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What is gun-fu?

So, what exactly is Gun-Fu? Maybe you’ve come across Chad Stahleski’s John Wick or John Wick II, two action-packed movies featuring Keanu Reeves, which have achieved an almost cult status. Their fast-paced action, almost impossible scenes depicted a violent gangster in search of revenge, dispatching a barrage of stunts
involving guns and martial arts. The genre is called “gun-fu” and was first
introduced by the police/mafia flicks of filmmaker John Woo, especially in the outstanding film
Hard Boiled. In Hard Boiled, a seemingly common “detective-villain” flick, the action scenes are full of complicated combat choreographies. This style combines martial arts and gun use, frenetic camera movements and angles, and fantastic stunts. This entire intricate, complex and carefully crafted visual spectacle is akin to the visual acrobatics of kung-fu, which gives their action
scenes an almost transcendent quality. While “Kung fu” meaning is derived from
a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires energy and time
to complete – usually linked to martial arts – “Gun Fu” talks about the relationship
of man and weapon, specifically, hand guns. Today, you can see the influence of this genre in the Wick films, and in other outstanding movies like Atomic Blonde and the Korean film
The Villainess. Gun-fu, revenge films will always be bread
and butter for action hungry cinephiles, who enjoy the hard, impossible road of their leads …leading to their final revenge.

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  1. Can't understand the narration. I'd bring down the music and ask the narrator to annunciate more clearly.

  2. Can I have a list of all the movies that were shown in this video please? There is one first person scene that looks really cool and reminded me of hard-core Henry. As a aspiring first person cinematographer I want to try to learn as much as I can from all first person shots.

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