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Weapon of Choice

It’s right up here. (Knock knock) Open up man… You know it can be a life or death situation… come on man, open up I couldn’t rob stores or ordinary people because of my dad. My dad would ‘ave… …these would all be fake… he would have knocked em out of my mouth, you know. So, I ended up robbing drug dealers! [gun fire] [yelling] I mean, if you’re dealing with people that have addictions most of time they’ll do anything to fix that addiction…. you know, to make it work. They’ll end up taking a life, robbing you, or whatever they gotta do. If you’ve watched the movie, you’ve seen the first part of the movie, it showed me robbing drug dealers, and that was true. The first part of the movie was not amped up! A lot of people say well what kind of parents did he have? I had the perfect Christian parents, I grew up in the perfect family, ok. But started doing drugs at 11 years old. From 11 years old I started smoking cigarettes, started smoking marijuana 13 years old, experimenting with pills, and then all of a sudden 14 years old it’s getting deeper. 15 years old it’s not about looking cool anymore, it turned into addiction. and getting up every morning shoving a needle in my arm, you know shooting up cocaine and heroin. I was in a bad bar fight Orlando Florida, and turned out to be a shoot-out out I almost got killed that night, and I made up my mind on the way home I’m done living this life. I went home, I told my wife, I said “we’re moving”. She was all excited, she was waiting on that break to get out! So we moved a thousand miles away relocated ourself. She started going to church immediately, started serving God it was actually two years later until I started serving Christ. You know I believe that anyone that had a drug addiction, you’re always out to tip that high, to top that high, to do something that’s over that last drug that you’ve ever done. And I ain’t found anything to touch what Jesus Christ has done for me. You know and it’s like the ultimate high and it’s free and, you can wake up every morning with no regrets you know, so you know, I don’t think there’s anything over that. I went to this graveyard in Grand Rapids, Minnesota to look up one grave there and when I got there I found several graves of people that I sent there, by introducing them to drugs, you know. So it really ended up having a really strong impact on me, you know. I realised that I hurt a lot of people, messed up a lot of lives. All around the world there’s children that are being persecuted, that are being hurt that are being turned onto drugs, you know so many different things are happening to children around the world. So it’s not just about rescuing children in Sudan, it’s not just about rescuing children in Uganda or Ethiopia. It’s about rescuing children around the world. I believe that we all can do that. If we can steer one child away from drugs we’ve rescued a life.

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