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STATUTORY WARNING Welcome to Global TV. Today, we will find out
about fitness through doctor. And about the disease in
us and also about a dreaded disease. To tell us about it, we have
Dr. Thiru Narayan Murthy in the studio. Welcome, doctor. – Greetings. Doctor, like we know, there are
various types of brain diseases. Alzheimer’s, Neoplasm,
Parkinson’s, short-term memory loss. Is there any other rare
disease that we are unaware of? Yes, of course,
whatever you said was rare diseases. But besides them,
there’s a very dangerous disease too. You are going to see a bleeding
disorder. Look at the visual. As you see in the first animation.. which the man has got
injured and the bleeding stops. Thrombasthenia is an abnormality
of platelets, extremely rare.. ..coagulopathy bleeding
disorder due blood abnormality. If no fibrogen bridging of platelets
to other platelets can occur.. ..bleeding time is
significantly prolonged. You saw the first visual now. A normal human body like ours, when
hurt, can clot the blood immediately. But in the second visual,
the blood didn’t clot. This is thrombasthenia. One or two out of millions
can be affected by this disease. Doctor, even a minor injury can prove
fatal for a person’s life? – No, no, no. When a person suffers even a
minor injury, he faints in five minutes. But at the same time,
if the cut is 1 centimeter deep.. ..especially on the chest,
neck, head, then it is confirmed death. So the person suffering
from this disease,.. ..if he suffers even a minor injury,
will it be fatal for his life? Nothing like that. There are many such
people in this world.. ..who are suffering from
thrombasthenia and have achieved a lot. Especially, there are many sportsmen. Even they live a normal life. But only at one condition.. ..they should not suffer any
kind of injury and they must be safe. Doctor, thanks for coming
here and advising us. – Thank you. It’s really shocking. How many people in our state
who are suffering from such disease? I don’t know exactly. 15 years ago, when I was in Thanjavur.. ..a father brought his
son to me for treatment. Doctor, he suffered injury
this afternoon while playing. We ignored taking it to be a minor
injury but the bleeding hasn’t stopped. I’m scared, doctor. He’s been unconscious for a long time. Nurse. – Doctor. Call someone from the lab.
– Okay, doctor. He’s lost so much blood. Send the blood to the
lab for testing immediately.. ..and tell them to fax the report.
– Okay, sir. It’s very urgent. Your son is suffering from
a bleeding disorder thrombasthenia. It’s a very rare disease. If the child’s body is weak
and the glycoprotein level is low.. is diagnosed as thrombasthenia. There’s no proper
treatment for this disease. You have to make sure that
your child doesn’t suffer any injury. There are two types,
internal and external.. ..your son is suffering
from external thrombasthenia. It was just a minor
injury so we could save him. Had it been a major injury,
it will prove fatal to him. This is Pugalhenthi Subramaniam. This is the kid I was talking about.
He was studying in third standard. But I don’t know where he is now. Sir, I saw Pugal going on bike. – Okay. I’ll be there.
– Yes, sir. The selection for the
87th national sports is on! The winner will compete with
Thanjavur sports club athletes. The competition has begun!
What you are seeing is long jump! Manik sir is checking the distance! What you are seeing now is discus throw! Yeah! Now you are watching shot put game! His passion says
that he will surely win! Yeah! 200 meters, adults, final call! Chest number 442!
Solomon, lane number 1! Pugalhenthi Subramaniam, chest
number 501, lane number 2, Thanjavur! Sir, bless me.
– Okay, okay. Where is Pugal? Sir, he’s on the way. He’ll be here. Chest number 458,
Madhavan, lane number 6. Give your best performance.
– Sir, I have a request. Can you please wait for two minutes? No, Deva. You should’ve
informed in the call room. I have to start on time.
– Lane number 5! Please, sir. – No, no. Sir, careful. Your lace. Runners, be ready,
the race is about to begin! On your marks! Set! The hurdle race has begun! The winner will participate
in national semi-final tournament.. ..which will be held in Kolkata! So let’s hope the best wins! Yes! Sir, did you see that?
– Congratulations! Thank you! Pugal, 13.88! Hey! Well done! – Sir, sweat!
Well done! Perfect timing! Come!
Thank you! Now, the chief guest will give away the
prizes to the winners and honour them! Greetings, everyone. This 87th sports meet has been organized
to encourage the new athletes.. ..and our country has
found very good athletes! I welcome them all! Devraj.. – Sir.
– You’ve trained the boys so well. Your boys put up a great performance.
Congratulations! – Thank you, sir. I’ve been training
my boys past 12 years. They have never lost in any competition. It is God’s grace, sir.
– The winners, please come on the stage! 110 meters hurdles first place,
Pugalhenthi Subramaniam, Thanjavur! Second place, Solomon, Trichy! Third place, Sujit Kumar, Pudukottai! Shot put,
first place, Ramesh, Thanjavur! Long jump,
first place, Sanjay, Thanjavur! Discus throw first place,
Kagiaram, Thanjavur! 200 meter,
first place, Rakesh, Coimbatore! Second place, Rohit, Rudragudi! Wait, let’s meet and go.
Why are you in a hurry? – No time. Hello buddy, I already had three beers. I am not high at all.
Looks like it is duplicate liquor. Hey, I think you’ve lost your senses. Did you forget your
father after getting drunk? It’s my father. Why do you drink so much?
Get up. – Get up, buddy. Dear, are you doing homework? You look upset. He never keeps up his promise.
Tell your father to eat. I had been for a meeting with the SP,
so I had dinner there. I’m tired. What happened? Why do you look upset? I’m upset. Had you come early,
we could’ve gone to the ground. But you have come late.
– Dad, that’s unfair. I bunked practicals today
to see brother’s race.. ..but you are coming now. – You silly. You knew he would win. – So what?
Don’t we wish to see him winning? It is not important
if my son wins in India.. ..we’ll proudly go and
see him when he wins for India. Mother, brother’s come! Stop. You shut on your own. Why did you come late? – Mother? We had been to Charlie’s Street. This is 56.
– Let me ward off evil eye. Coach had called. – Yes, father? You created national record. What was the timing? – 30.80. 13.88. Go. I have served food. I think carelessness
is ruining your timing. No problem if you drink liquor.. ..but a sportsman should
never smoke cigarette. You are advising him at such late hour.
You are so much concerned. Never mind. But you can advise
him in the morning, why now? Hello? – You idiot!
What do you think of yourself? Who do you think you are? Meet me for once and I will teach you,
you will then never call me again. Hey, wrong number.
Hang up. – Wrong number? The number is right.
He says it is wrong number? Scoundrel. Who is calling at this hour? Where is it? Here it is. She is just pretending.
