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hey dudes, mattv2099 here. and what I have today is the real nail gun. these are nails. and we are going to shoot them from our saiga 410 shotgun these are what the nails look like before I put them in these 410 shotshells and these are normal nails you would buy at the hardware store. and you would hammer into wood and make them stick together, everybody always wants to know why I do these videos quick story I played a lot of call of duty modern warfare one and in that game you are in russia a lot. and I thought man russia is so run down and ghetto they must not know how to build stuff over there. I was thinking I have this russian gun why don’t recreate a russian nail gun this is a saiga 410 russian AK variant it’s chamberd to shoot a 410 which looks like this without the nail krebs safety lever this was imported as a sporter AK and then expertly converted by arsenal of las vegas lets get a cool picture bad ass that’s a russian nail gun we are going to see what it does to wood. see if we can hit what we are aiming at for the first shot I wanna see if they will go where you point. see if we can chamber a boolit we are chambered shoot at our little target over here that was funny primer strike there is not enough mass for the powder to ignite lets shoot one more and see what happened and where they go it shot the round. but not enough mass to get the gunpowder to go off lets try that again. there was no sonic boom. no powder ignition. just a primer that was better that shot those are the spacers I used to center the nail in the shell I was aiming dead center and it hit down here eureka. it nailed. look at that right through this here door that’s a success lets step it up and shoot at our log that one went low se we will aim high an see if we can penetrate our log lets try a couple more round two at the log primer strike that’s pretty ninja. such a low velocity round it doesn’t make any noise ok lets go check that out this one went low. we missed the target it embedded itself in the stump there’s a nial. it got nailed it’s stuck in there totally worked we nailed it we nailed it. that was awesome lets check and see if these can penetrate a 2 litre nail round vs 2 litre don’t know if I’ll be able to hit that didn’t even go off nothing happened on this one. even though the primer was struck. and yes I did wait a few seconds wow. I only have one round left I can’t hit that’s a problem lets see if we can get it got it the nail hit here.probably sideways, tumbling and the hydrostatic shock caused the 2 litre to burst down here pretty ineffective round I hope you thought that was a cool demonstration of the russian nail gun these were my failures. this one wouldn’t chamber maybe it will if I shapen it. yea we can shoot that we have one more round obviously we gotta shoot our ballistic gel I’m going to hide behind cover for this shot and hope I can hit what I’m aiming at did we hit it? don’t know so I totally just found something cool. this old stump that’s right behind my target has three nails burried into this dead stump. so I’m going to go grab some pliers and pull those out and throw them away that’s pretty cool pretty ineffective nail gun I think i figured out why those russian buildings are so dilapidated mattv2099 science thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “WEAPONIZED Nails – Russian AK47 NAIL GUN

  1. Largest submarine ever, largest nuclear bomb ever, largest military plane ever. Nah Russians don't know how to build stuff.

  2. So what does he mean by, there wasn’t enough has to ignite the gun powder” so there has to be a Certain amount of weight for something to make the gun powder to go off?

  3. What are you talking man. Repeating the same word again and again with out doing anything.
    Boring talk..

  4. That's probly the dumbest thing I've ever seen, are you an idiot, your going to kill yourself, it's videos like this that give gun owners a bad name, take this video down before you kill either yourself or someone else.

  5. My dad had a pallet business back in the 70s, and we had converted our old grain barn to build them in. We had a rat problem, and occasionally I would see one running across the rafters. The pneumatic nail gun had a mechanism that had to be pressed against the wood before the thing would shoot the nail. I would pull that safety back by hand and let rip! It was like any other semi-automatic gun, and would spit out nails as fast as I could pull the trigger. BUT, it was so inaccurate that I don't believe I ever hit a single rat. I did however, nail my shoe to my foot once. I stepped over an air hose and apparently kicled that same safety with my foot, causing the gun to go off. I felt the impact of the plunger, but didn't realize that it had actually shot me, until I looked down and saw the head of the nail flush against my shoe, and about an inch of it protruding out the other side. The nail went through my achilles tendon, and when my dad took me to our family doctor (back when doctors would go out of their way for you after hours) I eas expecting him to deaden it, and perform some special procedure. Instead, he set me on the exam table, then turned around and retrieved a pair of shiny, ordinary pliers, then quickly, before I knew what was happening, he braced my foot with his, and unceremoneously yanked the nail out of my foot. I was fifteen years old, and that was the first and one of the only times I ever cussed in front of my father. I didn't intend to write so much, but this video triggered (no pun intended) some cool memories from my youth 😏

  6. Приделать к гвоздям оперенье и вышли бы ракеты-стрелы.

  7. Prohibited according to Geneva Conventions. Weapons that cause " Superfluous injuries" and that includes " dum dum bullets.

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    Подождём Американский Шуруповёрт из АК )))

  9. I hope no crazy person is watching this an getting the wrong idea. Am all for guns but this is going to far.

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  12. He shouldn't be allowed to own a gun. He has such a cavalier attitude, using a gun in ways it wasn't built for.

  13. I wouldn’t build a house this way, explain this just a hammer method, it sounds make up, quite frankly!

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