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WESTERN MOVIE: Kentucky Rifle [Free Western Movie] [Full Length] – ENGLISH – Full Movies

These days we had surprises Jason… We received this Conastoga
on the last mountain pass… We’re going to Tennessee in
the promised land valley. And think about it! This Ol Sweet Betsy who is
seeing us through security! You did it, Jason. I’ll tell you something: This is the sweetest piece
of shotgun I’ve ever taken! This is Kentucky Rifle! Oh, you do not remember
Sweet Betsy from Pike… * KENTUCKY RIFLE * Are you alright? I am fine. Boy, I hope it’s not
that wheel again. This wagon is a real Jonah.
Always cut. I told you, Jason, we lost nearly
three days because of this. Oh, it will not be long, Mr. Williams. I repaired so many
wheels on this trip, I think I could be
a master router. Well, it could not
happen at a worse time. There is not enough water to make
coffee, much less water from the stock. It’s not water that’s bothering
me, they’re “Injuns.” I mean, it’s the time
when we’re missing it. I promised Bill Ben that I would go back
in time to take them to Arkansas… By a bit of trappin
‘before the first snow. I had some extra rays
made, in independence. Just give me some men to help.
We will not hold it for long. Well, it’s not just this break
here that I’m worried about. Daniel? That’s all that
happened to this wagon. And all the other things,
which will probably happen, When we come to them, and
mountains beyond them. It’s those Clay’s rifles. They make a load, too
heavy for the wagon. Since we got them into
independence, we’re in trouble. We have not had any before. You were anxious enough that I And my rifles return
to Independence. First I’ll have to take them,
so I can sell them if I can. As far as I am concerned, You can take your kentucky
rifles and yourself. Wait a minute. It is not the time to discuss what
is important and what is not. If I remember right, Foster,
you made a bargain, With Jason here, that you’d carry
your rifles in your wagon… And he would take care of
the wagon, to see that. It seems like it was time to make your
point when you made your agreement. It is not here in this Injun
country, with a broken wheel. He is right. Because I’m holding the train
wagon for only thirty minutes. Not a minute more, to
give you the time. This will fix a piece of
machinery, I’ll tell you that. Any man who could put them like
lightning there is better than good! Hey, let’s get this wagon, right? Come on, man, come on. What is the problem? It’s the axis.
What? Plum beaten in two. Oh, we’re in some real problem. Preacher Bently… You would not have a hard
piece of wood in your wagon, Like a piece of the old
brood, or something, right? Sorry, Tobias. I
certainly wish we had. Luke… Do you carry any
wood in your wagon? No. You carry enough things
to take care of my family. And your relatives, too, you
have no space, no wood. Oh, no, there are none. Here comes the wagon, boss. Time’s up, Clay. We’re going to make room for
you all in the other cars. But there is no space, for
boxes or barrels or such. You have room for three
more in our wagon, Jed. And I can take the
women, on my platform. Reckon Carrie liked
to talk like this, With some women to talk to, even
if it was a little crowded. Well, I’m staying, And no one here has
to stay with me. But I think I can pack this car
if I can get a little help. I’m staying with you. I’ll still be in time to meet
Bill Ben before the first snow. I’ll lend a hand, too. It would be a good thing to be
doing some work for a change… Instead, it’s in the
joggin cart all day. Mr. Williams… No one knows better than I do,
which means rifles to Jason. We can fix this Conastoga and
pick up your wagon in no time! All we need is a
body or two to help! Well, I’m not one to
stand in your way. Luke here is a good man. Suppose he stays. And Lon Setter, to
help you and others. No, I’m planning to go with the…
Lon! I will stay. Thank you, Jed. Do not worry.
We’ll do it. Are you serious, Williams? On how to leave, your
wagon back like this? We also have an agreement
and I paid you, A good money to join,
this wagon train. If you do not want to stay, Foster,
you can go with the women. I’ll take care of your clothes,
like I said when I signed. Make sure you do. And make sure everything is still
in the wagon when you reach it. Wait a minute. You have no way to worry. I’ve known Jason for a long time. I never know them, to
take what is not theirs. Tobias is right. And we’re all losing
the light of day. Luke… Suppose you and Lon borrow
some water from your car. So this wagon train
has to be trying. Let’s go… Take your things
and we’ll move on. You can join us if
you wish, Cordie. I will not. As Ruben says, it will only be an hour
before we get back with the wagon. And anywhere it stays
good enough for me. But, Cordie, suppose something happens.