– Mother, look at brother! Did you eat the steam cake? – Yes, mom. I had made tamarind chutney
but you didn’t tell me how it was. It was very tasty, mother.
When will you do it again? Okay mom, bye! – Take care! Okay mom, bye! Hey, I have taught
him a lesson last night. He won’t call you again. No. Look,
he has sent me so many messages. He called and troubled
me a lot last night. What? He messaged you again
in spite of me putting him to shame? Did you give me the correct number? 9962800713. No, that’s wrong.
I told you 20, you dialed 00. Oh no. I dialed wrong number
and yelled at him so much. But what did you tell him? Oh, my God. She’s unbelievable. If I listen to her for some more time,
I will become deaf. Don’t spare her.
– Just wait, I’ll call her. Hey, I am getting a call
from the same number. What do I do? The number you are trying
to reach is currently switched off. She switched off the phone.
– Is that so? Order tea. I’ll think. If she switched off her phone… – Tea! Not me, tell the tea vendor. Tell me something.
Why do you come empty pocket to college? Such a miser. Uncle, give me a cigarette.
– No cigarette. Don’t you have it in the shop or you
don’t want to give me? – Not for you. You have to pay me the dues. You
owe me Rs.1300. When will you pay me? I asked him to pay the dues,
he walked away? Congrats, buddy.
– Congrats, buddy. I knew you would win. But I never thought that you would break
the national timing record. – Thanks. You will now have to
treat us in the canteen. The number you are trying
to reach is currently switched off. Her phone is still switched off. Hi, Pugal. How are you? – Hi. I’m fine. He is thinking how you
gulp down a full dumpling. Shut up. Idiot. – You idiot. She hogs all day and tries to woo him. Why are you so rude to girls? What is it to you?
Are they your sisters? – Shut up. Well, he tried hard to woo girls but
failed hence he is a little frustrated. Am I right? – Of course, milord. Hey, what do I do? Look, call
from the same number again. – Show me. I am scared. – Why don’t you
answer the phone and apologize to him? Hello. Sorry, sir.
– What? Did you say sorry? Sir, an unknown guy calls my
friend everyday and does dirty talks. As if you spoke politely with me. No… I mistook you. The number my friend gave
me turned out to be wrong. Please, forgive me, sir.
– What did you say? Forgive you? Hello, you get forgiveness for the
mistake that you’ve done unknowingly. But if you do a mistake intentionally,
you get punished. When you called me first time,
I told you it was wrong number.. ..but you still abused me.
Shall I take action? Wait, I’m going right away. – Where, sir?
– Where? To the police station. Sir, please don’t do that.
My education will get ruined. Punish me if you want. All right. Okay, I’ll talk you later. Recharge my number with Rs.100.
Vodafone. – Sir, okay sir. Give me recharge for Rs.100, Vodafone. Buddy, so how is the climate in London?
– Hey, what a pleasant surprise? Hang up, I’ll call you.
– I have recharged my phone. You talk. The climate here is okay. Hey, he has so much recharge that.. ..he is trying to find
out the climate in London? Doesn’t matter to him.
That poor girl is recharging his number. Yes, I saw him… – Listen,
give me Rs.300. – Wait, I will give you. Here. – Thank you. Don’t you feel ashamed? – You
dialed a wrong number, what can I do? You tried to help her,
now bear the consequences. How are you, sir? – What took
you so long to answer the phone? Well, I was driving.
– So, you also have a bike. What does your father do?
– He is a manager in State Bank. Manager? Where? In Chennai.
– Oh, you are from Chennai. All right. What’s your name? Gayatri. – Gayatri. Nice name. Nice name. I have a condition. Whenever I feel like talking to you,
I’ll call you. You’ll answer the phone
in the very first ring. If you don’t, the police station is just
10 minutes away from my house. Got it? One more thing.
There’s a new offer in Vodafone. Full talk time for Rs.500, recharge my
number. Don’t do it immediately. You have one hour. – Okay. I have an important work to do.
I’ll call you later. Bye. Torture. Hey, what is it, tell me?
– I found out the wrong number guy. He is our old house owner’s son.
I have seen him, he is very cute. Usually, he doesn’t trouble girls.
You are lucky. Don’t torture me.
Hang up the phone. Idiot! What happened? She is not even answering me. Hello? – You answered the phone
even before the ring could complete. Very good. – Sir, what is it? Nothing, I felt like talking to you. I have lot of currency in my phone,
so I’m calling you. As if you are spending
your father’s money on me. You get so many calls. The clothes on the terrace
must’ve dried. Go and get them. I have work to do.
Can we talk later? – I see. All right. Call me after five minutes. – Okay.
– Leave brother’s jeans there. Are all the notes accurate?
– That’s what our boys are doing. They are still damp, dry it.
– Okay, boss. There should be no suspicion. The place is under surveillance,
so the job will be done next week. Even the boys younger to
you are married with children. Let it be, sister-in-law. Listen, counselor in
Elloor has a stepdaughter.. ..shall I talk to him
about marriage alliance? I don’t want to marry her. Wait
for sometime, I’ll find a girl myself. When? After you become old? Hello?
– Kittu, here. Tell me, Kittu.
– Is it ready? Yes, it’s ready.
– I need 25. You will get it.
Listen, I need one day. We need to make 25 lakhs
for Kittu in Coimbatore. My aim is to make everyone win. “Those who touch the sky win.
Don’t stop. Never give in.” “Bow and arrow of victory in your hand.
Never give in. Keep going.” “Running is your passion, prove it.” “Your courage is unbelievable,
prove it.” “Those who touch the sky win.
Don’t stop. Never give in.” “Time once gone never comes back.” “It is you who creates your own fate.” “You have made a promise to yourself
so make sure you don’t break it.” “Don’t let go the opportunity you have.” “Everyone has faith in you.” “There is something unique about you.” “Never fear the hurdles on your path.” “Victory is your aim,
achieve it with courage.” “You need to fight against
all odds to achieve something.” “Move ahead leaving everyone behind.” “If you are sincere,
you will surely attain success.” “Those who touch the sky win.
Don’t stop. Never give in.” “Bow and arrow of victory in your hand.
Never give in. Keep going.” “Running is your passion, prove it.” “Your courage is unbelievable,
prove it.” “Those who touch the sky win.
Don’t stop. Never give in.” Sir, for how much? – Rs.100. Not
on my number, but my friend’s number. Sir, I’ll recharge only for you,
I can’t do it for your friend. What did you say? You won’t do it? Hang up the phone, I will send
the police to your house in 10 minutes. Venugopal, number 7,
SBI Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai. Is the address correct? – Sorry, sir. What is your friend’s number?
