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Weapons of Empowerment: Tools of the Trade – Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

– Welcome, guys. Each week, you’ve had to rely on your team to help you gain advantages, but for this flash challenge,
you are on your own.♪ ♪Every decision is completely
on your shoulders. This week,
we are testing detail.– Details are
all the subtle nuances
that make up an image.It’s all those details
that really pull it all together
and really showcase what the image is. – To make it
through this competition, you must use the tools
that empower you to compete
at your highest level, week after week, and nobody does that
better than Lara Croft. – That’s dope, man.
– That’s right. I’m talking about the new
feature film “Tomb Raider,” starring Alicia Vikander
as Lara Croft,the fiercely independent
of a missing adventurer.She must push herself
beyond her limits as she journeys
into the unknown,and whether it’s
her iconic icepick
or her bow and arrow,
she always has the right tool
for whatever obstacle
she encounters.– These guys
in the competition
don’t really understand
having such a huge
female role model
to look up to.
Lara Croft is the ultimate
symbol of woman empowerment. – Today, your canvases
are all strong women who welcome any adventure
and push themselves to overcome obstacles. For this flash challenge,
you must tattoo a permanent representation
of the tools that empower them. – Sick. – To do these women justice,
you must make sure that every tiny element
is flawless. If your details
aren’t on point, your tattoo will be a muddy,
unreadable mess. – The object here is to make
every detail HD for us. Go the extra mile to give them
something that really works. – Win this challenge
and you will have the power to assign
all the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. Let’s meet your canvases.[upbeat rock music]♪ ♪Canvases, please tell us
what tattoos you’re hoping to get today. – I’m a police officer,
and I would like a police hat, badge, and an American flag. – I’m a retired Air Force
master sergeant, and I want combat boots
with dog tags. – Oh, dope. – I’m an EMT, firefighter,
and Air Force veteran, and I would like a tattoo
of a set of rescue arms with a stethoscope
wrapped around it. – I’m a cancer survivor
and a scholar, and today I would like to get
a bow and arrow for my transition
to a better future. – I’m a public defender, and after losing my father
a few years ago, I went through
a very dark time, so I’d like to get
a lady justice rising from the ashes. – Okay, one by one,
please choose a skull. The name on the bottom
of your skull will determine your artist. – Jason. – Frank. – Jeremy. – Roly.
– I got you. – Daniel.
– Right here. Stethoscope? Skethoscope? I don’t even know
how to say it, let alone tattoo it.I need Lara Croft’s helpwith just saying
– Fame. – Juan.♪ ♪– Deanna? – Amanda. – Josh.
– Right here. – Okay, artists. You have six hours,
and your time starts now. – Hi.
– Good to meet you. – Let’s start doing a little discussing real fast.
– Okay. – In testing detail,
these artists really need to pay attention to these items
that the canvases wantand make it stand out,make it strong,
make these women proud. – I want my master intel badge
on one of the dog tags, and then my dates of service
on the other. – I want it in a watercolor.
– What? – This is like every day
at a tattoo shop–somebody comes in,
they want a specific item,
it’s your job to do it.These guys should all kill
these tattoos. – You said that you have
been battling cancer? – Yeah, but it’s my first year,
technically, of remission. – Really?
– I’m actually ending, like, that chapter of, like,
thinking about the past. – Yeah.
– It’s a good thing. I’m very emotional. – That’s okay.
– I’m an emotional human being. – Oh, honey, I’m emotional too, so if I see you start crying,
I might cry too.When you actually get
the chance
to impact someone’s lifeand how they feel
about themselves
is the whole reason
I got into this industry. Just stand natural.When I came in
as an apprentice,
there was not a whole lot
of care for the fact
that I was even there.It’s a huge blow to your ego
when you’re told
all you are is a cute face
and a tight ass.I’m gonna make it
in this industry
because I have the talent
to back up that cute face.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– You wanted an old world map?
Is that what you wanted? – Any kind of a map at all.
I’m a geospatial scientist. – This is my time
to finally shine.Instead of just doing a skull
with the map inside of it,
we’re doing a skull globe.I’m gonna show detail
by making sure I getevery tiny little state
and country in this map
on this skull. Being in this industry, it makes you have to
learn to speak up and stand up for yourself. I’m excited to show off. – Three more hours.♪ ♪– I know Josh likes
to do big things, so, and impressive. – My canvas wanted