I mean, something. Ruben’s right, Cordie. You really should be ahead with
the wagon where Dr. Hawkins is. Just in case. It is not near, of my time, child! I should know. So I’ll stay too. But you can not stay, Amy. I will not let you run the chance. You’re going ahead with me. Good! It seems that Mr. Clay is not the only
one here who likes to give orders. Maybe you like a man
to give orders. Maybe that’s why you’d
be back with the wagon, So you could be close to Clay… And take orders from him. I just spoke to Mr. Williams,
the head of the wagon. It shows that the ladies can join
the women in front of the train. Ruben… Maybe you can fix them a little
comfortable like in Luke’s wagon. Well, Tobias.
Cordie says she’s not going. I’m not going either. Miss Amy… If you took the advice of an old
hand, you would join that train. Once Mr. Clay is responsible for this
wagon, I will follow his advice. If he thinks I should
go, let him say that. Jason. Amy… You’re coming with me. You are my wife. Mr. Foster, we’re not married yet. And I’m staying. Jason! Back there now, I told
Foster, I’ve never met you, To take anything that
was not legitimate. Does anything change
your mind, Tobias? Still do not know. Perhaps. Yes. There’s something, Amy. She belongs to Foster for a long
time, we joined this train. You have not received any calls, to
let her stay, knowing what she does. Except maybe you have
ideas, to change things. If anyone says this, Tobias, He would be swallowing words
along with his teeth. Sorry, Tobias.
I did not mean that. Son, we’ve been together a
long time on tracks like this, With “suits” like these. How many times would you like
to have a rifle like this? Look… You created them, son.
That Kentucky. And we have to see that they can
pass on to the people who need them. You put such a rifle in the
hand of a colonizer… You give them a safe passage through the
country of Injun, without lifting your hair. Protection for your
farms and farms. You have four cases of fine,
Kentucky rifles in that wagon. A hundred good reasons
why each soul, Of this train should
reach Fort Bent alive. And I intend to stay with you. Tils is already there and creates a store. And make a “Kentucky” for all the
settlers who are craving for one. There’s only one thing, Jason. Rifles and women do not mix. We’re moving! I would not waste time, the
wagon would fix, Jason. Do women join us or not? Oh, they’re coming, son. They will. They get the wagon. Good… If that’s how you want it. I do not need to tell you to stay
tuned and your rifles are ready. Good luck. Carrie! Carrie, I have to stay, with
the wagon what’s broken. Be very careful, Luke. Now, you do not care about anyone,
Carrie, my dear. Ol Luke will be Back with your clothes before the
sun rises, and that’s a fact. You’re a good boy now, Clyde. Bye, Daddy.
I love you dad. Goodbye honey. Yo-ho! Adding! I’ll ride there and take
a look at them rocks. See if I can get a hard
piece of wood in the foyer. Ruben, we have to light this car,
so we can get it off the ground. Figure if Tobias find
us a piece of wood, We can make a new
axle and take off. All right, Clay. Can I help you, Brother Luke? Here we go.
Yes, sir, Preacher. Here is one.
Good. Let me hold you. Yeah, I’ll help you. Let me define that. Oh, my God, my beautiful china! Spill your own things, Clay. If this wagon needs to be lit… His rifles are the
heaviest things in him. You do not understand, Foster. If there is any Injun problem,
these rifles are our only chance. You and your fools!
Each one of you! All you’re doing is
letting Clay talk, With you to risk your
lives for your rifles. Your precious rifles! As for me, I’ll take my chances.
With the Indians. If we see some Indians! Comanche! I am… Excuse me for the dishes. We have a chance to get this wagon,
and this is to lighten the load. Not just for now, but permanently. Acknowledge that it does not make much difference,
with the difficulty of handling these things. Afraid, the Injuns will
achieve this anyway. Cordie, my dear. Are you sure you’re okay?
Oh yes. I mean, do not you need Doc Hawkins?
Oh no… Any kind of this, why you would
be, the first to know, Ruben. Yes, but just suppose… Oh, no, it still is not! You know, you’re feeling
like an old chicken. Besides that, If it were my time, women already
had babies without doctors before. Since the beginning of time!