– Note it down. I’ll do this.
I will message you his number. Recharge Rs.100 for me too. Buddy, she is naive. Don’t torment her.
Is it so? – Yes. All right. I will think. What happened? Why are you upset?
– Nothing, buddy. Not one or two days, past four days
he’s sincerely in love with a girl.. ..but she hasn’t seen him yet. Probably, she likes me. Past four days? And sincerely? Please get me that girl’s
number somehow. – Yes. You will get her only
if he gets you her number. Please do it. – Hey! Buddy, you just get me her number
and I will do the rest. I have self-confidence. I like your confidence. Keep that going. Which route? – Route? Hey, I only asked him about
the bus route she takes. – Bus route? Excuse me. Can you guide me to
this address? It is close by, isn’t it? This address… – Buddy.
You go straight.. – Hey, please buddy. Here, you tell her. Tell me. Go straight, then take a left. – Okay. Take the immediate right.
– Okay. – There’s a small temple.. ..from there… – All right.
– Look, I’m confused with the address. If you don’t mind, shall I take
you to the place? – All right. Sit. I’ll be back. Don’t forget to call me in the evening,
okay? Okay, bye. – Bye. If he can do it, I can do it too. Look at your face in the mirror first. Does it take 24 hours
to show the address? Buddy, it does take 24
hours to go around the world. At least consider her age. – Let it be. Hey uncle. – What is it?
– How much is my due? – Rs.1380. The due is clear now. There is no need to return the change,
consider it as tips. Hey, what notes have you given me?
The serial numbers are the same. That’s how foreign currency is. Many fools are trapped
in counterfeit note case. Their serial numbers are the same. Buddy, the girl in purple dress. What do you say?
We will make a wonderful pair, won’t we? Don’t expect a beautiful
girl to fall in love with you. Try your luck on every girl.
– All right, buddy. Do you want her number?
– Yes, that’s why I’m restless. You are the only one who
can make things happen for me. Wait and watch.
– What was he telling you? He was inquiring me about Priya.
– I see. Where will I get bus for Shringarnagar?
– The one which is leaving. He dropped his phone.
Pick it up. – The phone fell down. Careful. – Where is the SIM? – Here. Sister, I want to check if my
phone is working. Please call my number. Tell me your number. 98843..
– 98443.. 19293.
– 19293. It is ringing. – Is it? – Yes. Never mind.
I think my phone broke. Anyway, thanks. Darn it. Sir, just see the time. I can’t go out
and recharge your number at this hour. Shall I do it in the morning? Hello? Hello, sir? Hereafter, don’t call me sir.
Can me anything else. There’s good news for you.
I deleted the conversation. I thought for a while and
I heard a strange voice from my heart. I tortured you very much, didn’t I?
Hereafter, I won’t trouble you. I don’t know why but I don’t like that
I am doing, so… – Mother, come here. What is it? – Look at him.
He is talking to some girl at this hour. Pugal, if you’re wooing
a girl then go ahead.. ..but she should look beautiful. – Okay. Who is advising you
to woo a beautiful girl? Actually, my mother keeps teasing me.
– Oh. And I must say,
my mother is a great cook. What’s this?
How many times have I told you.. ..not to watch TV show and prepare food? Feed it to the dog. Now I know how delicious your mom cooks. Oh no. Wait a minute.
There’s a power cut here. I’ll light candle. Why isn’t it sticking? Hello, heat the bottom and
it will stick. Try it. – Okay. Thanks. The people who we like
and to our loved ones.. ..we shouldn’t tell them thanks,
sorry, or please. Okay. Hereafter, I won’t disturb you. Good night, Gayatri. Bye. I have come across many girls but
why am I not able to forget this girl? Do you miss her?
– Buddy, he’s done for. I think he has fallen for her. What’s the hurry?
Will the phone disappear? She has been acting like
insane from past two days. Her talks have mesmerized me.
– You are mistaken. What did you say? – Actually.. ..maybe she has a wonderful voice
but doesn’t mean she’s beautiful too. Pugal? – I am Preethi. What’s the matter with you? Nothing, I’ll call you later. I used to talk to
her without hesitation. But now when I wish to talk to her,
I’m forced to think a hundred times. Buddy, stop hesitating. She has a wonderful voice
hence she must be beautiful too. Beauty is just for eyes,
it is feelings that matters. – Oh. Gayatri, did you recharge my number? You didn’t call me for
once past so many days.. I thought you don’t
have currency in your phone. “I have fallen in love.” “My heart has started pounding.” “I wish to touch the sky.” “I don’t know how you look.” “My heart flies thinking about you.” “Who is that beauty? Tell us.” “Who has driven you crazy?” “I have fallen in love.” “My heart has started pounding.” “I have forgotten my friends
after falling in love with her.” “Lover boy. Lord, save him.” “Listening to you has
become a punishment now.” “I feel like you are mine.” “Are you for real or just a dream?” “I wait for you.” “I am restless for you.” “I yearn to meet you.” “Who is that beauty? Tell us.” “Who has driven you crazy?” “I wish to see your face.” “The fire is so strong.” “You have lost control.” “Listen, take rest and
come back to your senses.” “Is she a fairy or an angle?” “I wish that she comes before me.” “Anybody, please grant me some peace.” “Anybody, please help me meet her.” “She shook my world with her talks.” “Who is that beauty? Tell us.” “Who has driven you crazy?” “I have fallen in love.” “My heart has started pounding.” “I wish to touch the sky.” “I don’t know how you look.” “My heart flies thinking about you.” Your friend completed graduation and
earned plenty of money within two years. He also got married with
his money and settled in life. But what have you been doing?
Have you ever thought about it? You have to go for
an interview in a month. If you needed money for the application,
you should’ve asked me. Why do you hesitate? And what for you needed Rs.300?
– Dad, I need to give it to my friend. She is asking for money, give her. Breakfast is ready, don’t leave
without heaving it. – Okay, mother. Here. Go and get change. Onion 2 kilo,
potato 2 kilo, sugar 1 kilo… Excuse me. Give me change for Rs.1000.
– I don’t have change. I just give it away. – Please check. No, if I had, I would’ve given you. Lentil 3 kilo, anything else?
– Come here. Do you have? Yes. Give it.
– All right, give me. Here. Thank you. Hurry up, I’m getting late. – Here. What is this? I told you to get change for
Rs.1000 and couldn’t you do so much? Four notes are counterfeit.
Couldn’t you know? – Counterfeit note? And how will you know! Had you toiled hard,.. would’ve known the difference
between real and counterfeit notes. Where did you get the change from?
