7 thoughts on “West Texas shooter bought gun in private sale

  1. Really the solution to this is so easy. Allow the selling party in a firearms transfer to call the Feds, pay $5 and do a 3 minute background check on the person from their cell phone.

  2. Still race baiting, I see.. Deep state pulled this false flag off and now you guys are prapogandizing it to the finish line.. You should be ashamed of yourself..We got your number ….

  3. They going to investigate the police department that was called by his neighbor and reported him shooting rabbits from his roof? Kind of odd how he failed a background check when trying to buy a gun from a gun store. Yet, the police department couldn't do a background check and figure this out when notified about him shooting a gun?

  4. LMFAO… "Former ATF member says we can do a better job controlling where guns go."
    Did we forget about ATF's "Fast and Furious" who sold guns to the Mexican cartels? How much of a good job where they doing controlling where the guns were going? The Irony!!!

  5. OK, the seller sold a gun to Ator, who obviously should not have had it.
    Now the families of victims should sue the seller for everything he has.
    Bankrupt the seller with lawsuits!

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