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Weapon Scanner

Searching for
concealed weapons. [MACHINE BEEPING] Number of weapons found… …many. I’m here to see
the vice cardinal. FEMALE VOICE:
Yellow alert. Yellow alert. [ALARM BEEPING] Yellow alert. Yellow alert. Yellow alert. It’s… It’s her. She’s dead. [PANTING] Oh, my God. [♪♪♪] FEMALE VOICE:
Single female intruder identified
at Security Portal One. Please remain calm. Pacification and neutralization
is under way. The boy’s dead.
This is pure suicide.

9 thoughts on “Weapon Scanner

  1. It's shockingly self aware that by this point the action scenes have become so dull and exhausting to watch so the majority of Violet's assault here happens off-screen.

  2. I fucking love this movie SO much! Anything Mila Jovovich is in, I will watch to hell and back, from Ultraviolet to Resident Evil. And she's going to be in the new Hellboy Reboot – I was already gonna see it anyway, but I had no idea she was gonna star in it, so an even bigger incentive!

  3. Those guys faces at the counter were pretty humourous, you have to wonder what those machine gun wielding guards would be thinking of.

  4. You know that a sh!t storm is coming when the the computer just gives up on counting how many weapons she's carrying 🤣

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