– From the market. – Here, exchange them. This boy… I wonder
when he will see sense. Anything else? – Sir, did you see where
the auto driver went? – No, I didn’t. He changed the tyre as it had gone flat. Why are you asking? What’s the matter? Nothing. He was telling someone on the
phone that he is going to the bus depot. Give me water. Boss, I have come to the bus depot. Handover the money to him.. ..and he will give you
original notes in return. Take it and come here. Listen, be careful. – Okay, boss. Hello, Coimbatore police station?
– Yes, police. Who are you? Sir, that’s not important. There’s a red color bus parked in the
bus depot near your police station,.. ..a guy aged 25-27 years old, he has
a packet filled with counterfeit notes. Hey, how do you know he
is carrying counterfeit notes? I have evidence, sir. First tell me who you are and
where are you talking from? Sir, I’m at the bus depot. Come on! Get in the jeep! Come on! Come on! Take him away! Come on! Sir! – I said come! What have I done? – Come to the police
station, I will tell you what you did. Okay, boss. Come soon. Sir, you arrested me in
spite of knowing whose man I am? What else could I do? A man standing near you called me and.. ..informed that you are
carrying counterfeit notes. He said he has evidence too. He was watching whether
or not I will arrest you. Just one rupee coin was
enough to land you in trouble. Had he phoned someone else,
he would’ve arrested you.. would’ve then
landed in deep trouble.. ..and then who would’ve
saved us from your boss? – Hey! A person landed you
in trouble so easily. You couldn’t do a simple job properly. Hey! – Boss? Go to Coimbatore. I will call Kittu.
– Okay, boss. Boss, I received an unknown call,
he didn’t tell me his name. If something wrong happens,
all of us will land in trouble. So? Keep the stuff here for two days. When the matter settles down,
I’ll deliver it myself. Are your job and life in trouble
just for small sum of counterfeit notes? But you didn’t feel the same
when I gave you plenty of money? Never mind. Keep it. But find out who the caller was. Goga, call Kittu. Kittu, boss says it will take four days.
Kindly adjust. Send it as soon as possible. – Okay. Did it take the entire
day to exchange the notes? I was looking for the one
who gave me the change so I’m late. Who was he?
Did you exchange the notes or not? I got him arrested by the police.
– You got him arrested? Yes. – That means I lost my Rs.400?
– Father, stop being greedy about money? I did it so that nobody else gets
conned like me. Understand? – All right. But what was the need to take
the trouble? – Forget it, father. What happened, Kittu? The police seized your stuff.
– Who told you? My man called the SP and found out. What is the party saying?
– He wants the consignment in one week.. ..otherwise he will cancel the deal. We will lose the deal.
Kittu was inquiring. I told you several times that
I will do the delivery but you refused. Hey, let’s go back. Boss, let’s deliver
the stuff at any cost today. Boss, the girl is very beautiful.
Moreover, she stays in our area. Why don’t you finalize the deal? –
Is today an auspicious day? – Yes, boss. Vetti. – Yes, boss. Do you know where that girl stays?
– Lakshmi colony, boss. You are Sampat sir, right?
– Not Sampat sir, just call me Sampat. What brings you to my house?
– I have come to meet you? He shares the same status as mine. Sit. He has been working with me from
past 30 years and he is very honest. He didn’t want to marry till now..
– Mother, lunch box! Who are they? – I don’t know. Bye. I now understand why
you agreed to get married. Boss, sister-in-law is very beautiful. Who has come? – I don’t know
who they are, they are talking to dad. Okay, you leave. Bye. – Bye. Your daughter will live in luxury. There’s no dearth of money.
Accept him as your son-in-law. Sir, he is my son Dinesh. He has
done M.Com. He is looking for job. Don’t worry. I’ll get you a job. In which company do you want job?
I’ll get you one. Job of making counterfeit notes?
– Son, wait. What are you saying? Dad, he was the one who
gave me counterfeit notes. I got him arrested by the police. You make counterfeit notes.
Get out of here! Get out! What did you say? – You heard me. You want to marry my sister?
Get out of here. – Let go of him. Please go away from here! Get out! Forgive him. Hey, if you come here again, I will hand
you over to the crime branch. – Dinesh. I know how to fix you. – Be quiet! I won’t spare anyone! – No matter what
they do, what is it to you? Be quiet. Does anyone talk to goons like that?
– Let it be. It is all because of you, you fool. You landed us in trouble for mere money.
It is all because of you. Goga, do you just need
the girl or her brother too? Boss, marriages are not suitable in our
profession, I better remain a bachelor. Let it be.
Boss, let’s forget about the girl. But I won’t rest in peace
until I kill her brother. Otherwise,
he will keep creating problems. Shall we kill him today itself? What do you say?
– Situation is not good. Wait for ten days and then kill him.
– Why ten days? I have seen the stadium,
all the arrangements have been made. There’s a party meeting in Kolkata
stadium, I received a fax this today. Look. – I will be able
to become a good coach.. ..only when a sports ground
is built here. Sir, I shall leave. Deva. – Yes. The guy from Unnath Nagar who
got selected for national level,.. ..will he win gold? – Sure, sir. How many kilometers? – Maybe 300. The meet will not be held in Kolkata,
it will be held in Chennai. The venue has been changed. We will leave five days earlier.
– Okay, sir. We’ll practice there, okay?
– Okay, sir. – Okay, sir. Who is he talking
to for such a long time? When a man falls in love,
he only talks to his lover. As it is,
he gets phone recharge for free. What’s your Facebook ID?
– I am not on Facebook. I did check.. haven’t put your
photo on Whatsapp too. – Photo? Assume that I hail from Chennai.
We can meet anytime. If you still want to see my photo,
hang up and I’ll send it to you. I will fix you. How dare you steal? – Greetings.
– How dare you commit theft in my area? I will never do it again, sir!
– Hold it. Sir. – Please let go. If you wanted money,
you should’ve asked me two days earlier. Sir… – You are asking now? There is not dearth for anything
as you belong to a rich family. I still have to run my family. Here. Where is your son going?
– He’s going to Chennai for National meet. If he wins, he’ll go to Asian meet. You are getting retired
and he finished his graduation.. ..instead of getting him a job,
you are encouraging him in sport? You are taking risk in spite of knowing
about the disease he is suffering from? Earlier, even I was scared for him.. ..but he believes that sports
will help him in his career. Later, I thought he was
right hence I support him. Sir, I need to go.
He has to catch a train. Sir has not come yet? Sir is coming in auto. – When
will he come? Time to board the train. Look, your dad is here. Dad, why did you come here? Here, son. – This… Take it. – What will I do with
so much money? – You will need it. I spent 25 years saluting
inspector and SP. If you win a gold medal in
national meet, you will get a good job. Dad, come on.
