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What If You Could Only Have Three Guns?

– [Voiceover] What if you
could only have three firearms? Well, for one, your
wife and your girlfriend might be a little happier,
but that isn’t the point I’m getting at here. I did some thinking the other day as I was having a couple of
six outstanding Miller Lites in a lounge chair in front
of a shoddy campfire. And I got to thinking,
what if for some reason you were limited to three firearms? As a hunter of all sorts of foul and game, this makes things difficult. As a rifle you would use for prairie dogs, isn’t generally ideal for moose. A shotgun for turkey isn’t
usually optimized for dove. As an enthusiast, you want
to see what other firearms and platforms have to
offer, and experience all kinds of different guns. Yet as a practical person,
you want to hope for the best but prepared for the worst. So what then would I do
if I wanted to maximize my ability to practice marksmanship, participate in some shooting sports, hunt and protect myself? Well, to me this answer’s pretty obvious. First off, I would pick a 9mm handgun. One that’s big enough to enjoy shooting, and small enough to conceal
and carry comfortably. I say 9mm because ammo’s cheap
and available everywhere, comes in all sorts of different loadings, has low recoil, and allows for a generally high-capacity magazine. Which 9mm I would choose
would be a tough one. A Glock 19 would be a wise choice, as would any number of
other similar pistols. The underappreciated Steyr M9, maybe a compact CZ 75, a P30, and so on, but I would probably stick to my P7. The reason why is because I’ve
been carrying it since 2012 and feel comfortable with it. I shoot well with it, it’s
easy to strip and maintain, very reliable, and it’s big
enough to shoot recreationally, yet small enough to carry. Even for a guy like myself,
with the center of gravity somewhere near my eyebrows,
I can still get by with it. However, I might choose the M13 though, for it’s additional capacity. Next up I would choose a
Remington 870 12 Gauge. You could substitute the
Mossberg 500 of course, but I’ve always preferred
the 870’s cross-bolt safety. I say the 870 because I
would get a short barrel for home defense, as seen on this one, a 26 or 28 inch barrel for dove and duck, and then a pistol grip setup for turkey. For what it’s worth, I’ve always preferred pistol grip setups on my turkey shotguns. Also, while I haven’t
been an avid participant in shotgun sports since college, I would one day like to get back into it. While a pump isn’t
ideal, you can definitely get the job done with one. With the 12 Gauge you get
incredible versatility. Birdshot, buck, slugs,
and any of the crazy stuff you’ve seen on Taofledermaus’ channel. They’re both incredibly
fun and utilitarian, and with a price point of less than $350, the value is definitely there. So the last gun I would
choose is predictable, and almost a cop out,
a nice quality AR-15. Honestly, if you’re buying a gun with some sort of survival scenario or defensive purpose in mind, it would be very wise
to choose an AR in 5.56. The caliber’s everywhere,
parts are also everywhere, you can customize the rifle
to your heart’s content, and by swapping a few pins,
you have a different caliber. If you aren’t confident in .223 for taking out whatever you’re hunting, pop a 7.62×39 upper on there. If you want magnification,
get a nice optic and put that on top. If you want to build a precision rifle, you can absolutely do that
with an AR-15 as well. Hell, for plinking, just
throw a .22 kit on there and get to business. I would not hesitate to
trust a hunt or my life to a well made AR-15 rifle. Over 50 years of refinement have resulted in a truly amazing and light platform. While they aren’t my
favorite semiautomatic military style rifle to shoot, in this scenario I do believe
that they make the most sense. Even the local gun store
in a tiny town I frequent has AR spare parts, but
you would be hard-pressed to find an extractor for
anything more obscure. So that’s my list, pretty
simple and utilitarian. But with these three firearms I believe I could get by with quite a lot. Anyways, I’d like to hear from you guys. What would you pick if you
could only have three guns? I’m interested to hear what viewers from other places might choose, and how people with different interests would change their choices. I can see how people with
no interest in hunting might go a different direction. Or how a very devoted competition shooter might place a lot of emphasis
on very specific firearms. Big thanks to Ventura Munitions for making our videos possible, guys. This is Alex C. with TFB
TV, hope to hear from you, and hope to see you next time. (gun loads) (gun fires)

100 thoughts on “What If You Could Only Have Three Guns?

