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What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

There are numerous military conflicts, border
disputes and all out wars happening right now. With all of these international conflicts
comes the question of escalation. How far will they go? Could any one of these conflicts
escalate enough to cause a nuclear war? To answer that we first have to look at which
countries actually have nuclear weapons. As of now, there are 8 states known to have
nuclear weapons. And they fall into two categories. Countries that have signed the Treaty on the
Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, or NPT, and countries that have not. The US, Russia,
The UK, France, and China have all signed the NPT. These five countries have agreed
to stop making nuclear bombs. They’ve also agreed to destroy their current stockpile
over time. The treaty has the lofty goal of a nuclear weapon free world. But the treaty
is not enforced by any one governing body, and the five states are basically under the
honor system, so progress is slow if moving at all. Then we have the three nuclear-capable countries
with bombs that are not part of the NPT: India, Pakistan and Israel. These countries refused
to sign the treaty before it was put into effect in 1970, primarily because it capped
the number of countries who were allowed to have nuclear weapons at five. The five countries
that already had them. These three countries had not yet developed their nuclear programs.
India tested their first nuclear weapon in 1974 and Pakistan tested theirs in 1995. Israel
has not confirmed or denied having a nuclear arsenal and there is no solid evidence of
them testing a bomb, but according to the Federation of American Scientists, Israel
may have as many as 80 nuclear weapons. There are also countries that might be pursuing
nuclear weapons. Iran has a nuclear program, but they claim it is for energy use only.
After a series of embargos and sanctions, Iran has agreed to scale their program down.
But they also recently missed a deadline with the U.N. to provide specific information pertaining
to their nuclear explosion experiments, so we can’t really be sure what their current
status is. North Korea, who withdrew from the NPT in
2003, has conducted three nuclear tests and is said to have enough plutonium for 6-10
warheads. But have yet to develop a functional nuclear weapon, we think. North Korea doesn’t
share information so no one really knows how close they are. So, with all that said, how worried should
we be about a nuclear war? Well, India and China have a “no first use” policy, meaning
they won’t use nuclear weapons unless they are attacked with one first. The UK has stated
they won’t use their nuclear weapons unless an enemy state uses a WMD against their troops.
The U.S. is vague about it but claims to have nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Russia dropped
their no first use policy in 1993, and now claims that they will only use their nuclear
weapons if the Russian Federation is under threat. France and Pakistan have policies
similar to Russia’s. Which just leaves Israel, who has not made an official policy yet, because
they haven’t officially acknowledged that they even have nukes. But that doesn’t change
the narrative. No one wants to be the first nation to strike.
Using a nuclear weapon in this day and age would bring large scale retribution from the
international community, and possible nuclear counter strikes. As it stands now, the main
argument for nuclear weapons is to prevent attacks by nuclear weapons. Add in all the
agencies actively monitoring and preventing the proliferation of nukes, the successful
dismantling of Libya’s nuclear program in 2004, South Africa intentionally dismantling
their own program and weapons in 1991, Israel eliminating Syria’s nuclear reactor by bombing
their facilities in 2007, and the threat seems even less real. If you still have questions about world conflicts
please check out our world at war playlist to get an update on situations like the war
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100 thoughts on “What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

  1. A nuclear explosion happens in every nuclear power plant also Teresa May the pm of the UK has said she would use nukes even if the UK isn't being attacked by nukes

  2. We as humans seem to spend a lot of time, energy and money on findinding and making more deadly ways to kill each other….imagine if all that time, energy and money went into looking after each other and making the world around us a more pleasant place to live by improving the standard of living for everyone….(what a silly idea)

  3. Usa had dropped bomb on Hiroshima and nagasaki worst is they only want to become powerful and don't want other countries to be powerfuland lol is days are not far usa will be far off

  4. America may have nukes ,but Russias nukes are stronger like tsar bomba dropped in 1961 and remains the largest nuclear bomb that detonated on land.