I will surely win. Don’t worry. I know my son will surely win. My retirement time is nearing. So, I am scared. Stop. – Take care of yourself. Thank you. Greetings. – Greetings, sir. Sir, please take good care of my son. You don’t worry.
I’m with him. Don’t worry. Okay? – Okay, sir. – Let’s go. All of you must win. All the best.
– Okay, uncle. Thank you. – Bye, dad. Thank you, uncle.
– Call me. – Okay, dad. Go. The train reached on time. – Hi, sir! Hi. How are you? – I’m fine, sir.
– How are you? – I’m fine. Let’s go, I will show you the hotel.
– Has the vehicle come? Let’s go. No one will go out.
All of you stay right here. – Okay, sir. Let’s meet in the
ground tomorrow morning. Okay, sir. – Open the door. Move aside. This… – What happened? Why
didn’t you use the toilet in the train? Pugal, I’ll see you tomorrow.
– Listen. Give me your bike keys. The clutch of the bike is jammed,
be careful. I will meet you in the ground. – Okay. Pugal, are you here to win
gold medal in the race or love? Does the water come so dirty
in your city? – I think you’ve come. Tell me.
Where are you staying? – Egmore. Tell me something.
When are we going to meet? – Today? Any problem?
My practice starts from tomorrow. You must be tired, rest for a while. Hello, I will take care of it.
Where do I meet you? Shall we meet in the temple
in MG Road at 10 o’clock? Temple in MG Road? Okay, I’ll be there. Drop me at Suraj Nagar and
I’ll take a bus from there. – Okay. Pray that you get a job this time. Don’t get insulted from dad. Listen. I am going to meet a friend. Please say something
to sir and manage. – Okay. Come, let’s go. All the best. – Thank you. Didn’t you sleep all night?
– I couldn’t sleep. What happened? – Boss. Dinesh is standing right
before me in the bus stop. Alone? – Yes, boss. Shall we kill him? Go ahead. I’ll talk to boss.
– As you say, boss. Give me tea.
– You come here to drink tea for free? Sir, where’s the temple in MG Road?
– Take right and go straight. – Thanks. Oh no. Sorry, I hit you accidently. Look, he is standing beside boss. Tell me. – The one who saved
Dinesh is standing beside you. Sir, it’s an emergency.
Shall I sit? – Yes, sit. Sir, my sister is serious. I need to take her to the hospital,
please go fast. All right. Hey. – Yes. Where do you hail from? – Tanjavur. What are you doing here?
– Here to meet my friend. What? – Here to meet my friend.
– What is your name? – Pugal. What do we do about him? Chop his hands and legs. I apologized to you, didn’t I?
Then why all this? Hey auto, come here! Boss, get up. Hurry up, put him inside.
Take boss from here. Come on, go. Go, go.
Leave from here. Darn it. Hello? Hello? Pugal, where are you? Some goons have created a problem here. I am at MG Road. Gayatri, where are you? I told you to wait for few days.
Why were you in haste? You broke your hand. I’ll be fine in four days, boss. He first got my men arrested.
Now, how dare he hit you? You should’ve killed him that day. Boss, it was not
Dinesh who sent us here. Who was it?
– I haven’t seen him earlier. His name is Pugal.
He hails from Tanjavur. What enmity does he have with us? Boss, I only know that he saved
Dinesh by taking him in his bike. I don’t understand what’s going on. If you see him again, kill him. An attempt to murder case has
been filed against you. – Who filed it? None of you will do
anything until I return. Search! They manufacture counterfeit notes.
Keep your head straight, don’t move. He doesn’t have status
to pay school fees. He thinks himself as king. Sir. Nothing, sir. They supply counterfeit notes
from Chennai to other states. We have no evidence about how and
where he manufactures counterfeit notes. A young guy has filed a complaint
against scrap dealer Sampat. What’s the use, sir?
– He erased all the evidences recently. Sir, he has changed his profession. He’s given a statement that.. ..neither he nor his family
is connected to this business. Even the public is scared of him. Recently one guy thrashed
his men on road alone.. ..that everyone reached the hospital. He is very courageous. Just find out who he is
and what he does. – Yes, sir. Meeraj. – Yes, sir? I heard you seized fake
notes in Coimbatore. – Yes, sir. I seized thinking it to be fake notes.. ..but when I searched,
there was nothing like that. Oh.. – Somebody had
given us wrong information. Okay. – Sir. Where’s your bike?
– It’s at home. – Gayatri. Hello, why are you pretending? Look, our bus is here.
– Hurry up. Okay, bye. You have to
give a treat tomorrow. Okay, bye. Uncle, this bus doesn’t go there. Will you talk to me only on phone?
Won’t you talk to me in person? Look, it was not my fault. He got hit by cycle tyre.
I cleaned it and even apologized to him. It is a sin to hit anyone,
but getting beaten up is a severe sin. So, I showed him who I was. What kind of a girl she is?
She’s angry on me for petty matter. Come on in.. everyone.. hurry up. Tell me, where to shall
I give ticket to you? Hi.. – Hi. – Where do you want to go? Go on, move! I am scared. Why? Are you a goon? The next stop is nearing.
Get ready to get down. Come on, hurry up. Everyone is giving
her book to hold. Okay. Excuse me.
Will you please hold this for me? Next stop is Diamond Signal. Pen. Hello? What have you done? Are you avenging me
for putting recharge for me? If you want,
tell me, I’ll repay it to you. Please understand.
How can I return the pen to you? I will buy you a new pen tomorrow. Okay. Gayatri, be careful.
It is a branded pen. Tomorrow is my birthday,
I’ll wait for you at Arumbakam bus stop. I got it, you got down at Thambaram.
Which hotel? What’s room number?
5? Okay, okay. One minute, I’ll write down the address.
Boss, do you have a pen? I don’t have a pen. – I’ll note down the
address and return it to you. Give me. Hello boss, pen please. What’s your name? – Prince. Your name is Prince, but you
don’t have a pen with you. Go away. Hey! – Yes. How is Prince name connected to pen? If it was Tendulkar,
would I become a cricketer? You! Stop there. Hello? I need not write.
I’ll come there directly. Yes, okay. What are you doing?
You don’t have flexibility. Hey, go out of the ground! – Sir.. You’ve come here for picnic. – Sir.. As soon as you came here,
you fought with goons for a girl. Sir, it was not my fault.
– It was not your fault, but mine. I told everyone that you’ll
get gold medal. It was my fault. Hey, you go or I’ll lose my temper. Sir, I don’t know who they were. He hit me first.. – So, you ended it. Hey, do you know what
ailment you are suffering from? If something happens to you,
what will I answer your father? Hey, Go. Go away from here.
