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Weapons of the Scout Snipers

My name is Cpl Jeffrey Claud I’m a
scout sniper team leader with 1st battalion 9th Marines Scout Sniper platoon. My
job is basically to provide recon and surveillance of the objective and
support the battalion and also to provide precision fires on selected
targets and support the battalion. Infantry is kind of an
all-encompassing MOS. Were the ones you see on the news kicking in doors, exchanging fire with the enemy. I started as a machine-gunner that’s the beautiful part
about the Marine Corps is no no positions ever locked if you work hard
to show you more willing to learn more proficient and you continually increase
your skills you can move up quickly. Every aspect of training is a challenge
that’s the best part about the Marine Corps is you it’s almost like everyday set a new
personal goal for yourself that you strive to overcome. We work a lot with
trying to find better ways to do what we already do whether it be new training
procedures or updating gear. A lot of weapons training as well, lots of
ranges. In our platoon we’ve worked with everything from pistols through sniper
rifles through like squad automatic weapons and we’ve also done some demo.
Scout Sniper MOS is so multifaceted beyond what most people recognize that
every day I have to come in and try to better myself in order to make sure that
my team can execute the mission properly and be saved. As a scout sniper team
leader especially rely on every aspect of the rink or everything from
logistical support to things like getting our ammo drawn, getting our
chow, being able to stage down here. All that requires coordination with
different branches different MOSs especially when you go out on a mission rely on everybody from pilots, to Intel
Marines, to supply Marines, to infantry companies. Pretty much every aspect eyes
and specifically into our mission. In Iraq I was in charge of the police
turnover team so I had 12 other Marines underneath me. I was responsible for everything for
making sure the trucks were properly equipped and running, to planning the
mission that we were going on, to reporting on the missions we’re going on.
And I guess when it really dawned on me that all these other Marines are looking
to me for guidance, for proper execution of the mission, for making judgment calls
and situations that can be very difficult. It really hits home how
important what we do everyday in training and of course in a combat
situation is. I think the biggest thing is heart ,you have to have a strong heart
you have to be willing and able to learn every day.

15 thoughts on “Weapons of the Scout Snipers

  1. I got to boot camp this september I can't wait to be a United States Marine. My M.O.S. is ground Ordnance, I get to learn to build optical scopes and build guns. After that I plan on trying to go into the Marine Sniper school, then Marine Force Recon, then finally M.A.R.S.O.C.. I hope I get the chance to do all this. I look forward to being the next Chesty Puller. Semper Fi.

  2. At 1:20 the Marines walking down the ramp have different colored helmets. Why is this so? Is it a rank/position thing? Or just simply the supply of helmets they had available?

  3. @John Marist – No reason. STA Platoon is usually a little more lax on details nazi stuff like the Line Companies are.

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