Why, I’m not special. Ah…! Especially for me, my dear. Mr. Tobias! I hope he has not
seen any Indians. Come on! No! Jason, you’re freaking out! Is it already happening? Well, let me tell you
something, Jason. You’ll get the whole fight
to make you anxious. You two!
There are Comanches out there! And from the signs, they are as thick
as the mosquitoes on the Cull River. Did you find any wood
out there for a shaft? Not on the prairie. Only a crazy man would be foolish enough
to ride in the hills this time of day. Come around, we’ll find some wood. Tobias, do you imagine maybe they’re
getting into gear to fix the wagon? Maybe someone, I should
walk to warn them. It’s not fair to let them sit
there like fish in a barrel. Luke…
They are Comanches. They are not about to
face anything this big. It is your wife and children
that you are worrying about, You can ease your mind, son. When there is such a crippled wagon, They are not about to face,
a big big wagon train. But I could get a horse and
walk from there in no time! Nobody gets out of this car, Luke.
This is an order. And I’m going to shoot
the first man who tries. You know how to choose
a woman, Ruben. If I met a woman who could cook, Like your Cordie, I’d
be hooked right now. You must learn, Lon. You would not believe it,
but before we got married, Cordie could not even cook…
water. Water! What I really
need is a little Of mountain dew, to leave. Lon…!
Come here. If this garment uses water, I
am not about to see any waste. Who said anything about that, Mr.
Tobias? You know, as the Reverend said, “A body has to have
food for the spirits.” It seems like you want
spirits instead of food. Go on, get this gadget and put it on.
We have some work to do. I thought maybe just. No, no.
Go ahead, put it on! I think the ones that are
in the wrong business. Oh a horse… I think you’re about, the most
important thing at this party. Many people are dependent on you. Have one in the house.
Drink hearty. You told me not to waste water. You tell us that humans
can not have this, But these stupid
bullshit can, huh? That’s right, Lon.
Exactly right. Comanches could come in here
and lift his hair right now. Yours too. It would not mean
anything except to us. But you let something happen,
with these horses… And this wagon did not receive a
prayer of never arriving again, In Haitian’s Creek, and so do you. Now, listen, Mr. Tobias. You know all about Indians… Hunm, hunm…
Do you think there will be problems? Problem? Good… I think the whole world is
going to have your problem. Now you take them into suits that
just left us in front of them. Conastoga wagons. They are advancing, to the West. There is no problem stopping them. “Of course, they heard about
them high mountains out there, That reach and almost touch God. And the big green trees and
the streams filled with fish. Forest full the game that is
waiting there, just for that. But Lon… They would never have if they did
not have that Kentucky rifle. Problem? Of course they will
find themselves in trouble. They will likely find
a Sioux war party, Sit on paint ponies, bags
of arrows on his back… They paint on their bodies,
like a sun of blazin. And they, Sioux,
will be in trouble. Sioux could overcome them,
overcome them, overcome them. Well, I think they
could whip them. If they did not have it…
Yes sir. I want you to do it,
something for me. Take control, for “Kentuck.” Slide it. Give the trigger a slow,
soft and easy grip. Hunm… It’s not a thing a beauty! Hey, Lon, you know what I call it?
What? Sweet Betsy from Pike. Oh, do not you remember
Sweet Betsy from Pike? Who crossed the high mountain
with the lover Rike? With two ox donkeys
and a jug dog… A tall rooster from Shanghai
and a spotted pig… Give me a gun.
It is not a thing? Yes, sir, Lon. You take that
group of Comanches out there. They see a wagon like this
broke, they watch it. And something happened to sink
us, they’d be here in a minute. But as long as we have Sweet Betsy Here we keep our powder
dry and our eyes open… We will not have problems,
with them Injuns. Good night son. Do not worry son. I will not let the
Injuns catch him. Come on, come on. Tobias? It’s nothing to say… Sorry for the women. Ah? Havin with them, I mean. Cordie, well, she chose
to be with Ruben. Oh… I think she had, the right to be. I should get Amy to leave. Only I do not. And Tobias…
Maybe you’re right. Maybe I did what I
thought, what I had to do. Oh, do not you remember
Sweet Betsy from Pike? Who crossed the high mountain
with the lover Rike? With two ox donkeys
and a jug dog… A tall rooster from
Shanghai and a spotted pig. Your wagon broke, with
a terrible accident… And in the prairie rolled
all, the types of garbage… Some small baby clothes
made with care… Mr. Tobias! Mr. Tobias!