Don’t come in front of me. Sir, sir.. – I’m telling you, go away! What are you doing? Get me the disc. Go! Did sir say anything?
– Pal, forget it. You know about sir.
He’ll be alright tomorrow. Cool down. You come to the ground tomorrow.
Everything will be alright. Pal, I have some work tomorrow. Tell sir that I have fever and manage. Okay, tell me, did Gayatri say anything? Why do you want to know?
– We want to know, so we are asking you. Nothing important.
– Then tell us. Whatever has to happen
will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is Gayatri’s birthday. Give that to me.. give me. He doesn’t do the work given to him. Moreover, he teaches rules. Uncle, don’t you have musical candle? 100 pieces.. give him whatever he wants. 100 pieces.. give him whatever he wants. I don’t which road
Gayatri will come from. Hello boss, did you recognize me?
You gave me a lift that day. Yes. – Remember me? – Yes, I do. What’s your name? – Pugal.
My name is Dinesh. I couldn’t thank you that day as
I was in a hurry. Thank you. – Okay. I stay nearby. Come home. – I’m waiting
for a friend here. Please understand. There’s a function in my house. Please, come.
You can return in some time. ‘He saw the gift and
is calling me for function.’ ‘I think he’s eyeing my gift.’
– Boss, you’ve helped me. Come. Why are you being adamant?
You have to come. – Okay, I’ll come. Okay. Leave me. – Thank you. You’re good in studies…
– The guests are here, come. – Okay. Mine is bigger than you…
– Please come. — Keep it closer. Had I not bought this candle,
my sister would’ve killed me. Gayatri, this is my friend, Pugal. – Hi. Tell me something.
What did you tell me that day? ‘Sir, hurry up. I need to take my sister
to the hospital as she is unwell.’ People in your city
lie to get work done, right? What was it? Wonderful, I came to the right place. Thank you. Feed your mother. – Yes. Thanks, dear. – Brother. Many many happy returns of the day.
– Thanks, aunt. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Give it to everyone. Dear, come here.. – Careful.
Everyone will get it. One minute. Happy birthday. – Thanks a lot. – Okay. Yes, you take this. Pugal, why did you give the gift to her? It is not good to eat the cake
without giving the gift. That’s why. You’re right. She would’ve
fought had you not presented her gift. Dad, it is late for college.
I shall leave. – Okay, dear. Leave. The TV that you were supposed to buy..
– I bought it. – Okay, okay. Come to the cross road immediately. Okay, I will make a move. I will drop you.
– No thanks. I’ll go. Okay. Okay. – Uncle. I shall leave now.
– Okay, son. Aunt, I shall leave.
– Prices have gone down these days. This government has made a difference.. Hi. – Sit soon. It is time
for my father to go to the office. Okay, your highness!
Whatever you say. Headlight and indicator. Change both. New one is in this. – Okay. We are in the vicinity. That day you fought, I don’t
think it was because of the tyre. Dinesh informed the police
about counterfeit notes business. Not only that, he had come
home to ask my hand in marriage. Brother insulted them. So, you saved brother by giving him a
lift while they were trying to kill him. They thought you were brother’s
friend and attacked you. Okay, you are right. But right now there’s only
one thing on my mind. – What is it? Biology is working out between us. What is biology?
Everyone works out chemistry. Gayatri, what will chemistry do? Will they experiment it in the lab? If biology works out then
a good looking girl like you.. ..or a dashing hunk like
me comes into the world. I don’t think so. Come on, buck up! Charles! Sir.. – Tell him to come. – Okay. Come, sir is calling you. Go! Boys! On your mark, set.. go! If you run at this timing,
you won’t come in the seventh place too. You go back home tonight.
I’ll talk to your father. Listen. The medal you win won’t
just belong to you.. is your father’s
dream and my aim too. I don’t think you can do it. Sir, give me one more chance. I will correct my timing. Go. Pugal.. ..if you really want
to achieve your goal.. ..then you should become Eklavya. “Time once gone, never comes back.” “Your destiny is in your hands,
don’t let anyone else write it for you.” “You’ve promised yourself,
don’t break the promise.” “You’ve got an opportunity,
never miss it.” “Everyone trusts you.” “There’s something special about you.” “Don’t get scared of
the hurdles on your path.” “Your strength is victory,
achieve it with courage.” “You need to lose everything
to achieve something in life.” Did you see? Do you realize how difficult
it is to correct the timing? Timing is very important in a game. Go. Go and relax. Pal, I got scared thinking
you would pick up timing or not. I was sure that I
would pick up the timing. Sir forgave me, that’s enough for me. You only get water here,
but everyone goes out to get glucose. Did you meet Gayatri or not?
– Hey, talk softly. Sir has sharp ears. A person should always be confident.
But you shouldn’t become overconfident. Okay boys, let’s leave. – Yes, sir.
We’ll assemble at 5 in the evening here. Okay, sir. – Sir, this.. Hey, you always question me
after the practice is over. Go away! Hey, see who it is. – Yes. Hey, where are you?
– Where else can I be? I’ve come to see your race
from so far and you ask me where I am? I am at Koyambedu bus stop.
Please come and pick me up. Okay? Don’t get tensed, be relaxed.
Who was it? Sir, my friend is here to meet me.
– You just got better with your timing.. someone is here
to disturb you again? Hi. – Tell me. ‘A lamp lights up in
my heart seeing in your eyes.’ I think you’ve become a poet.
– Hey, I am in love. You? – Yes. Who is that unlucky girl?
– Second year, history department. Her name is Keerti. It has been four days
since we are in love. But there’s a problem. I have a doubt
whether her love is confirm or not. Don’t worry. If you follow my instructions,
then it is confirmed she will agree. Assume that your
girlfriend is before you. You see her once and hide. If she can’t see you…
she will look for you. Hey Gayatri,
are you waiting for the bus to leave? You go, I’ll come in the next bus.
– Okay. Okay, bye. Enter like a hero before
her when she’s alone. You do something like this. Keerti, this bus will not go.
You don’t go. I know, but that
loafer is staring at me. I’m scared that he will know my address. Let’s get down in the
next stop and change the bus. She disappeared. – Is it? I’ll tell you something. These days girls always wish
that we should keep staring at them.. ..and not let them go away from us. Do something like this. ‘She is looking so beautiful.’ Hey excuse me! Please! Listen! No? – No. You do this… – If you say anything,
I’ll break our friendship. Okay, pal. Better luck next time. Hey, where are you going?
