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What Happens When You Shoot A Blank- Gun Safety Tips

What Happens When You Shoot A Blank hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am out at the desert and I have my Ruger Bear Cat 22 pistol revolver handgun I was able to get some blank ammo and I wanted to show you blanks are dangerous they are never something you should play around with still ammo people think blanks are not dangerous because they don’t have a bullet that is simply not true if you are going to shoot a blank bullet shell cartridge make sure to wear eye and ear protection I want to show you the power of a blank you can see that a blank is nothing to mess around with never never think that a blank is not a dangerous weapon no matter what kind of ammo is in it leave me a message tips to make sure people understand safety around firearms please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

18 thoughts on “What Happens When You Shoot A Blank- Gun Safety Tips

  1. We had to use a BFA/ blank firing attachment when I was in the army. Without one tiny pieces of brass,etc leave the barrel at a very fast rate of knots which your video demonstrates very well. It's now a mandatory requirement and has been for quite awhile. Thanks for posting 🙂 btw ,whereabouts in the states are you? Doesn't look like Alaska to me ??

  2. but that was real gun loaded with blank its more powerful than blank pistols today i saw a youtube video of a guy tested hes blank pistol on hes head it did got littlebit damage but it wil not kill the damage was not that huge but he did scream in pain but blank guns can kill it depends on the type blank gun actors have been accidenal killed in  a movie after that happen those blank guns are not that powerful anymore

  3. I thought when you shoot a blank, you don't have to worry about child support because she aint pregnant.

  4. Wow u just proved to me how a kid got killed during my elementary years when two siblings killed one with a blank. My sister told me the story and i couldnt believe her until now 20 yrs later! The boys dead body actually has no bullet holes? But possibly died from the pressure according to your video.

  5. I'm guessing far away is completely safe? All the videos with a blank damaging something are close-range.

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