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Weapons Of Mass Creation – Bounce (Official Music Video)

[Hip Hop Beat Starts Playing] One sided labels erasing my complexities Are you promiscuous or do you live respectably? And while you’re at it girl tell me your ethnicity And mark the checkbox of who you are essentially But I’m on a fence and they telling me to pick a side But they are both my home so where do I really reside? And yo, Califas is the only place I’ve ever known But all these faults and betrayals I feel I don’t belong And my indigenous history was erased, on purpose So tell me what is left to be embraced? I’m hurtin For a space to recreate, A sense of wholeness that will help alleviate The stress to choose between two parts of me Many personalities, embracing all my faculties Healing the splits, sustaining contradictions Self defining and in control of my descriptions. Told I was supposed to be a man and not cry but in my room shed some tears and thought why we comply anger bursts calm subsides hurt I just crossed the line Feelings are falsified, dreaming is nonsense right? but my every thought will be brought out into existence A delicate delinquent, my Melanin experience never ending sequence of beatings feeling defeated pockets empty, still spending, tempted by greeds’ gift we live not even making minimum wages people that are walking are aimless spending their minutes in cages, living in anguish, translated to poetry on pages Speak in two tongues both the colonized language talk about freedom but to the bottle I’m enslaved in how do I shed hypocrisy? Darkness is still a part of me, light a cigarette even when its hard to breathe, shit, that’s all that was taught to me. Through stormy weather
Get blazed like sage or even better I read these letters I got the treasure now I need to measure my pleasure Stretched across the benches
My esteem met the trenches Separated with fences and delegated pension Oh God I hate the spending,
Can’t tolerate what’s trending Lock with the clock, a minute pass they’re going goth Bending facts and holding off, folding pants with stolen socks You’re gonna need your own stance to be a boss
Can’t prance around looking lost Just cause you in the safe zone Don’t mean women ain’t getting raped on the way home,
Stay static I’ll explain on, These men they ain’t worried about who’s shamed and getting blamed on This is not the same song Discussions fade and no statement is made They need repercussions, not fussing on what they say.
On my behalf I’m enraged, your ego is your plague It’s what makes you stop and gaze Your comfort is the privilege, at the end of the day, Hard to accept what’s coming conditions are old aged Captivate the renegade
Saturate the barricade Infatuated with love and praise Bounce, Bounce, Bounce …..Stop whatcha doing and…. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce …..Stop whatcha doing and…. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. [End Song]

19 thoughts on “Weapons Of Mass Creation – Bounce (Official Music Video)

  1. Damn I love the video y'all looking dope as hell as usual I can't wait for y'all for another video congrats love ya very much and keep on grinding one love

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