Come with me to my room. No pal, I don’t want to sit
behind a lover boy on his bike. I can’t trust them as
they can leave me in midway. I won’t take chances
of such scene to happen. I’ll stay in an Inn and will
come to the ground tomorrow. Bye. Greetings, sir. I had been to file petition for bail,
so I got delayed. Forget that.
Where is boss? – He is here. – Let’s go. Did you deliver stuff to Kochin’s party?
– No, boss. The DC is trying hard to trace us. He is trying to nab us having
the bank employee’s son as witness. So we were waiting for you. I’m doing this business
for the last 25 years.. ..and I haven’t missed
any delivery to any party. Find that boy somehow tonight. We should settle his scores. Those who come first and second
in the race will go to Asian games. Timing is very important, Pugal. – Okay. We all will rest well at night. Wake up in the morning
and do little bit of warm-up. Don’t get tired unnecessarily.
Understood? okay, let’s move. You leave. Tell me, Gayatri. Dinesh left in the morning saying.. ..he’s going to his friend’s
house in Anna Nagar.. ..he’s not back yet,
he is not answering the phone too. I’m scared. Will you please look for him?
– Okay. Message his number to me. Okay. – Sir,
my another friend is here to meet me. Okay, come back soon. – Okay, sir. Hello! – Hello! Dinesh, Pugal here! Where are you? – Hello, Pugal!
My life is in danger. I am in Chanda Nagar.. – Hello? Catch him! – Where in Chanda Nagar? In Chanda Nagar.. Hello? Hello? Hello? Can’t you see and walk?
You scattered the money of an old woman. How will I pick my money?
May you go to hell! May you get ruined! They were running as
if a dog was chasing them. They scattered my money.
Somebody help me. Sir, thank you for helping me.
– Okay, grandma. God bless you. I don’t know who they
were following to kill. Ask them if they kidnapped him.
– Okay, boss. Be careful. – Thank you, Pugal. You don’t you listen to me. Nothing happened, leave me.
– Look at your face. It’s swollen. I said nothing happened. Leave me.
– Listen to me. Listen to me. I’m very scared for you
that something may happen to you. My race begins at
exactly 10 am tomorrow.. ..when I’m standing on the track
you must be before me. Will you come? Sure. Where are you going again without
having food? – I’ll be back, mother. You just came,
where are you going again on the bike? The DCP has summoned me urgently.
– At such late hour? Bye, Pugal. – Take care. I think my heart is telling
me something.. – What does it say? Well.. You and I.. – You and I? Our biology can work out. You should all wear bangles.
You get thrashed again and again. You all should die of shame. Goga, you finish this work. Take someone else because
they are not fit for anything. No one could defeat me till date. If someone interrupts while
killing him then kill him too. Goga, where can I find
that boy from Tanjavur? I’ll handle him, boss. Try to find out the IP address.
– Greetings, sir. – Come, Dinesh. You wait outside. – Sir. Tell me, Dinesh. – Sir,.. said you want to stop
the people who make counterfeit notes.. ..I filed an attempt to murder
case because you told me to. Sir, they are following me. Only for four fake notes we can’t
do anything to that network, Dinesh. You have to arrest them with planning. We will. Hey, where is he?
– Are you looking for Pugal? I sent him back to his hometown. Our guys saw him in
the ground till evening 5.. say you sent him to his hometown? Hey, listen to me. Don’t do anything to
him. – You shouldn’t lie in front of me. No, hey! He has a race tomorrow, right?
Let me see how he comes to the ground. Hey! Brother! Father! Mother! – Gayatri! – Brother! Look at your brother. Mother, how did this happen?
– Your brother left us. Brother! – Look at him. Brother! Brother! My son! My son! My son! They killed him, dear. Brother! Brother! Hey, what happened? Hey, where are you?
– What happened, tell me? Sir is hurt. We are going to JJ hospital. Come soon. Sorry, sir. Sir, he went to meet you. You trusted him, but could you save him? Sir, what will you do now? They killed you near your office. Sir, what could you do? Tell me, what could you do? Why couldn’t you save him? Sir, can your entire
force give back my son to me? Sir, answer me.
Can you give him back to us? Sir, go. Go. Go and serve them. A security guard is more efficient
than you in our bank. Go! Go, sir! You can’t do anything. I don’t know what’s going on.
They’ve thrashed him badly. Hey, what happened?
– Nothing, your enemies broke sir’s leg. Where is sir? – In room number 215. Sir! It is a small fracture. It will be fine. You unnecessary messed
with those people. I had so many plans. I had seen so many dreams. Everything is over. Son, why did you fall into trouble? How will I face your father? All our hard work went in vain. Sir. You’ll forget all this and go
to the ground. You will win the medal. The notes that you are seeing,
many are fake notes in it. Not only you.. ..sometimes the authorized currency
checking machine also misses it. Sampat is making such perfect notes.. ..that there’s no FIR lodged
against Sampat for counterfeit notes. In fact, there is no much difference.. ..between the notes that
he makes and the government. Sampat is using many
kinds of printing machines. He is a dangerous criminal. Sampat does all the illegal activities. In a country like India
where there’s extreme population.. is very easy to float fake notes. See this visual. Sir, please. In our country, 1,965,000 crores fake
currency notes are floating in market. RBI has seized more than 600 crores of
fake currency notes in last one year. In 2012-2013, it was 19.5 crores.
In 2013-2014, 19.7 crores. It is very easy to swindle fake notes in
extremely populated country like ours. This money comes from Dubai. If the production of fake
currency notes continues.. our country,
then economy of our country will fall. To overcome this issue, government has
made arrangements to identify real notes. Counterfeit note business is punishable. We shouldn’t take counterfeit
notes scam easily. Progress of our country
can stop because of this. In the video, you saw about the
criminals, Sampat is one amongst them, ..but he is on the run. Until yesterday he came before
us as white collar businessman. Today he has joined
the list of criminals. Our informer,
Viju Orizon, and our witness Dinesh.. He was just 27 years old. Sampat murdered him. Sir, I’m waiting for your orders. If you permit, I’ll clear everyone. Mr. Uttam Kumar. We can’t take
immediate action on big shots like him. Wait. We’ll see. Sir, be careful. Slowly, sir. Slowly, sir. Sir..
– It’s okay, sit. Sir, my name is Devraj. I.. – I know,
you are his physical trainer. He is Pugal. His father’s name is Subramaniyam. He is working as writer
in Thanjavur H-5 police station. He is a very honest man. – Yes, sir. He has won National
timing in hurdle race. If he is hurt, the bleeding won’t stop. Why did you thrash those
rowdies in the middle of the road? What was your enmity with them? Sir, actually…
– Hey, Pugal. – Yes, sir. Sir, I have a request. Sir, can you give him protection
until the game gets over tomorrow? Sir, this is a city where
5 lakh people come daily. Who can give security to all of them? There’s no guarantee
of my life in this city. People have to safeguard themselves. Very sorry. – Sir, sir.. I am getting worried now..