What do you want, Lon? Oh…
I found Luke’s watch. You did? Yes. Oh, that note
went with that, too. Read.
What is it? Good…
Mr. Tobias. There is… You will not believe this,
but I can not read. You can not? No sir.
But could you read it? What is it? Well, it’s “written” too close
to the paper, is not it? It says… Hunm… Luke is gone. Holy crap!
He would not do anything like that! He just had to get back to that wagon.
He could not wait, could he? Did not care about the rest of the
time we stayed there or not, huh? Well, what did you
expect him to do? Just sit here with your wife and
son at the front with the wagon? Let us out here
outdated when we need Of all man and animal
that we can get… To find our way back? It seems to me, Clay, that his high-handed
methods are putting everyone in danger. Come on, Tobias. Let’s be aligned. Are not you going to leave us here? Do not worry, Lon. No, we will not leave you, Lon. We have to find a piece of
wood so we can make a shaft. Also, Foster and Ruben
will be watching you. What’s that?
Anything wrong, son? You know, Preacher, when
we get to California, I’m going to ask Ms. Amy
learns me how to read. So I can read as well as Mr.
Tobias can. Yes it is… Oh, Luke is gone! What?
Yes! Brother Tobias! Is there anything I can do here
for you while you’re gone? Yes, preach. You can
say, a prayer for Luke. Well, son. I’m ready whenever I am. Ready for what, Preacher? To repent, Lon. Repent! Lon… I saw that you still
brought it with you. And, Lon, it’s not very good. You remember what Jason
said about just having, Who get rifles, your
time in time… Because maybe the lives
of every man, woman And child in your wagon
depend on it? Yes. Well, not only our lives, son. But maybe the lives of hundreds
of other people to come. People he’s never seen,
maybe never see. You see, his job
is to live wisely. Well, my job, it’s Soul Savins. You see, Lon, the Lord is smiling over
us, and he is rich and fruitful… And with the certainty
that the bee will find, The flower of
dogwood, in spring… With the certainty that
there will be thousands Of people coming here on
this trail that we did… Following her. And you know, they’ll
need the word “the Lord.” As much as they’ll need
them, the Kentucky rifles. And it is for them poor souls, That I’m painting these
signs here on the rock. It’s the “S” here. Good. Aha…
help. Here they come! They’re back, everyone!
They are back! Oh… I wanted them to keep this up. I’d feel so much better
if we were on our way. It seems that Luke here is
due, to a decent burial, Since we have a preacher
here to give them one. It seems to me that people
are so rushed these days, Rushin from one end of the
earth to the other… Do not have time, to
be good Christians. The longer we lose, the more
chances are piled against us. Let’s bury them and let’s
work on that wagon. It is life that counts, not death. Lord, we are pressed for time, But we know you will
keep an eye on us… While we say the Word
to our dear brother. You see, Lord, Brother Luke here… Brother Luke had a
difficult road to hold… But I think he’s finally
found a restin ‘place, Lord. A place lying next to the
knee, for all eternity. And please, Lord… Have pity on your soul. Now, brothers and sisters, I
will stage the hymn for you. Are you going to let them in?
Whereby? All they seek is a leaflet, While Luke’s blood is
still fresh in his hands. Well, maybe if we give
them all the goods, They will leave us
through the pass. Foster, there are some Indians that
I’d rather trust than white people… But that group of Comanches out
there like a lot of scavengers! Even the other Injuns
do not trust them. Maybe Tobias, you know… Maybe, like Daniel, he
says if we talk to them. Please. Jason… You have no business,
or even thinking, Who is going with them.
You know it! All right, Miss Amy, if
that’s the way you want it. All right, if you do your
meeting, let’s get on with it. Me, I’m talking for the boss. All this, this land, All who pass should bring
gifts to the chief. Well, tell the boss,
this is free land. We do not harm the boss, but
we live in peace with him. And already, one of our
people was murdered. He says: “Lots of bad Indians going by.”
