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Mr. governor, we have finally created a
supreme weapon for the government The weapon Z! A very powerful modified mutant that will work for us and totally against his will Against his will? We use advanced methods of persuasion and mind control to ensure this Right, and how does that work? We basically spend the whole day torturing him in many different and absolutely horrible ways and we make him have nightmares too! A
lot of nightmares We believe that the more anger and hatred he has for us, the more he’ll want to collaborate with us Unusual, but what kind of nightmares does he have? Most of the time he sees my face in demonic and distorted ways It’s pretty creepy. Sorry didn’t quite understand that…so he sees you in his nightmares? It is part of the psychological torture 24 hours a day we throw in some pictures of his wife who was murdered and his daughter who was kidnapped by us, plus some images of all of his friends who died in the war that they fought together It wasn’t even us who killed his friends, but I personally asked to have my face added to his memories to make it more efficient We even put a big screen in front of him with my face laughing overseeing the destruction of everything he loved in case he forgot my face Oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea, what powers does this mutant have? Immortality, uncontrolled anger, little ability to hear reasoning and claws that can cut through any metal or handcuffs like butter Well, you really seem to have
thought of everything Why is this not experiment A or B? Hmm? Is there a reason maybe, that he’s the letter Z? hmm I don’t know exactly Oh you don’t? Are you sure? No I’m new here, my predecessor unfortunately died in an accident during an earlier project, but
it is curious indeed… Yes of course, did you guys maybe start the alphabet backwards or maybe there’s a possibility that he’s from a long line of deadly
mutant weapons that have escaped from here? I don’t know, what do you think? Really don’t know, I think I’m gonna have to do some research about it You know what? That’s okay, I don’t think you’ll have to


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