  1. ruger single six 22lr/wmr 5.5” single action revolver.
    taurus 85 38sp steel 2” single/double action revolver.
    h&r 20ga 22” single shot shotgun.
    anything else i need i will harvest.

  2. If I could choose… I’d pick an ar10 in 308.. a glock in .40 cal and probably a mossberg 500 tactical 12 gauge hard hitting rds .

  3. TriStar compact 12 with coupled 12 Rd mags, kel tec rdb with coupled 40rd mags, and a micro Draco ak47 pistol with 75 Rd drum.

  4. AUG A3
    L115A3 .338 i would say M95 but dont have the same range even tho it have a bigger punch

  5. 1. Colt AR15A4 5.56 full size rifle
    2. Sig Sauer M17 9mm pistol
    3. Panzer Arms BP-12 Semi Auto Bullpup Style 12GA Shotgun

  6. This would be my first go around, but with a 1911 instead. However, I have thought up using a longer ranger rifle in stead of the shotgun, to see how that might work out.

  7. AR-10, USP-45, Mossberg 590A1. Maybe? That's off the top of my head. I'd be sad to leave a wheelgun of the list, as well as something in .22

  8. Glock G20 (live in BFE populated with hogs and black bears)
    Ruger 10/22 (always keep a 22 in my truck in case of emergency)
    Browning auto 5

    Probably could've made a wishlist of 3 guns to have, but these are the ones I have and use the most.

  9. CZ 557 Range : .308 win iron sighted bolt action rifle with detachable magazine. A good "if you can see it you can hit it" precision gun.

    Baïkal Coach Gun : side by side 12 gauge with external hammers. Can be loaded with homemade black powder, stuffed with pretty much anything as projectile and transformed into a silex gun if primers run out. Also great home defense tool.

    CZ 455 Standard : 22lr iron sighted bolt action rifle with detachable magazine. A good first gun that can then help you train your relatives to shooting in your garden. Also better than a bow for hunting small game quietly.

    I live in France so no semi autos for me (you can have them but not "own" them..). Kinda stupid since full autos AK47 are relatively easy to come by on the black market but i don't think i'll ever need it so here's my top 3.

  10. I think the proper question is. What three guns are we going to take to have a hopefully peaceful conversation with the commie Bastard who doesn't understand "Shall Not Be Infringed"?

  11. Mossberg
    Ruger sr9c ( can swap from short ten round mag for carry to full mags with grip extension for fun and joy of shooting)
    AR 15 with several upper options

  12. Ak74, Glock 17, Mossberg shockwave. If this get bad you can carry them all on you and have the best of all worlds on your side (ak74 has the range, Glock 17 has the backup, and the shockwave has the punching power)

  13. My choice if I have to pick 3 guns: Beretta 92fs with an muzzle and rail attachment Remington 870 and lastly not an AR-15, but an Kar98 with scope which can be deattached

  14. .22 LR rifle, 5.56mm rifle, 9mm pistol. The 12g shotgun is an inefficient short range weapon that cannot compete with the .22 LR or 5.56mm rifles for the essential functions they fulfil.

  15. 1. Wilson Combat 92G Centurion Vertec 9mm,
    2. Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm,
    3. Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 7.62 NATO
    Colt M4 LE6920MPS-B 5.56NATO.

    I don't really like shotguns, If I can only have 3 one is not gonna be a .22LR, I don't live in a part of the Country that justifies a bolt action rifle!

  16. Good choices. I agree with you. I was however torn between an AR-15 variant and a .22LR for #3. Glad I don't have to choose one over the other.

