where it comes from.

    The bright way you struggled to put it out and keep it on practising on it in a so conscious fresh intention, pure practical,
    straight and AMAZING way out to the world!!!

  19. May I just say how beautiful those simple yet functional graphics/drawings you did look! I love your style, it focuses on important things and gets the message across.

  20. I’m thrilled to get your book next week and start with a fresh, and official, Bullet Journal! Total side question: where’d you get that bracelet/band/cuff thing? I want one!

  21. I've been bullet journaling for about 18 months. I find it productive. With this video, I find a divergence that is interesting to me. What follows is opinion and viewpoint, not established fact. I'm sure many will disagree.

    Intention and meaning. To me this is a loaded, almost religious set of terms. I am not religious. Over the years, my reading leads me to think that contra-causal free will is an illusion; that the universe is deterministic, much like Susan Blackmore writes and speaks about. That extrinsic meaning is also illusory. We supply any meaning it might have. What Scott Bakker refers to as the semantic apocalypse and which requires post-intentional humanities for the new perspective.

    I look forward to reading this book, but I think I lay outside the terminology usage and worldview in which it is based and to whom it may be addressed.

  22. i found out about the system of bullet journaling around the time this video came out and started right away. isnt it weird that i found it not only right before the book came out, but also at a time in my life where i am totally inbetween things and in need of some focus? and i wasnt even looking for something like it. i looked up those pretty pens the girl next to me in my korean class was using to highlight her vocabulary! turns out some bullet journal people use them. and also turns out my bullet journaling style is totally black and white and i dont even need colorful pens. huge fan of the book! 🙂

  23. I found my bullet journal bliss when I quit trying to make look like the beautiful artsy ones. I bought your book, made a list of what I wanted in my journal, and now I truly enjoy the method. Thank you.

  24. I just finished reading The Bullet Journal Method. It has given me a whole different perspective on how I want to set up my 2019 BuJo. A definite must read for all bullet journalists!!! 😬

  25. I love it I love it I love it.
    It put me back on track in 2016 I bought my black 1st BULLET JOURNAL.
    Today I have my BUJO A4 and for each projects=a BuJo….
    Thank you so much for creating, inventing the Bullet Journal, and much more for sharing it with all of us,
    with the world. Thank You
    I bought your Book, can't wait to read it.

  26. It was a useful book I had pre-ordered along with a blank bullet journal and it was passed along to my daughter in University.

  27. This appeals so much but i fear its another thing to get covered in coffee stains, scuffed up in my bag and look a mess with my terrible handwriting. But i love the idea!!!

  28. It sounds like you're trying to sell a new book and are shoveling as much bullshit as possible to get the job done.

  29. Does anyone know the name of any font that looks like his handletter? It's such a beautiful handwrite and I need to train mine to be more readable and his looks great to inspire me!

  30. geesus…I just fell in love with your looks and voice the SECOND you went on..what the…marry me? this never happened to me before…you're dreamy…LOLOL….no? Ok, I'll see you in my dreams then haha. But, on a serious note awesome videos and web.. thank you for your tips and ideas. I'm new to BuJo. I've only been using planners for so long, but they're not enough and still not felt organized. This is awesome ♥

  31. Ryder, your voice is incredibly calming and I love the way your mind works. Thank you for creating + sharing!

  32. This was the nice surprise of the weekend coming across this bullet journal technique and way of thinking overall. Thanks for that! I’m giving it a go now.

  33. I will definitely going to buy this book! I love the Bujo system! You are a genius! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  34. This is my third year with the Bullet Journal in my life, and I can’t go without it now. But that first year I stopped and started three times, realising that when I had trouble committing to it, I needed to simplify and declutter it. When you complicate it with constantly having to draw lines or graphs or grids or stick tape or colour coded pens, and the worst culprit “pre-planning”, it’s impossible to keep it up, and you don’t. Keep it simple, and I found the original bullet journal method, in it’s simplicity, works best for me.

  35. If you don't mind me saying, but you sure is handsome. Them eyes…. Okay, I see you and this brilliant idea. I'm going to try it out and buy me one of those journals. Funny to mention, I've been seeing the dotted journals in stores and got so mad. I was like – who in the world came up with this dotted line idea and what is it for? I'm more of the traditional lines girl, but I did my research and watching your vids and I see this is legit. I've been seeking new ways to keep up to date with my to-do-list, my ideas, my schedule, and so on and this may be the solution. Good job sir!! 🙂

  36. I wish I knew about this before I started uni. I went through a lot of agendas that just didn’t work for me. I have ADHD too but managed to complete my degree just now. Just got started on bullet journaling for personal use and I love it!

  37. 🏆 I'm nominating your for the Greatest Millennial award.
    Have to create this award first…
    Have to make a bullet list of how to do that….

  38. Why do you make this so complicated? You make a list of things to do. Cross off the list what's been done. Then carry over everything that you have left on your list. Simple, right??

  39. "It's about combining your What with your Why, understanding how you can align your Actions with your Beliefs and that is what I refer to as, Intentionality" by RC …….. Thank You and it is an Honor!


  41. I had actually created my own almost version of this about a couple of years ago since regular planners gave me the dreads…leftover 80s Filofax PTSD…I found the blank notebook so soothing, and one could craft the days as they evolved, not with restricted space….I would do the bullet points and/or a verb in caps…like CALL or GET…which helped clarify exactly what each task entailed. Then I would highlight the stuff I did, and when the page was finished, or got messy, I'd just copy it over…..and the old task detritus would disappear into a new, clean page. Then about a month ago, I discovered your BJ, with all the cool modifications like arrows, project pages, etc….thx so much….you've done a great thing here!

  42. I totally get the mindfulness, clutter in the mind etc. building up, and up, and up … then achieving nothing, time passes and have engaged with absolutely, nothing.

    Of the times I have made notes on slips of paper, lost and mislaid them, put chores, tasks and jobs off until tomorrow, which never comes or materialises.

    I’ve looked around at a lot of bullet journal videos on YouTube, there’s a lot of them to look at, some very flowery, extremely beautiful and artistic, however, I would probably need a couple of days to just design one page in order to start putting down notes and jobs et cetera.

    I am hoping, that these very clear and concise methods will help me achieve getting my life back on track, and in order, which is absolutely cluttered up with things to do ……. looking forward to reading the book, arriving tomorrow ….. thanks 🙏 Steve UK 😀

  43. Gaah! My internet dropped connection while trying to comment earlier. I was a contract engineer working on the space shuttle project early 1982: required to keep project related notes in a bound journal(s) and kept the rest of my life on 3X5 index cards. I retired Dec 2013-my index cards were digitized from 10 to 12 jam full shoe boxes. I have a lifelong disability, now known as Asperger Syndrome, a type of Autism. I am now under treatment for Alzheimer's. Since I'm now 72 years old I don't expect to live long enough for dementia. Bullet Journal is a great comfort and helps to organize my thoughts is a comfort to me daily. Thanks Ryder, for all your hard work.

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