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a couple weeks ago I rebooted the cod history series and I started doing all of the top tens With my list with my pick instead of the community you guys Really have been showing a lot of support and we’re gonna continue on and today we’re gonna do the most unusual The most weird the most out of the ordinary guns in cod history if you never missed this series Do me a favor take a second and drop a like and leave me a comment and let me know How long have you been watching the cod history series and this is going to be my list So if you want to do your list in the comments section or over on Twitter and hit me up with it Definitely get involved in Call of Duty tends to be pretty grounded with its weapons most of the time It’s trying to be somewhat realistic with its setting However, there have been a good amount of oddballs throughout the years and that’s what we’re gonna go over today We’re gonna go over 10 of the most unusual Weapons in cod history. I’m running a huge fortnight 15,000 V bucks giveaway the entire month all you have to do to enter is like this video be subscribed to the channel turn on your Notifications and leave me a comment why you want to win with your Twitter handle attached? The winner will be picked at the end of the month To kick off this list. I’m going to start with the EBR 800 in infinite warfare this yeah I know lacklustre infinite warfare There’s some people that liked it, but it obviously didn’t go over that well, but it was weird The EBR 800 was a sniper rifle assault rifle hybrid Weapon that could either be fired semi-auto in the sniper form or fully auto in the assault rifle form personally I like the idea of hybrid weapons. I thought it was pretty cool But it’s still a little strange under what circumstances would you want your sniper? To be an AR all of a sudden and it also didn’t help that This gun didn’t do the sniping or the assault rifle if that’s even a thing very very well And I think it’s a good one to kick off this list next up. We have the outlaw in black ops 4 this is a brand new sniper rifle in black ops 4 that has seen a bit of action in both multiplayer and Blackout battle royale for what? I’ve seen it kind of becoming a love it or hate it weapon the outlaw is a very strange hybrid between a sniper rifle in a Six-shot revolver meaning it is a sniper but with a giant six shot spinning magazine like if John Wayne Had designed this thing himself The outlaw is one of the fastest firing snipers in the game keeping with the revolver comparisons But also has a very very small one shot kill range as it will only kill With a single bullet to the head and all that being said the outlaw is visually one of my favorite guns in the game So far, I love the idea of a sniper revolver hybrid animal rate I’m going with the r70 Ajax in black ops 3 M bo3 had a lot of Experimental weapons and in the r70 egg Jack’s was one of the first ones to be added this was an LMG light machine gun added back in July of 2016 is an unlimited ammo weapon with weird 3d printing mechanics instead of a magazine The gun starts off with 50 rounds and it automatically generates more over time so you kind of had to pace your shots in order not to run out and then be stuck with an empty gun in the Middle of a firefight now personally, I like this idea LMG spam is kind of a problem in Call of Duty games and the r70 Ajax was the perfect solution to that problem It was a powerful LMG but it literally couldn’t be spam because of the ammo printing in place of the actual reloading I Would love to see this idea come back in some former fashion in black ops 4 if they decide to add new weapons Number 7. Oh, we have a very controversial SMG from black ops 3 people either love it Or they hate it you let me know in the comments section which side of the fence do you fall on the pharaoh of in? Bo3 now the pharaoh was a four round burst submachine gun And while it wasn’t the first burst SMG the series had to offer it was the weirdest to me previously We had the cheek of the four cannon from black ops 2 but the pharaoh just handled and looked a little weirder We also had that one the amr9 from advanced warfare. It was a five-round bursts I do believe now the fireside with the Pharaoh also didn’t make it much better, but let me know What is your thought on this gun in the comments section? Because like I said people either love it or they hate it at number six We have the DIY renovator in black ops 3 do-it-yourself people This was added to black ops 3 is a wave of weapons with a tool thing when you were younger chances Are you thought about this if you took your dad’s nail gun as a real gun? And well, that’s what they did They made the renovator. It’s a nail gun It was an SMG with a 25 round magazine that fired slowly and it hit hard It was also pretty interesting because of the firing hits cam bullets like other weapons now the DIY renovator fired Projectile nails with travel time and that could be picked back up like a combat axe The gun also didn’t show up in the enemy’s mini-map despite being pretty loud, which was also a nice little touch now I think it would be pretty cool to see black ops 4 introduce some more tool themed weapons down the road Once people get bored Ok, like stuff that people would make themselves in a desperate attempt for self defense. Not anytime soon But once I get to that point where they feel like nobody’s really excited Maybe throw some cool stuff out there at number 5 the eraser and infinite warfare It is no secret that a lot of infinite Warfare’s ideas came from black ops 3 notebook But the eraser was one of the cooler ones that being said