a Lady Justice rising out of the ashes.We changed the designto be more of a phoenixto represent coming out
of a really dark place to where she’s at now. You ready?
This is gonna suck.She overcame
so many hardships,
and that’s exactly
what I’m doing:
I’m being held downby every other contestant
in here, and I’m gonna fight past
every one of ’em to the end.♪ ♪– I do what I can in the short amount of time
they gave us, you know? I’m really used to listening
to my own gut and my own ideas, and when I get different ideas,
they just get me confused. At this point, bro,
I’m just kind of doing my thing, and [bleep] it. – Yeah. All right. Maybe, like, the little lines
in the tape or gauze, or… – It’s a little too late,
you know what I mean, so… I can’t go in there
and grab the machine. – He knows about it.♪ ♪You gotta give me a little–
a little blacker shading. – Mm-hmm. – Definitely shade off
the bevel. Make sure you give me black
where black goes, baby. Dark. – All right. – Push everything else forward.– I feel even more pressure
today because of
how important this tattoo is
to my canvas.She served a lot of time
in the military.
– So you were in the Air Force
how long? – 21 1/2.
– 21 1/2.– Two boots means
twice the amount of detail.
All the detail
that goes into one boot,
I gotta turn around and do the same thing
to the other one.I’m ready to show people
what kind of threat I am,
and I’m gonna fight to the end,
and I’m gonna win this. – Five! Four! Three! Two! One! That’s it.
Machines down. Time is up. No more ink. – High five.
Rock it out. I love it. – Do you like it?♪ ♪– [speaks indistinctly] Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Like, I’m done with cancer,
so it’s like– this is dope, for real. – Glad I got to do it for you.♪ ♪– All right, guys,
it is now time to critique your work. Let’s start with Jason. So, what do you do? – I’m a history professor,
and so it really beautifully
integrates all of the work that I’m doing,
the research that I’m doing. – Having that open book
with the flowing pages gives me a sense
of a cool breeze, and then you have
really great details in these little areas. That looks great.♪ ♪– Juan.
– I love the fact… that you put the little tooth
in the center of the flower. – But I really wish
that you would have defined where the wraps are going, ’cause it kind of
blends together and looks like a mummy
a little bit.– Of course it looks
like a mummy–
it’s a body with wrappings.What’s the difference? – Amanda. I particularly like
what you did with the bow– all the tiny little lines
in the handle, and then the feather work
of the arrow– very delicate, and it all remains
very feminine. You did a great job. Daniel. – The details in this
are great. You do a really clean,
crisp tattoo. – But if you know
how an axe handle works, the strength of the stick
is the grain running longways. If the grain’s running through
this way, it’ll snap.– I mean, that is style.That’s [bleep] style, that. Hey!
– Jeremy. – A lot of really great detail
in the small buildings, the tiny little nautical stars
in there. It’s very clear
and very legible. – Buddy, I think
this is the best tattoo I’ve seen you do here–
your crispest, tightest, sharpest, cleanest piece
that you’ve produced. – Thank you.
– Roly. – This tattoo shows
a great attention to detail– the detail on the laces,
the consistency of the thickness of the laces all the way through
each turn and bend. It was a detail challenge,
and you hit it really strong. – Fame.
– The shining moment… of this tattoo
is in the camera– so many small little circles
in there and ovals– but they might be the worst
leaves I’ve ever seen. – If the flower
is a traditional flower, then the leaf has to be
traditional with the flower.♪ ♪– Josh. – I like the fact
that the detail really lies in the face,
really lies in the wings. The actual scale patterns
are all right on the money. You’re swinging for the fences. – Man, I sweat
right to that last second. – That’s a huge tattoo. – Yeah, that was stupid.– Josh’s tattoo is huge.It’s almost as big as his ego. – Frank.
– That top flower is busted– just three weird lines
with red in between them. As far as hitting the detail
in the impact wrench, you killed it,
and then you busted it up with a pretty weak
traditional flower. – Deanna.
– The details in the skull… and the map
are really meticulously done. I love the little bit
of texture you got, just in the stippling effect to separate the continents
from the rest of the skull. – For me, this is
your shining moment. – I am so glad
that we didn’t have to work as a team today,
because I rocked it on my own as a strong lady. Thank you.I am the Lara Croft
of this entire competition.
– Nailed it.
– Nailed it.♪ ♪

100 thoughts on “Weapons of Empowerment: Tools of the Trade – Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

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    Btw a filipino here.

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