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Weaver Grand Slam Multi-Stop Rifle Scope: Review of the Strangest Scope I’ve Ever Tried

Welcome to the Social Regressive! In a
few videos I’ve referenced this Weaver grand slam multi stop scope as the
weirdest scope that I’ve ever tested and in my testing I found that it works
really well for certain applications; so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna delve
into this scope we’re gonna take a look at those peculiarities and see if maybe
this applies to certain functions that you have in mind. now before we do that I
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buck a month out to patreon so let’s go ahead let’s take a close look at this
Weaver grand slam multi stop scope and see what makes it work the grand slam
multi stop comes in two models there’s the 4-16×44 millimeter and then
this one which is the 5-20×50 millimeter they both have a 1 inch tube.
overall length on this high magnification one is 13.4 inches and
weight is 23.2 ounces so that makes this heavier than that 2.5-10×44
millimeter Bushnell Engage that we reviewed recently and it does make this
a little bit heavy for a hunting style scope but once you dig in and see what
kind of things this thing can do you might see if that weight is worth the
trade. the side parallax adjustment rolls all the way down to 25 yards which is
handy for me because instead of putting this on a hunting rifle like most people
will probably do with these I decided to put this on a 22 and see how it could
perform in various situations and it really did fantastically and this is a
good time to point out just the precision and the Japanese manufacturer
of this thing it is just very well polished all around and every one of the
dials on this thing just feels perfect there are no steps in this thing
tension is just right this thing feels just wonderful and even just the contour
of the turrets themselves they’re just brilliantly laid out this whole thing
it’s not going to snag on anything it has a somewhat conical shape on here and
then when it comes to any of the other turrets you can see that they’re nicely
rounded across the top you get traction on some of the the sides here and
everything just feels really high precision as you might expect the glass
on this scope is gorgeous resolution is wonderfully high contrast is great and
you get excellent color reproduction it also has a really good eye relief
considering the fact that this thing does magnify all the way up to 20x and
it’s not that difficult to get your eye in the right place behind this scope now
that we have the baseline stats out of the way let’s take a look at some of the
weirdness that I was alluding to this scope doesn’t feature any numbers all
the way around if you look at this from the outside instead what you have are
these little colored tabs right here so when you spin this you get these stop
points based on color and what’s really cool about this is of course these are
going to align with some kind of drop related to your cartridge but the neat
thing is that you actually set these yourself so right here here are the
little replacement tabs that you can put in there so you get a whole bunch of
colors you get yellow orange greens reds blues and then all you have to do is
just pick where on this inside dial those drop into so let’s take a look at
that once you remove this top screw this cap comes right off and inside this cap
there are some splines that made up with some splines inside this and this you
can kind of think of as the may be true turret cap it’s kind of an intermediary
piece this whole thing just lifts right out alright so there’s the turret down
there this mates up with splines right on top
of here and then you can set the position of all these little colored
markers you can see that this intermediary piece includes numbers all
the way around up to 18 MOA so all you have to do is just make a ballistic
chart and then put your drops in at the correct positions and one of the neat
things is that if you go on Weaver’s website you can actually use their
ballistic tool to create a special little chart that goes into the
objective lens cover on this scope it actually has a clear sleeve on it and
this is a very nice objective lens cover this thing is held in place by a magnet
not by the usual little you know like claws or anything like that it’s a very
just high polished piece it’s a piece of aluminum and it has this neat sleeve
here and then you can put in this special chart that they’ll create for
you and if you print it in color it’s actually going to correspond to the
colors that you place on this dial and one thing that the website states is
that this is a 1/8 MOA per click turret cap on both the elevation and the
windage and as far as I can tell no it’s not true it’s actually one-quarter now
one quick note on the positioning of these tabs you can only place these
every two clicks you can’t put them exactly everywhere you want so it’s not
going to be accurate to the click or to the quarter MOA they’re actually
accurate to the half MOA so you might in your chart need to make an indication
okay yeah go to orange for 50 yards or whatever and then give it one extra
click the way that you zero this scope is to take your shot and then adjust
this actual turret right here it does include a little coin slot you can use
the rim of a piece of brass and then you just crank this around until you get
your zero just right then you take your little intermediate piece right here
that has all of your drop set the way that you want you put that on top place
the cap on screw this down and then you’re ready to go I do have one word of
caution if you’re interested in this go this pin right here that you see
sticking into the side and the pin that you see inside this piece right here
these two set up the zero stop there is kind of a fixed zero stop in here so
that when you are attached right here and you try to turn this dial past that
zero point it is going to stop there is an issue with this though in that you
only get one revolution of this cap before it stops in the other direction
so once you spin this thing all the way around it also comes to a stop this is
probably not going to be an issue for most folks within reasonable ranges but
if you want to be able to do extreme long-range work or anything like
that you are going to be limited by this cap there may be some things you can do