it was still pretty unusual the eraser was one of those special heavy weapons for the combat rigs and it was functionally identical to the Annihilator from black ops 3 & 4 however, instead of being a super power revolver Like the Annihilator is the eraser was a laser gun that would instantly evaporate whoever shot reducing them to smoldering nothingness, it’s always interesting to see a gun that does more than just make the enemy rag doll and I’ll admit it was pretty Satisfying to shoot someone with the eraser and infinite warfare make them just completely disappear from existence speaking of infinite warfare We’re gonna stay there We’re gonna go with the Proteas another hybrid weapon in iw this time a mix between a sniper rifle and a shotgun Now the Proteas was added to the game in June of 2017 and it could be used as a buckshot Shotgun while hip fired or you could zoom it in for a sniper This gun caused quite a stir in the Cod community when it was first added because well actually bugged to give the player infinite range when you were hip firing meaning you could cross Matt people in hardcore modes just by having the enemy on your screen and Pulling the trigger this bug was obviously quickly fixed But even after that the gun was weird Although I do kind of like the appeal of it One of the most common problems with sniping is that you get rushed you’ve put in an awkward position Because you have to pull out a close-range weapon, right? Well with the Proteas the sniper was your close-range weapon So it allowed you to react faster in those scenarios where you got pushed. It’s pretty cool actually. Oh Man, let’s go far far into the future for number three with advanced warfare in the em1 Everyone was curious as to what this would mean for the series and the em1 definitely showed us what was in store it was pretty much the first laser weapon in cod history, and it was absolutely bizarre to use when advanced warfare first came out It was a heavy weapon that would fire a continuous laser beam and melt anyone who got in the way of it Which it was pretty cool I guess but it was a far stretch from anything We had seen in Call of Duty up until this point it’s more than deserving of the number three spot on today’s weirdest weapons if I mean if you ask me and this was a Love it or hate it. Most people hated it at number two. Let’s go back to the tool shed Literally the d13 sector in black ops 3 this special launcher thing launcher thing That’s what I’m going to call it was added to supply drops in October of 2016 and it took a while for people to really consider it to be a good thing to use The d13 sector is a one-shot launcher that fires a massive saw blade at the enemy which will bounce off five Surfaces before it actually detonates instantly killing anybody that it hits During that process now black ops 3 definitely had some wacky weapons. I mean, we we had a mannequin arm Okay, that should have made this list But I just ran out of room but this this was pretty crazy black ops 3 was a pretty wacky game And I wonder if any of these types of weapons will be added down the road in black ops for now Like I said, I wanted to put lefty in here But I just I ran out of room and at number one today I’ve got to go with venom X and ghosts and infinite warfare I mean, I’m sure most of you expected me to have this at number one. The venom X is a real Infinity Ward weapon that first appeared in ghosts and then it made its return in iw it’s a heavy weapon that fires some weird alien acid projectiles at people and it has what I consider to be the Weirdest reload animation in cod history as you pull out this little alien sac And you drain it into the barrel of the gun? Now it started off as a zombies exclusive weapon then it was a bonus map specific weapon and ghosts and then infinite warfare added it as a Standard weapon for anybody to use via the custom classes and it was weird to say the least to see people running around with this alien acid launcher thing in multiplayer, but if we’re being honest It really wasn’t that out of place in a game like infinite warfare and there you go guys Those are my picks for ten of the weirdest most unusual guns in cod history There’s a lot more out there But when you can only have ten you kind of have to narrow it down you guys let me know where you agree Let me know where you disagree drop a like make sure you guys are subscribed If you enjoy this series turn on those notifications and in the comment section tell me what is the weirdest gun? That you think Call of Duty has ever came up with I hope you guys have a great day. I’ll see you soon

100 thoughts on “WEIRDEST GUNS in COD HISTORY

  1. I really liked the ERB I found that it was pretty good as a sniper and as an AR, it did both pretty well imo.

  2. Dang anyone else notice how different the bo4 hid is even the medals look completely different since launch lol

  3. Well the appeal of the erb would be if you were at a distance firing but someone started getting close and you needed a faster firing weapon that didn’t have the bulky scope it could be useful

  4. I loved advanced warfare, it was different from the cod games, and I hated the em1 cause everyone used it

  5. keep in mind the gun that prints its bulletS isn't new… Advanced Warfare came with it first with IMR It's a wonderful design and powerhouse of this guns

  6. I remember getting a de-atomizer strike with the EBR, and I was just messing around. The assault rifle version pretty OP

  7. I love the outlaw and the pharo plus black ops 3 was my last savage cod but modern warfare is probably bring me back To my beastly days

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