  17. Polytech Legend AK, HK USP 9 with 32 round mags, Mossberg 500A The Knoxx fold down stock pistol grip and 7+1 capacity.
    Polytech Legend, 2 Pap 92 AK pistols

  18. My list would be a colt python 357, mossberg 500 pump, and a anodized moon f1 firearms ar15 5.56 with an vortex scope

  19. I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and I am a hunter so for me I pick my 3 that I got

    Remington 783 .308cal
    Winchester SXP blackshadow 12g
    Savage MKll.22cal rimfire

    A rifle for big game a shotgun for waterfowl and a .22 for small game like rabbit 🐰 or grouse.

  20. I'm from Germany
    I would go for a
    1) Sauer 101 GTI in 8*57 IS (Bolt Action)
    2) Beretta 686 Silver Pidgeon GC (Shotgun)
    3) H&K SFP 9 (Pistol)
    I already own 1 & 2 and I wouldn't give them away for anything in the world, they are just great
    Nr. 3 is also a good and reliable gun, very easy to use/clean

  21. 1# I think a nice wood stock bolt-action rifle mosin, kar98 or a remington 700 or even a toz122.
    2# Toz-34
    3# a compact smg bullpup or not so P90, Skorpion , Mac-10 or a trusty old uzi…

  22. HK USP 9mm ( 9. Is common round)

    Any AK I can slap optics/attachments on

    Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun in 20./12. Gauge Buckshot

  23. Pistol I would go with my 357 wheel gun Or my 45 government. Since I don’t own a shotgun if it was a survival situation I definitely have my 357 lever action. I have both an M4 carbine and an AK-47 so I would choose either one to complete the three.

  24. AR-10 because it's a LIGHT WEIGHT, FULL POWERED, easy to carry rifle and i can use a scope. It can be a sniper/ DMR or a sqaud automatic weapon. Or am I wrong about the automatic part?🤔 mabey that's the FN fal I'm talking about.
    My other 2 guns would be a glock 26 gen 4 because of it's concealibility and the 9mm cartridge that i am a big fan of & I was thinking either a shotgun or revolver for another 1 but i think I shall go with a LMG lol

  25. BENELLI MR1, FABARM SDASS and Walther p22. (cause it's Portugal and that is what I have, God bless the land of the free).

  26. People will laugh but of o could only have 3 guns they would be .22 cal 10/22 ruger because you can carry literally thousands of rounds in your pockets they are accurate and are easy to find in a raid in a SHTF scenario a good 9mm semi pistol and a 12ga shotgun. AR is nice and is accurate but ammo is heavy and cannot hold or carry a lot without being cumbersome.

  27. shorty AR in 223, with a silencer and .22lr conversion unit, trigger job, free float tube, bipod, 1×6 scope in a see thru mount, luminous sights. Sig P938 in a front pants pocket holster, with a .22lr conversion unit and a silencer. 9mm alloy commander 1911, for practice and for the wife to carry if shtf. All she's really capable of with a gun, like 99.9% of women, is suicide or making noise to call me back from wherever.

  28. shotguns are just toys, as are all non-autos, or any caliber but 9mm, .22lr, or 223. There wont be any ammo but those calibers, if shtf. The N guard and military armories will be breached, and have billions of rds of 223. That's what will be found, then, beside dead bodies. A gun for which you have no ammo is a club. If you aint got a silencer on your gun, you wont be around long. Dozens of people wil hear your shot and come looking to kill you and take your stuff. Yo'u're stupid enough to make noise in daylight , so they'll see you as easy pickings

  29. Modified Chinese SKS 7.62×39, Taurus Judge 45lc/410 and a Heritage Arms 22lr/22wmr revolver with bird head grip. Reason why sks takes care of large game, the judge takes care of a shotgun and a large cal side arm and the Heritage take care of my small game and such.

  30. Wow,you read my mind,I do not earn alot of money and my wife is a total liberal,so I only have three guns. I chose a Beretta 92,Remington 870 18", and an Bear Creek AR-15.

  31. Only 3…. Hmmm. Remington 870 for sure. 1911 for the handgun in . 45 acp. I have a 9mm for my EDC but if I could only have one it would be my Sig 1911. Lastly, I agree, a quality AR. If I could squeeze in another rifle it would be my 10/22 for sure.

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