He does not know what the bad Indian does. But he will be responsible
if we pay him. He’ll let us through the
pass without damage. If we gave you all
this, experienced? Not my rifles, Foster.
You’re a crazy fool. We’ll see who the fool is. I said I could make a
deal, and I got it. Jason…
Jason…! Jason, boil down. It is not good to say
that these varmints know, We’re in the throat, on the other! Wait a minute!
They will not go! The old man came back to the word. The old man is right.
Those rifles stay here. The chief says: That you should give
all, the gifts placed before him. Or be known as man,
what word like water. Well, you tell your boss,
that to call a white man, A liar means death. The boss says: “Death comes to the
white man who lies.” And squaws, for he
has many brave ones. Well, you better love them, Clay.
We’re never leaving here. One thing you can bet on, Foster. We give them these
rifles, we will not. You think, after what you’ve
seen them do with Luke, Will they keep their solemn word? No, your boss does not understand.
We can not give up those rifles! Perhaps it is not a
chief who is a liar, Maybe it’s you! What does that mean? It’s a challenge. I dont understand! Well, you must show these Indians
here, we are not afraid of them. You can start! No!
Do not shoot, Tobias! I should kill you. The boss says: ‘You’re a good warrior.
But you few, we many. ” The boss says he’s
not afraid of a gun. But let the arrow of your warrior
seek him with great cunning. Well, you just tell your boss,
keep an eye on Sweet Betsy here. I can not see. I can not hit that arrow at
Luke’s grave if I can not see it. I never asked you much, but
I’m sure to ask you now… Not for me, but for the people,
who are in this wagon with me. You must help me to bring down
that arrow from Luke’s grave. So I can show these Comanches
the power of this rifle, Of Kentucky, and maybe we can
pass through this land in peace. Without any blood shed. So I’m leaving myself
in your hands. I surrender! He hit it!
He hit it! Thank clear. Right with an rifle, Tobias! You sure made Sweet Betsy sing! Do the ‘Kentuck’
surpasses, in that pity! Daniel Daniel Boone himself
could not make it any nicer! It was nothing, Lon. Ask Jason.
How much you wanna bet. I’ve divided some at a point
from a dollar to a hundred feet! Complete your boastin, Tobias.
Pride goes before a fall. To the eye of the Lord,
the seed that sticks. How did the preacher know? Just a minute, Clay. I said we could make a
deal with these Indians. But you chose to fight them
instead, over your precious rifles. I’m sorry, you feel like I also
talked to them, Comanches, Foster. But I’ve dealt with them and
their tastes for a long time. And I’ve never seen soft words
stop the Comanche arrows yet. I have to work to make
the way to this wagon, Without losing more
lives than I have to. First, let’s get
this wagon sorted. And no bed until we do. You got them!
I am dying! What does it look like? No, no, no! Take these bindings. It’s over?
I can do this. It’s over?
Oh, let me do that. It’s not just a scratch,
but everyone says nothing. Just a scratch. A scratch… A scratch. If you are not a mess! Jason! Get those women out of the car! What do you think, Tobias?
Are they coming in? I do not know. Do not worry, Amy. Oh, Any… Come on, ladies, get out fast.
Good. Caution.
Be careful with the head. Caution.
All right, over there. Be very careful. What are you going to do, Clay?
You can not leave alone alone! I’ve done this before.
Not to worry about. Maybe Daniel is right.
Maybe if we give them the rifles. I can not do it, ma’am. These rifles are like
a confidence to me. If they fall into the hands of the
Injuns, this train of wagons, You can not move up and
down this trail safely. Can not you see that?
It would be like killing my own friends. Do not worry, Amy.
Jason will be fine. They are relaxing! Doggone it, I think Clay is a
better Injun than most Injuns are! There is another red skin that you
can say a prayer for, Preacher. Sometimes I get tired and
tired of your rudeness! You know very well who
I’m a-prayin for! I think I’ve had enough! This chief should send men
here to do the work of a man. You can leave now, girls! Doggone, if Clay is not done some tradin
with them Wrongs they will not forget! We’re not in the
woods yet, Tobias. And maybe you’ll be
happy to do some Of smart trading before
we have finished. Do you think he’s okay? If you’re thinking of Clay,
ma’am, you can ease your mind. Injun was born yet, which
can take him in measure. Jason! The last one must
be waiting for me. Let’s go. What to do Tobias,
will take care of you. Come on. Let me take
a look at that arm. Let me help you, Tobias. Please. All right, Miss Amy. I’ll help you, ma’am.
