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Weapon Feature: Battle Rifle

The BR55 Heavy Barrel service rifle, more
commonly known as the ‘Battle Rifle’, is a weapon manufactured by Misriah Armory. Designed as an all-around utility weapon, this rifle excels at medium to long range combat. With semi-automatic, burst fire and full-automatic modes, the BR55 is the backbone of all UNSC armed forces. When nothing else gets the job done, the Battle Rifle will.

62 thoughts on “Weapon Feature: Battle Rifle

  1. Why does this feel like one of those criminal tv shows they use to play back in 2000. Maybe it's because of this dudes voice.

  2. Now THAT is how to update the look of a weapon without changing the art design.

    Cough Halo BR Cough Halo 5 SMG and Rocket Launcher and Magnum

  3. Also, typically when you're going to do extreme gratutitous close ups of a model, you use a higher texture res, as several of your shots look blurry and low resolution, just a tip.

  4. Just wow. Beautiful. I honestly like it better than any official Halo game model of the Battle Rifle so far. o.o
    Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    On a side note, has your team ever talked to the Installation 01 team at all?

  5. Reminds me of this series on the Military / American Heroes T.V. channel I used to watch a lot. They'd rank around 10 or so weapons platforms to find out which was best.

    Shame I forget the shows name.

    Edit: Found it.

    It's just called top ten

  6. y'all are doing gods work and youve made a lot of progress for such a small team. but its sad that you might be undercut by installation 01 since they seem to have gotten so much more attention. too bad the both of you arent on the same engine from the start otherwise you two could have collaborated and even made a firefight mode (or campaign if ambitious enough). both games seem to be going for a very similar playstyle. i really love what you guys did with dual weilding as well. hope to see this come out in a couple years

  7. There are two games being developed – Project Contingency and Installation 01 and now the Halo MCC is also coming to the PC. I cant decide what to feel now. Be sad for these fan games coz MCC is gonna take the recognition from them or be excited that three new Halo games are coming to PC.

  8. Halo MCC is coming to steam/PC. I think most people with lose interest fast once it release.

    You guys should just release what you have so people can play around.

  9. Please don't stop guys, it looks amazing, you should be proud, haven't lost hope once. You will always have my support

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