like backing this screw out and removing it I did give that a try to see if I
could open up some of the distance there it may be locked hided or something I’m
not sure I could not back that screw out or you could maybe shave that pin off on
the inside of this but just know that the zero stop can be an issue if you are
going to have some kind of distance that goes beyond eighteen MOA weaver didn’t
stop the innovation with this elevation turret the reticle on the inside pairs
with this perfectly assuming that you’re going to be doing all of your drops
using that turret the reticle is free to just do windage so you get this nice
little target dot in the center which is it’s a really nice balance of fine and
being able to find this thing if you’re in kind of a a more dense environment
and then it just provides windage which is going to be true at your highest
magnification at least on this 20x scope at 20 X this is going to measure a true
four MOA eight MOA and then all the way out you have 12 MOA so do these
differences really make a difference in my testing yes this isn’t just a unique
scope on the market it’s one that actually makes a lot of sense it’s
really slick and for the first time when I saw the stats on this thing and how it
worked it just it just clicked it made a whole lot of sense I
really enjoyed using this thing in matches I could just set my elevation
for the known distances that I was dealing with and then all I had to do is
just think about the windage in that reticle I think that hunters especially
those in open plains are out in the Rockies places where you might have long
distances to take a shot or really variable ranges I think they would
really enjoy this scope especially when paired with a rangefinder if there’s one
limitation of the reticle it’s that you only get windage for doing any kind of
range finding and it doesn’t include a lot of the little intermediary hashes
that you might get with certain other milling types of scopes this will work
and it’ll definitely work better than your average duplex or a cross hair type
scope but still you just don’t have a whole ton of data for ranging so if you
have a rangefinder I think that’d be a good match for this and as far as
competitors go I think they might find its feature set really
interesting to the typical match scope for silhouette rifle which is what I
shot in is going to have an adjustable objective out here and it’s going to
have big target turrets and all that and this actually does kind of fit most of
those bills in that you do have a side parallax adjustment right there and you
can set your drops right here it makes it really quick instead of having to
think about what the actual numbers are for your different ranges you just turn
to that color and then it just works right there and this is how it’s going
to work in silhouette matches anyway where you’re really just gonna be
dealing with wind when you finally take the shot you’re gonna have that turret
set up for your range and then you just mess with wind the windage turret is a
zero it and leave it sort of feature you just twist this cap off right here and
you get a small dial right here and this is also one quarter MOA per click and
all you do is just click this around and then you leave it for whatever your 0 is
and then you just close this thing back up you can remove this right here if you
want to make sure to zero this out like I actually have on here you just back
this out with a torque screw pop this off Reesie row it just like you are used
to with a lot of other scope the eyepiece on this scope is the fast
focus type so instead of having a locking ring like you used to get on the
traditional hunting scope this one is always loose and you can move it around
and bite loose I mean it actually is kind of tight this isn’t going to
accidentally move around on you easily there’s a fair bit of tension going on
here but what I would recommend for anybody
that has this type of eyepiece and I do this on all my scopes just make a mark
I’ve made a little kind of light mark up at the top to indicate that’s my diopter
adjustment just in case something does get moved both of the multi stop models
have that 4x zoom ratio that I talked about so this one goes from 5 up to 20
and since 20 is where everything is kind of true inside that reticle it’s going
to measure if it says 4 MOA then it’s going to measure 4 MOA but the neat
thing is with that 4 X multiplier if you do back off to 5x then anything that’s 4
is going to measure 16 and so on so it’s going to make the math pretty easy
think of the weaver grand slam multi stop as a replacement for your very
limited hunting style scopes or is an interesting alternative to a target
scope you easily get elevation out of the way using the turret up here and
then you can just spend your time in that reticle either addressing windage
or leading a moving target you get this nice flexible zoom range that makes the
math kind of easy if you need to back off just make sure before you buy this
scope that your combination of cartridge and the reasonable distance is at what
you’ll be hitting your targets is going to be within that 18 MOA
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  3. The idea behind this scope might work with all environmental variables remaining constant. But my 22LR's point of impact changes very noticeably with the temperature. Not to mention humidity, elevation, etc. And without having a numbered turret, or elevation marks on the reticle, you're kind of hosed.

    I love my T36. I think it's probably my favorite scope, even over much more expensive ones. But it seems like Weaver missed the mark here. Rifle optics is a very competitive market, and the competition is offering turret tracking that matches good reticle design, for less money. We're sort of witnessing a massive leap in progress. Equipment is improving fast, allowing shooters to take longer shots, and consistently hit at distance that seemed elusive a few years back. And Weaver comes to market with a solution to a problem that nobody has.

    I wondered how this scope worked, and your video outlines it fantastically. Thanks, I appreciate your video review!

  4. I'm guessing you live in Broken Arrow Oklahoma judging by the first Baptist sign LoL….. I'm from Wagoner, although for the past 3 year's I've been living in Tulsa, it's cool seeing fellow Okies on YouTube…..

    shoot on neighbor👍
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