IT IS… Here, son. On here. All this seems like a
sin and a shame to me. All the children of God
murdering themselves like this. And all for what? You’re welcome! There is space here so
much for all of us! Now maybe you, listen to me, Clay. There is no need for anyone
to get hurt, not even Luke. If we act as civilized people. Do not you see that you’re
hurt, defending us? All of us? Can not you stop,
your fights by now? At least, Daniel, he had the urge to go
out and do something, not just talk. And I’m talking. From now on, I’ll start doing it. Remember your wound. You had a lot of
excitement for one night. Yes ma’am. Hey, Lon! You should not be,
moving with this wound! I’m pretty much as good as new. I was in good hands, you know now. Yes? You put people off
for breakfast, Lon? Anyone hungry, you’d better hurry! It will not last long, in a hurry! Here’s something for Cordie, Ruben. Thank you, Miss Amy. I would say, a little blessing, If Foster was around. Where’s Foster? Foster! Your horse is talking over there. This fool must have left at night. There you go. Any man knows he can buy
his way through life… Is nothing but a Comanche arrow
that will teach them better. I’ll go after that doggone idiot. You’re as big as
an idiot like him. That’s what I have to say. What about the rest of these people?
Is your life worth risking? You’ll be fine, Tobias, even if
you can not see what you want. If I do not come back in an hour,
start packing and go forward! Brother Tobias!
Oh… Will you take off your hat, please?
I would like to say a little blessing. Dear Lord… For which we are about to receive, Make us duly thankful.
A man. A man, Jason! Continue, but you
will find that women And the rifles do not mix. Tell your friends to stay
right where they are. And you tell your boss… That this rifle is
trained, in your heart. One touch on his
finger and he dies. I’m glad you came, Clay. I made a deal here with the boss. He gets everything in the wagon. We return our horses
and safe passage. Do not be a fool, Foster. You can not make a deal
with what is not yours! You got here. I can not
handle them all day. The boss says, to him here who
accepts, the gift of the rifle. Let your people go in peace. But you are, Chief
of the White Man, You must say, if
this speaks truth. Or bifurcated language. I am willing to sacrifice
all my possessions. The least you can do
is give up the guns. Why, I’ll pay for them myself.
You will not lose anything. There is much more
that a man can lose, Foster, plus his rifles or money. Jason, you have to give
them those rifles. If you do not, they’ll kill me, will you?
They’re going to kill me. Foster, if I give you these
rifles, maybe they’ll let you go. But once they catch them, they will
attack that wagon as safe as shooting. If it was Tobias and me,
it would not be a problem. But I can not speak for Cordie, Ruben, Lon and Preach. Miss Amy Not with them in the
wagon and you’re here. Tell your boss that I’m
going back to the wagon. And talk to others. It’s up to them to decide now. What about me?
I made the offer first. You stay! When we get the
rifle, you get free. Miss Cordie… I think I’ll be very busy when
we start with this pass… So I brought something here. For your baby. Ohoo… Shanghai ran and cattle died… That morning, the last
piece of bacon was fried. “I was discouraged and
Betsy became angry… The dog took its tail and
was wonderfully sad. Thank you, Tobias, very good! Are not you going to leave without him? I had no business coming out, Amy. Not after Clay told them to stay. He did not mean Daniel, he
went of his own free will. I was thinking of…
Jason? You do not have to explain it. Miss Amy, He was thinking of you.
That’s why he went after Foster. He thought that was
how you wanted it. MS. Cordie. It is not helpful for you to continue. It’s not like he’s his
man, he was talking. And now… I bet my last red penny,
Jason, will not be long. Not unless there are more Comanches
out there in the hills than I think. Ruben? Ruben! Cordie! Cordie, is that so? I’m scared, may it be my time now. Oh, I did not want it to go yet. I Do not… This is not the first baby to be born.
It certainly will not be the last. They were born for thousands,
without doctors anywhere. I just wanted him
to be born when… When there was so much to do. When you did not have
much, in your mind. I wanted them to be, pure
pleasure to you, Ruben. It is not an obstacle. Honey, everything will be all right. You just wait and see. And Cordie, I’ll tell you what… Let’s call them Clay! Do not worry, Ruben.
