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WEAPONIZED Chopstick Shotgun Rounds – Ballistic Gel Test

hey dudes mattv2099 here. and what I have today are 410 custom shotshells with chopsticks in them. let’s see if we can use them here we also have some japanese candy and japanese soda here. I’m going to demonstrate how useful these chopsticks are by eating one of these candies. and then we are going to shoot this soda as well as some other things and demonstrate how awesome these targets are. get some slo mo. all that stuff and we’re operating the arsenal sgl410. saiga 410 shotgun. i have to say thank you to ben who is over in Japan. and he sent me a little box of japanese food that will appear in upcoming operations. you can check out my instagram for pictures this is pure glucose. that’s what rice is. right? this is kind of like a candy. a rice candy? look at this guy. look at that. they are individually wrapped. some awesome writing. like a true Japanese samurai warrior. let’s see if we can eat one chop stick style I’m pretty much a ninja. at using chopsticks. I got one. lets see if we can film me eating it I’m using 410 chopstick shotsells. and some japanese candy that ben sent me. let’s try it very interesting. it’s sweet and yummy. but not like traditional american candy. kind of like a cube of sugar but not quite as sweet one more chopsticks work. thanks to ben. thank you, dude first thing you will wonder is how in the heck do you chamber one of these silly rounds. well. I don’t know. does it go in like this? no. impossible we have to hand load one of these at a time. it works put it back together what’s really interesting and of note lets check the chamber. look what’s really interesting is these chopsticks weigh exactly the same, within a tenth of an ounce, as the amount of shot and material I pulled out of the shotshell I sliced off the end, poured the shot out. poured a drop of glue in there. then shoved the chopstick in and the weight is almost identical to an unmodified shell this chopstick is half an ounce and the shot I removed is half an ounce let’s get to shooting alright so we have one of these loaded, chambered. we’re going to see if we can hit what we’re aiming at see if we can hit it so I’m not able to recover the chopstick. maybe later at the end of the operation I’ll find one. but here we go. I was aiming dead center. I’m using a flimsy door. you can see the chopstick tumbled right through there. the first one went low and left. we are much closer to these targets. I’m going to try to hit that ballistics gel but Imight hit a 2 litre or tactical head instead the ballistics gell is teh most interesting target I have that was cool. I’m not entirely certain what happened. it looks like the chopstick hit the ballistic gel. created a wound two inches deep the tactical head went flying I have no idea where the chopstick went these chopsticks make scary projectiles you don’t know what’s going to happen or where they are going to go they might ricochet back here let’s hit the bullet trap. that was funny it ricocheted right back at us. looks like only the primer went off. no gun poweder ignition. let’s smoke those pots with the 2 litres in them what in the heck I want to see if these have enough force to take out those 2 litres I really want to see if these have enough force to take out those 2 litres. I’ll do some kentucky windage and hope I can hit those things.they are not going where I am aiming there we go these chopsticks are hollow. they might actually deforming as they are accelerating. there might be too much force on them. they get deformed and weird. they get out of the barrel and start flying like crazy as soon as they hit something they bend into a twisty, gumby mess let’s try to hit that ballistics gel oh yeah we hit the ballistics gel looks like the chopstick entered here. you cacn see a path adn an exit right here that thing could pierce you and go right through you. that’s wicked. it went through six inches of ballistics gel in conclusion. this is what we started with. sick looking round and we ended up with half of them recovered. this one may have penetrated the ballistics gel. these things got messed up. they are hollow with end caps thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “WEAPONIZED Chopstick Shotgun Rounds – Ballistic Gel Test

  1. since that's what you look like I expected a hillbilly but we'll your not so good shit bro

  2. It's funny because its bad luck to use metal chop sticks to eat. there left out so the spirts of the dead can eat.

  3. I knew this one had to be MattV2099! He once shot a shotgun shell filled with his own shit, at a hornet's nest up in a tree! He found out that this "experiment" left his face with brown freckles!

  4. wouldn't it be easier to use a single barrel shotgun? you could load anything then really without trouble or taking the gun apart

  5. Dumb wapanese. It says "PURE Glucose" right in the front. In ENGLISH. 1:15 "Ricey candy" my ass. 1:24 "Like a true Japanese samurai warrior." with chopsticks. "I'm pretty much a ninja."

  6. The second time you shot at the gel the chop stick went flying off to the left. You can see it for like half a second.

  7. Heres what happend mat the chop stick went in the gel exited the gel after tumbling and hit the manikin head and exited that two

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