100 thoughts on “WEIRDEST GUNS in COD HISTORY

  1. I really liked the ERB I found that it was pretty good as a sniper and as an AR, it did both pretty well imo.

  2. Dang anyone else notice how different the bo4 hid is even the medals look completely different since launch lol

  3. Well the appeal of the erb would be if you were at a distance firing but someone started getting close and you needed a faster firing weapon that didn’t have the bulky scope it could be useful

  4. I loved advanced warfare, it was different from the cod games, and I hated the em1 cause everyone used it

  5. keep in mind the gun that prints its bulletS isn't new… Advanced Warfare came with it first with IMR It's a wonderful design and powerhouse of this guns

  6. I remember getting a de-atomizer strike with the EBR, and I was just messing around. The assault rifle version pretty OP

  7. I love the outlaw and the pharo plus black ops 3 was my last savage cod but modern warfare is probably bring me back To my beastly days

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