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What Countries Are Buying The Most Weapons?

In March 2016, the United States approved
a deal to sell nearly $700 million dollars worth of smart bombs to the Turkish government.
This purchase is part of the US’s Foreign Military Sales program, which uses the US
government as an intermediary in facilitating arms sales to foreign countries. Not only
do these weapons bring in revenue for the United States, but they are a key part of
the US’s foreign policy. With arms playing such an integral role in the world’s economy
and stability, we wanted to know: what are the biggest countries in the global arms trade? Well, first of all, “the arms trade” refers
to more than just weapons or armaments. It includes military information, vehicles, and
technology alongside traditional guns, bombs, and bullets. Most countries are unable to
produce or develop modern military technology, so there are only a handful of countries which
supply the rest of the world. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research
Institute, the global total for military expenditures for 2014 was roughly $1.7 trillion dollars,
making up more than 2% of the entire world’s GDP. That’s nearly $250 for every person
on earth. There are nearly 900 million small arms and light weapons estimated in circulation,
and almost one million small arms alone produced annually. This is on top of thousands of tanks,
aircrafts, and warships. So who is making all this equipment?
Well, the biggest weapons and technology exporter in the world, by a large margin, is the United
States. It supplies roughly one third of the global arms trade, and in 2015 saw nearly
$50 billion dollars in foreign military sales. Four of the top five largest defense contractors
in the world are American companies. With such a massive military budget, the US economy
is actually optimized to profit off of global conflict. American weapons made by American
companies bring in billions, and help to outgun anti-American interests by supplying allied
forces. The next four largest exporters combined, Russia, Germany, France, and China, barely
outspend the United States. So where do these weapons go, and why?
Well, the single largest purchaser of military equipment is Saudi Arabia, which spent roughly
6.5 billion dollars in 2014. Although Saudi Arabia is not a particularly large country
compared to others on the list, it holds a unique and potentially dangerous position
in the Middle East. With nearby Iran dwarfing the Saudis in military size, Saudi Arabia
is forced to compete by using the latest military equipment, primarily bought from the United
States. But although the arms trade is intended to
support allied nations, it is also how dangerous groups are able to get their weapons. For
example, while Iraq is the 6th largest recipient of foreign arms, there have been many reports
that ISIS members are buying or seizing American made weapons. Recent videos show ISIS using
M-16s, manufactured in the US. So while it may not be the case that the arms
trade keeps everyone safe, there’s no question that it makes its participants a huge amount
of money. But while the arms trade takes up a huge portion
of the US’s budget and revenue, few weapons are as expensive or as dangerous as nuclear
weapons. To find out exactly who has them, and who is suspected of having them, check
out this video. Thanks for watching Test Tube News, don’t forget to like and subscribe
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100 thoughts on “What Countries Are Buying The Most Weapons?

  1. I suggest watching Lord of War if you anyone is interested in watching a movie on this stuff, it has Nicholas Cage as protagonist. Not a bad movie.

  2. wait wait wait can someone explain the connection between a large military budget and large arms sales to foreign nations? Or do arms sales also include sales to the producing nation itself?

  3. Hmm I wonder what country causes this race for arms?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Do a video on Israel's methods of inciting violence and corrupting over governments.

  4. CS:GO has the biggest arms trade in the world. They make up to 100 trillion dollars a day from cyber-warfare!

  5. Hmmm…. So the War on Terror is all part of a marketing effort?
    Makes about as much sense as anything else, if not more.

  6. You don't need to put a lock on your door if someone isn't trying to break in. i.e. We produce arms to counter ones sold by the bad guys… Get that fact into your video next time.

  7. Wrong, turkey didnt buy 700 millions worth of weapons it was 70 millions, rest was for US navy/airforce

    Saudi arabia spending 6,5 billions on military is also a wrong information, probably more like 65 billion

  8. While TestTube realized they misspelled "vehicles," they did not notice the Iranian soldier at 2:17 flipping off the camera.