  5. The dirty Jew has the bomb. They have been lying about it for decades. What else does the Jew do beside lie. An Israeli national defected and ratted them out. They secretly developed it in a nuclear reactor. I think it was the US that supplied the reactor to them. But I have to say I’m not that worried about them having it presently. I worry about Pakistan and North Korea, however, The Donald seems to have cooled tensions. Go Trump 2020. 👍👍🇨🇦

  6. All those who are saying India wants peace but Pakistan don't are simply deceiving you all. Pakistan pm asked for peace with India 2 months back and India rejected. We still allowed to their certain groups to come to Pakistan and visit their holy place while India clearly is angry about it all this tells Indians will keep telling lies and play the victim begging for attention from US while they are the one who wants a war. Besides Indians terrorists and RAW agents have been captured in Pakistan in recent years proving India is constantly try to dismantle us. Yet they will cry on internet about peace what freaking shame for these cowards lol.

  7. Good there are NO islamic countries with nukes. Too dumb

    And Pakistan stole European documents to make their nukes. Just google ‘pakistan nukes spy’

  8. Grossly, countries having nuclear war heads
    Russia: 7000
    US: 6500
    China: 300
    France: 300
    UK: 200
    India: 150
    Pakistan: 150
    Israel: 100
    N Korea: 10

  9. Israel is real threat. Every country should have their Independent Nuclear weapons. So much weapons that if Zionmericans and Israelites dare to touch anybody. Whole world should be burned if needed but not a single jew will be left alive. Not a single jew

  10. What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons? Wrong question! the right question is what countries have an airforce capable of penetrating the defenses of a country that has an N-power station?…A whole lot more…

  11. Pakistan want peace but india will never let us be in peace and will continue thier surgical strikes and wont stop us threating

  12. Nukes are needed to keep peace. But peace is boring and will make us extinct. No war, means too many people and they get soft and we just fall

  13. Pakistan please explain how your bomb will not land in India and then literally bounce right back and blow up pakistan. LOL!!

  14. I Have A Question
    When It's Always A Good Video On Pakistan, Then Why Indians and Afghans Insult Them.
    And When It's Always A Good Video On India, Then Why Pakistani And Turks Insult Them.

  15. The france is the most savage government in the world they try all the bombs in africa killing black innocent people

  16. Why does Australia always has nothing to do with wars and bombs ??…. god I should be moving there soon ..

  17. America has already used nukes on Japan and next likely country will be India and Israel. My opinion Iran and Turkey should get nukes too. Make it more balance.

  18. I hate how people don’t know that South Africa 🇿🇦 has nukes. It has 6, only 6 because there not allowed to make them anymore.
    Actually they got rid of them because of the African Union : That was an edit.

  19. What if Isreal launches a nuke and starts WW3 and just so u know a man in Isreal told the public about their nuclear program and was arrested 8 yrs in prison and 11 yrs in solitary

  20. Nothing works as a deterrent like nuke does. Do you think US would've dared to bomb Japan, if Japan also possessed some? Exactly the reason why N. Korea is still thriving and has not become another Iraq.

  21. I don’t believe Israel has any nuclear weapons he’s bluffing! If they had the would have used them on Iran!

  22. First use of nuke is illegal and criminal!
    No matter what reason it is!
    And the country who provokes nuclear war ; will be totally destroyed after the war!

  23. Im almost 100% sure that North Korea is tho only country that has enough balls to actually use nuclear, while Russia and USA are just Flexing their supreme bombs

  24. india and pakistan will be the stupidest people to do it first. We are too emotional.Its predicted in simpsons cartoon and the movie "Interstellar".

  25. I see the world is getting dangerous. Because of weapons and technology. I hope all nations must sign peace treaty among them. I especially worries about middle east and straits of Taiwan or China sea. May God protect our planet

  26. JAPAN has Missiles, AND war-Heads, stored SEPARATELY , so Officially , they have "NO NUKES" …
    BUT… it would take them about 60 minutes to put Nuclear War-Heads, on their Missiles…

  27. 1:29
    lol This Pakistan's pic isn't Pakistani at all. It's a syrian pic and the language written on the truck. You Just sucks man!

  28. Old news, needs to be updated. Has Australia got the worlds best germ defense technology & can this be changed into germ attack warfare at the flick of a switch?

  29. Someone: upload video with israel and military in it

    Everyone on the comment section: israel is 1nazi state/ 2terrorist state/3 owned by us /4 nice and strong country that the bds try to destroy /5 other

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