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What Is A Gun Trust

What is a gun trust? With the help of our
do-it-yourself template, you can create a gun trust. What exactly
is a gun trust? It is a legal entity that you can use to
purchase or manufacture NFA weapons. You can add others to the trust as co-trustees or lifetime beneficiaries to permit them
to use your weapons. A trust also provides instructions on
what to do with your NFA firearms when you pass away. It also helps you avoid having to obtain
the Chief Law Enforcement Officer or “CLEO” signature needed to purchase NFA or Title II weapons. NFA or Title II weapons are weapons such as suppressors, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled
shotguns (including sawed-off shotguns), machine
guns made before 1986 and a lesser-known class of firearms called “any other weapon” or “AOWs”, which includes things like cane guns, grenades and pistol-grip shotguns. As long as they are registered, they can be acquired by a gun trust. The
National Firearms Act can be difficult to understand and relatively few people are aware of
its restrictions. A gun trust is a way to help you avoid
breaking the law when an NFA firearm comes into your
possession or when you want to loan a friend your
weapon. It will help you maneuver through the restrictions of the NFA laws and make sure that you have the law on
your side. A gun trust provides a comprehensive management system for your firearms. If your friend wants to borrow your
suppressor, you want to make sure your kids can inherit your gun collection, or you just want to avoid probate, then
start your gun trust now at

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