  9. There was a bomb that went off in Lahore pakistan.. this Easter targeting Christians. kindly do a video on persecution of minorities and on its Blasphemy laws. apparently it's worse than saudi arabia. just read about a murderer called qadri who killed the governor of punjab.. and there s a protest going on in Pakistan demanding sharia law.. please shed some light on it. i know you are very busy.. it's a kind request +TestTube.. thank you..

  10. I was waiting for a list of top nations who import wepons.. But i suspect i only got the nation that imports the higest amout of US wepons…….. I would suggest that India is the real no 1 wepon importing contry currently… Poor video..

  11. The US economy is actually optimized to profit off of Global conflict

    Exactly ., i have always wondered why Wars/terrorist groups are popping out of existence in the middle east .. Middle east has lots of religious nuts and people with Radical Ideas ..and US Funds these People

  12. Title of the video – What "Countries" Are Buying The Most Weapons?
    Answer – Saudi Arabia, others? Check yourself..!
    What the whole video is about – Rest of the video is about how the US is largest manufacturer and seller of weapons. Even Russia, France, Germany and China combined are not selling more than US.
    Clearly misleading title.

  13. America is the ugliest filthiest country in the world ….motherfuckers are the main sponsors of jihadist across the globe .

  14. You said countries , but i only got the inference of Saudi Arabia, what about the other half where Russia supplies its own weapons to other states .

  15. The U.S. Is also one of the most bankrupt countries, it's probably why they borrow huge amount of money from China.

  16. Those companies doesn't need conflict to profit, but a need for security. They don't need an actual war, but as long as war is possible, people will want security, and those companies are the ones to meet those needs.

  17. Man,you really have got your facts wrong.India is the largest arms importer in the world.

  18. Now let's look at the UN Security Council permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States … Much security, a lot of money …

  19. The title is not reflective of the actual video. You have only mentioned saudi buying weapons. another poorly researched, quick job vid by test tube. Only lazy Americans believe the "knowledge" this channel imparts

  20. So since they are using US weapons would it right to say US is funding ISIS as stated by Russian presidrnt putin now I realise Putin is right US is supporting them

  21. 90% of the video is US-centric bullshit, the rest is vaguely accurate Wikipedia about the actual topic in the title of the video
    Another classic Test Tube video.

  22. does training count as information, isreal, saudi arabia, kuwait and quatar all have pilots trained in britain as a fee, wouldnt that count as military trading

  23. why US is still in number 1 position ahead of Russia? check out our channel for detailed video weapons, defence budget, aircraft and neval power. Please subscribe and share 🙂

  24. The title of the video is "What Countries Are Buying The Most Weapons?"and yet you have only listed one???(Saudi Arabia)

  25. Oh look, all that money that could've gone into education and health services but our governments have decided to cringe at the idea of equality and peace

  26. So tell me which countries buy the most weapons?
    I only heard Saudi Arabia and the rest was about countries exporting weapons?
    Sometimes this channel is plain retarded in its videos -_-

    Title should be mentioned as which country buying most of the US weapons .
    seeker daily just spread facts of US.

  28. Poorly made video. the title is confusing. talk about countries buying weapons n u talk about selling weapons. and UAE is not the biggest buyer. India is. also the map of India is wrong. even with loc n lac check correct maps in Google.

  29. the Unites states creates conflict around the world specially in the middle east and sales weapon to both sides and makes billions out of that. no wonder why the war has never ended some people profits heavily.

  30. Only the foolish countries buy weapons from USA. USA isn't trustworthy. During war, they would stop delivering spare parts at any point of time and may pose a sanction even.

  31. War is big business, but more victims of home invasions & robbery in our society. Get armed to protect your family. Bye.

  32. "O rulers of the earth! Be reconciled among yourselves, that ye may need no more armaments save in a measure to safeguard your territories and dominions. Beware lest ye disregard the counsel of the All-Knowing, the Faithful." ~ Writings of Baha'u'llah

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