– Sir, you please sit. You sit. Sir.. If you want protection, tell the sports
authority of the state to call us. That too, it will take ten days. I can’t give you protection right away. Doctor, I was brought up by
eating mutton. So, I am very powerful. A little rash will not harm me. Pugal escaped.
– Hey, where will he go escaping from us? If I get my hands on him.. Wipe it with the cotton,
it’ll stop bleeding. Doctor, my bleeding will stop
but his bleeding won’t. It is not a big deal to kill him.
Even a small hurt can kill him. Just make sure he doesn’t
get any medical treatment. Boss, I shall leave. Bye, Goga. Boss, the inspector is here. Why did he come here?
– He wants to meet you urgently. Okay, send him inside. – Okay. It will be better if you and
Goga go away from here for some time. DCP is planning something secretly. Even I can’t predict the outcome of this.
– Hey, why are you telling us to escape? Who? – Hey Goga!
Why are you venting your anger on him? He is here to save us.
– Goga, I’m telling for your own good. Rest, your wish. It is better we leave. Boss, what are you talking?
Should we run fearing a kid? That guy hit me. – Hey calm down. I will not go anywhere until I bury him.
– Hey Goga, listen! It is not safe for us to stay here. Where are you?
– At home. Any work for me? Come to stadium at 10 tomorrow.
You have to kill a guy. Just send me his photo,
I’ll handle the rest. What happened? What did he say? Sir, I requested him so much. Sir, he is right. One has to safeguard themselves. Pugal, what are you saying? Come on.
– What do we do now? Listen, let’s go to the hotel,
then we’ll go to Karthik’s house. Okay. You do this,
you take sir to the hotel. – Okay. I will go to the hospital
and get his medicines. – Okay. Hey, be careful. – Okay. Tell the boys to stay together.
– Sir, I’ll tell them. Sir, come on. Be careful. Hello?
Hello sir, did you reach home safely? How can anyone be safe
if they are with you? You went to pacify DCP? I killed him, now it is your turn. I broke his leg,
now I’ll make him crippled. I’m standing near head post. If you are courageous, come and save him. Sir, I saw Pugal going on the bike.
– Okay, I’ll be there. – Yes, sir. Put it in the container. Coach, you have stopped training the boys
in sports and teach them how to fight? Look.. we are not here
to pick up fight with anyone. Sports mean everything to us. Wow, well said. He will participate only if he is alive. Even if he bleeds because
of small scratch, he’ll die. Only now I found out. No problem. Not just one wound.. ..I’ll make his entire body bleed today.
– Listen brother.. ..he would’ve made
a mistake unknowingly. But.. but..
I beg of you. – Leave me. – Forgive him. Let go of him. – Move!
– Please don’t do anything to him. Pugal.. no, son..
you go from here. Pugal! Get up, sir.
Get up. – Listen to me. Pugal? Pugal? What happened? No! No! Pugal! Come on.. I won’t spare you today. Hey! Get back to work, he will handle him. Hey! It is the last day for
you and your teacher today. If you step forward, I will kill him. Goga, kill him! What have you done? – Sir.. Pugal. – Brother, how did you come here? Karthik, are you alright? – Yes. Nothing happened to you, right?
– No, sir. Listen, Pugal. You’ll do what we had to do. Listen to me carefully. Sir, I’m ready to listen to you. No one gives their gun so easily. I have full faith in you. I will not let you down, sir. When you’ve chosen me,
I will do my duty. Sir. Sir.. Sir, your demand for
security has been fulfilled. Go and get ready for the race. All the best, Pugal! Ladies and gentlemen,
I welcome you all.. ..for the 55th national senior athletic
championship for the year 2015.. ..which is being organized
in this beautiful.. ..Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai. Now, you could see some of the teams marching out and that is the colorful band party.. ..which is now crossing over. Now, we are about to start
the heats of 200 meters for men. 16.79! – Darn it. We are going to have the
long jump for men trials and finals. Darn it. Pugal, all the best.
– Sir, I’m Dev speaking. Sir, where’s Pugal? – He’s getting
ready. The race hasn’t begun yet. I will call you after the
race gets over. – Okay, sir. Okay. Hello. Best of luck. Well, ladies and gentlemen
let me draw your attention.. the start point
of 110 meter hurdles. Now, we are going to
start the 110 meter men final. The lineup for this 110 meter
hurdle men final is as follows.. lane number 1, we have, bib
number 953, Riyaz Ahmed from Kerala.. lane number 2, bib number 668,
Ruparsh from Andhra Pradesh.. lane number 3,
bib number 724, Ashwin from Rajasthan.. lane number 4, bib number 887,
Malhotra from Jharkhand.. lane number 5,
727 Pugalhenthi from Tamil Nadu.. lane number 6,
933, Rahul from West Bengal.. lane number 7,
bib number 880, Ramesh from Bihar.. ..and in lane number 8, bib number 650,
Uttam Singh from Haryana. This is the lineup for
110 meter hurdles men final. Let us all wish the eight finalists,
all the very best. ‘This is not only your
father’s dream but my aim too.’ ‘It is up to you to
keep it up or break it.’ Hey! – Come on, pal..
come on.. – Come on. Come on, Pugal! Come on! Run! Run! Pugal, what happened to you?
– Hey, what happened? What happened to him? – Pugal?
– Hey, pick him up. Pick him up fast. – Buddy. Pugal? Take him! – Take him carefully.
– Move! Lift him! Hurry up. Please move aside.
– Let some air in. Of course, I never expected
that I will see this boy again. The reason we could save
this guy is conference treatment. The technology has developed so much. Go inside.
He is alright now. He’s waiting for you. Get me a cup of tea. Had you boiled the tea for long,
it would taste good. Mother-in-law, you made the tea.
I just heated it up. The race that took place
in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.. ..for selections,
coach Devaraj’s student, Pugal.. ..achieved a new record and
won gold medal in 110 meter race. Hence government has given inspector’s
post in Tanjavur police station. Dad, this doesn’t suit you. I didn’t salute you, son
but to your position. Tie the left lace properly. – Yes. And hold it firmly with your finger,
okay? Understood? – Yes, I understood. Hey! Salute, sir! – Hey!

100 thoughts on “Weapon The Hathyar | Adharvaa, Sri Divya | G. V. Prakash Kumar | Full Movie ᴴᴰ

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  3. This is super movie
    फिल्म थोड़ी और बनानी चाहिए थी

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