I’ll take good care of her. Thank you, Miss Amy. Can not we get a move, Tobias? There may still be time
to get to Doc Hawkins. I think the time is right, Ruben.
You can start whenever you want. I wish Clay boy was here. I hope it does not happen to you. What are you doing, Amy, Counting his sheets,
at a time like this? We need clean things
for swaddling clothes. Oh, I could not let you
wear them beautiful things. Well, we have many… There’s no better way
to use them, Cordie. Not that I can think of, anyway. Thank you. Are you all right, Cordie?
Is there anything I can do? I’m fine, Amy. You knew, I thought,
that I would be afraid. Dying of fear. But I’m not.
I feel wonderful. I hope you know how
I feel someday. With the right man. It’s good to see you, boy. I was not worried about you,
like some people I know. Foster made a deal. He will turn the rifles in
exchange for safe passage. I came back to see
what they want to do. Jason, you’re talking. Or you’ve been in the
sun for a long time. Now, when you started,
asking yourself what to do And what not to do, in
relation to the Comanches? I do not play with things, with
Indians and rifles, Tobias. There are thirty or forty brave men
who cover this pass, perhaps more. If it were only for you and me,
there would be no doubt. We Fight! But many people think,
that Foster’s right. I’m not going to make them risk
their lives for my rifles. Since when did you start
to be afraid of Injuns? They are my rifles, Tobias. If I want to give them
Indians, I’m right. Every man is right.
Man also has duties. First time I’ve met you, To put your rights in
front of your duties! Oh now, wait, Tobias! You did not get any calls,
to talk to Clay that way! He’s just doing what everyone said,
what he should do a long time ago… Swap those rifles for yours,
for these precious lives. Preacher, you do not know… I believe the Preacher is right, Tobias.
Before Foster left, he said… What happened to Foster, Clay? Injuns. They are holding them
until they get the rifles. Yeah. It’s for more reason
that Clay is right. If we do not owe them
rifles, Foster is losing! I would say very good for them! This would be the first
time, that I met a man, Who placed a Kentucky rifle
in the hands of a Comanche. And if you put enough
of them in their hands, They Comanches, they’ll take
scalp from here to St. Louis! You’re wrong, Tobias.
I know you’re wrong! He is not wrong.
And each of us knows that deep down. I’m sure no one wants to die. I Do not.
Not you, Ruben. Not even our friends
are in the wagon. But you can not buy, your
freedom the way you, He buys his pork in so many
Kentucky rifles per pound. Jason, a little behind,
I thought I hated you. I do not hate you, I envy you. You knew what was right and
you had the courage to do it. Maybe, without even realizing
it, I might have loved you. Now, when I realize that you
were right all along… That we can not put rifles into the
hands of men who will misuse them… To kill our friends, people
we have not seen before! People who are not even born
yet, like Cordie’s baby. You say we’ll do it. What kind of man are you anyway? Miss Amy, he knows what’s right! If you’ll forgive me, ma’am, you
kind of twisted your pension cap. All he thinks is that you want Foster,
and if Foster is what you want, Foster is what you will get, if he
has to sell your soul to the devil. That is all. Well, Ruben. Let’s vote. Do you want to give them,
the pagan Kentucks or not? Oh, Lon!
What about Lon? The preacher? Tobias…
I am a man of peace. And I think a human soul is worth
more than ten thousand rifles of it. So I think maybe he’s right
in trying to negotiate. If that’s how you want it,
that’s how it will be. Good boy. Jason…! They’re wrong, I’m
sure of that now. What can we do? They have the right
to speak their piece. And I told the Comanches that
I would keep their word. Oh, I never heard of such nonsense! Firstly, I think you’re
proud of Miss Amy. I’m sorry. I declare, if I do not think Jason was
already in the sun for a long time. I’m sorry, Mr. Tobias, I had to… Thanks for coming, Tobias. I just have to ask you to come back. They’ll need you over
there in the wagon. I guess it does not make much difference
where they varminth lift my hair. Results the same. Doggone this, Jason, have
you been the “crazy” plum? It’s not useless chewin
all over again, Tobias. I give my word and who knows?
