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WF: Hok’s Anvil Custom Ostron weapons – Create and Name your own weapons –

[Music] now one of the most exciting reviews at 10 Oakland this year was of course the plains of Eidolon without the days it was huge news and with it comes the Austral civilization which is adding new law into warframe and also a new town hold be called Cephas which I believe functions our lot liquor really and has a 50 player limitation pair instance now I talk a little bit more about status and of course the plains of Isle on more when I make my video covering s tomorrow now NCS tour is a weapons crafting vendor or a trailer called Hawks anvil where we are going to be able to craft our own custom austere own weapons you will be able to choose your blade type your handle type that of course the base of the weapon as well but the best portion I believe Steve said determines the weapons effects or something like a so it might not be a tie to the actual damage or the choice of weapon that you make so depending on which part you put together it will determine what weapon type you want to build so interchanging the head of the weapon controlling it from a machete into a dagger or a sword then if you go ahead and you change the handle it can become a staff or a pool arm or a 200 sold there is a lot of possibilities with this system and it’s going to be really enjoyable to jump in and craft our own weapons also if they choose to eventually allow us to have this very same process of crafting primary and secondary weapons which they might not chances are they won’t our weapon choices are going to be huge if they do post when this update drops we can go ahead and jump in and start farming resources for these crafted melee weapons on the plains of Eidolon so the resources will have to be scavenged on the plains and or if you to build some of these weapons maybe you need fish or something like that who knows oh and the other really cool thing about this system is you’re going to be able to name your own weapon that’s right you can run with a frigate spendable please hold or you can crush heads with your dangle berry or slice off limbs which are 10 will bottle knifes no I’m sure there’ll be some kind of limitations on the names that you can use on these weapons I doubt they’re going to allow us to name weapons like the ass blaster or the fuck you grenier weapon and so on swear words will probably be fertile days but in all honesty being able to build your very own melee weapon once you’ve got all of those requirements or the resources and then to be able to give us a name that maybe gives you a giggle every time we users or maybe means something to you imagine being able to wield the sword of a thousand truths but let’s be honest you can’t trust the sword of the peasant roots to a newb so not anyone’s going to be able to get us what are you going to call your first weapon when you craft that melee weapon what’s the first thing that springs to mind if you’re going to be able to have some fun with it or not it’s going to be a name that means something to you or not also I wonder what will happen with regards to ribbons for these are strong type weapons will there be a strong specific merely ribbons for hawks and the weapons like an astronaut on Riven or an Astra and I go Riven or an austere own machete Riven and so on and so on I’m curious to see how they play it out or knows whether they’re going to have ribbons for them or not or maybe ribbons will be completely pointless wants this up their traps like I said earlier I do plan on doing my planes of idle on video tomorrow and I’m going to go into a little bit more detail in this about the actual planes but go ahead and let me know in the comment section below this video what you think I’ve been able to craft your very own melee weapon in warframe once this update drops hopefully the resource requirements to build these weapons won’t be too high and won’t be kind of crazy and impossible to guess but let’s be honest that is warframe and graining is what we do I honestly won’t mind if the weapons are what the actual grain but we won’t no one’s has actually drop into the game don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video or don’t if you didn’t subscribe for more well friend and as always thanks very much for watching [Music]

100 thoughts on “WF: Hok’s Anvil Custom Ostron weapons – Create and Name your own weapons –

  1. Imagine if each planet had thier own version of an open map + Hub.
    That would be cool, not to mentiont he possibilities behind every planet having thier own benefits regarding Hoks' Anvil, like going to Ceres, weapons will be geared towards/toxin/radiation, Europa, and weapons are more focused on cold, etc.

  2. I'm a sucker for weapon crafting systems in games, but honestly I don't really know how this one is gonna work. It looks like a fairly basic system where the parts determine what kind of weapon you have and its stats, problem is we already have tons of melee weapons which fill a specific need, and more and more "gimmickey" weapons with interesting properties are being added by the devs. They'll really need to make it special if they want it to be a thing players will actually use. Like giving us the ability to grant them properties similar to the latest weapons, at the very least.

    Also, I don't know if these options reflect accurately the number of parts we'll have to work with, but I hope there will be many more in the final release, otherwise we might see a whole lot of similar-looking weapons around.

  3. LOVE IIIITTT gunna name my weapons after all my ex girlfriends based on their body types = wepon types 😛

  4. Did they state if the weapons you make will be usable in regular play as well, or would you only be able to use them on the Plains of Eidolon?

  5. I Can see doing a quest to be able make weapons then have to get the resources to make the part then build the parts then have to go back to hok to put it all together

  6. finally I can make a weapon that I am comfortable using because I made it specifically to my design and esthetics also I can finally name a weapon doomageddon

  7. i hope they increase the variety of the weapon, it might be too complicated to input primary and secondary, but melee weapon are totally doable

  8. It's all great and all, but of all the weapon combinations they showed, none seems remotely viable. Shite stats. I hope they add some way of making these weapons viable, because don't get me wrong, i love this idea and i'd very much like to see it well implemented. Maybe rarer materials will improve the damage or something. Still gonna make a bigass stick called the "fekscalibur" and swing it wildly though.

  9. Once they release the grips and strikes for Heavy Blades I'm getting the slowest, highest damage sword possible and naming it Dragonslayer.

  10. If they do let us make primaries and don't have name restrictions I'm DEFINITELY getting a shotgun named the Ass-Blaster.

  11. Seems like they are eventually adding more and more customization into the game, maybe end game lore would be crafting your own new warframe after all the orokin/void knowlege is found?

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