Maybe it works. You’re talking more
like them every day. Tell your boss, we
give up our rifles. But tell them to give us their word,
he will give their bows and arrows. And let us go in peace. We keep the word.
You go in peace. Go back to the wagon now
and bring the rifles here. You’ll be fine now, Foster. You understand? Jason, you did wrong
about these varmints. You said we could go in peace! Foster! You were right, Clay.
They are waiting for ambush. It’s okay, Foster. Come on, let’s get ’em
back to the wagon! Let’s get Amy to take care of them. He’s hurt badly, Amy. He was trying to warn us. Sorry, Amy. I thought I was doing
the right thing – Comanches! Get Foster in that wagon, fast! No…
Put the rifles outside! Leave me here, I’ll be fine. Let them get close enough
so you do not miss a shot. Let them have. Do not be nervous,
remember what I told you. Give this trigger a slow,
soft and easy grip. Look at you! You took
Adam’s apple by jumping, Down and down like a
cockroach on a hot stove! Simmer it down, or you’ll
suffocate for sure. Now, Lon, now it’s time to shoot! I always said that the boy was
in the wrong business. Lon! Already Varmint-Slinger! What is the problem?
On here! Get out of here! Could be
a little more of them! This was done, by Sylva cookie! The Indians are gone! Yes, they are gone. Let’s load some more of them “Kentuckys”
because they can come back. Come back, you miserable varmints! I have some more of these
Kentuckys, I want to give you! I’m sorry, Mr. Tobias, but I’ve
forgotten everything you told me to do. Oh, Lon! I tightened and
tightened nothing happened! Shut up. Foster!
You are crazy? Foster, come back! The Lord gives… And the Lord taketh away. The Lord takes away,
but the Lord gives. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
A man. Well, we’d better be moving
before the darkness comes in. Recognize them Comanches,
they’ve had enough. But one body can not say,
what will be for the next. It could be that we will not
see any Injuns for a while, But we’ll be careful
exactly the same. Ruben?
Oh, Ruben! You drive the wagon better. The preacher will be with you. Tobias and Lon, they will rise, the
rear and I will mount the point. Now, we are all tired
and thirsty and beaten. And maybe the Comanches
are figuring on it, So let’s keep, one sharp eye open. And if we’re jumping,
head to the wagon. There are many rifles
loaded there ready for us. Let’s meet in the river… The beautiful river is beautiful…
The beautiful river is beautiful… Yes, we will gather in the river,
which flows by the throne of God. White Man, Rifle.
Speak a quick death. Comanche.
No fights. White man.
Go in peace. Comanches say they are willing to
let us through without a fight. This is not how I would do it. I’d start a start and blow it up, the
heathens from here till the kingdom come! I found that, Tobias. I’m thinking maybe they’re full And if we start filming,
maybe they will not run. Some of us will get hurt, Especially if they
are in that wagon. Why do we stop? Checking!
Everything will be fine. All right now, I’m moving! Come here, Lon. Let’s see it! You do not start to set off
happily with Kentucky. You’re not supposed to shoot until Jason
gives you the word, do you hear me? Please, Mr. Tobias.
Do not start choosing me, please. I do not think I’m more
nervous than anyone else. Get out of here. I still think the boy is
in the wrong business. Preach, Ruben, we did it! Mr. Tobias, it is a powerful silence. I’m scared. Do not let the Indians
catch you, Lon. Mr. Tobias! Oh… Ah! If I do not go. Lon, no use adding emotion. Go ahead. Also, you could help Jason
with his new daughter. But they started.
Hai… I know that. But only one and one of
them started to shake. Aha… I do not really think the arrow
was shot by an Indian named Ron. Come on in, do me a favor.
Go get Jason, will you, please? But you got hurt, Mr. Tobias.
I can not leave you. Nothing with me, son.
Go on, go ahead. Aha… Tobias! Jason… It seems like you’re arranging to fall ten
feet down that valley, into the promised land. But old Tobias is not with you. Do you remember then when I told you,
that rifles and women do not mix? Well, it seems so. She’s there waiting for you. You’ll soon take it off… Where the high mountains approach And almost give God trees
in them large and green. You’re going to pack a
store, Jason and you… You get to do these “Kentucks”. Is not it a beauty thing? Because, Do not remember Sweet Betsy…

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