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Weapon Case 1 Skins

As usual click on the weapon you’d like
to know more about. It is my goal to ultimately document all weapon cases in this manner,
spread out over many months and with plenty of other stuff in between because I know that
many of you don’t subscribe for this kind of content. Today we have the OTHER first
case that Valve ever made: this being the Weapon Case 1. The other was the Esports Case
2013 which I’ve already covered. Both cases are completely Valve-generated designs, with
this collection having a distinctly ‘purple’ theme. With black and white bits as well.
They were released on the 13th of August 2013, well before they began introducing community
skins. First up we see the MP7 Skulls, available
in Field Tested or Minimal Wear condition. At the time of making this video it is the
cheapest of all the weapons in the collection, going for under a dollar for normal and just
over 2 dollars for stat-trak in the best possible condition.
Next is the SG553 Ultraviolet, an incredibly simple 2-tone design. I think people would
be very upset if this was accepted into a new case today. But saying that, I’ve got
one. Factory New goes for a LARGE premium; 6 dollars for normal and 40 dollars for stat-trak,
but the rest are just a dollar or so. In case you’re wondering about this video’s
rendering settings, they’re captured in 480 FPS to achieve a beautiful motion blur
effect. This is the second video where I’ve done this and I’ve also captured the preview
pictures in 8K to try and remove some of those horrible jaggy edges you can see when running
at just 4K. Truly a dirty, ugly peasant resolution. The last of the military-spec designs is the
AUG Wings, going for only slightly more than the cheapest MP7 Skulls skin covered earlier.
$2.50 will get you a factory new stat-trak, but the condition only goes down to Minimal
Wear any way and it sells for roughly the same price.
And now onto the restricted skins: the M4A1-S Dark Water. A very shiny skin in certain lighting.
It only comes in field-tested and minimal wear condition, both are similar in price.
6 dollars will currently get you the best normal skin and 14 dollars for stat-trak,
making this the 3rd cheapest skin in the case. Now is the USP-S version of the Dark Water
skin. Very similar to the M4A1-S mentioned previously, but slightly more expensive overall!
I’m always worried that by mentioning prices it will make the video become out of date
wayyyy too soon, but there’s not a lot else to talk about with these early skins. Let
me know what you think! I’m always trying to improve this series. As with the M4A1-S,
this skin is only available in field tested and minimal wear.
The last restricted skin is the Dragon Tattoo glock, which I like to see as a super budget
Dragonlore. It’s only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear, and due to the maximum
and minimum quality on the slider, Minimal Wear is actually rarer and more expensive.
You can currently get a normal one for under 7 dollars and stat-trak for 23.
The first of the two classified weapons is the Hypnotic Desert Eagle, and the most expensive
I’ve covered so far! Bit like the Dragon Tattoo skin, it’s only available in Minimal
Wear and Factory New and once again, the lower Minimal Wear grade is rarer and more valuable,
costing 15 dollars for standard and 43 dollars for stat-trak. Factory New is half of that.
The AK47 Case Hardened is available in all conditions. At its worst it’s cheaper than
the Covert AWP that I’ll be covering in a bit. But at its best, it’s the most expensive
weapon in the entire Weapons Case. You’re currently talking 46 dollars for factory new
and $261 for stat-trak! And lastly the AWP Lightning Strike. These
last 2 skins in the collection are interesting for another reason: the AK and AWP were the
only 2 skins at the time to be featured in both of the original CS:GO cases that Valve
released. Though obviously there were more types if you include skins in the map collections
as well. As seems to be tradition at this point, this AWP’s Minimal Wear is rarer
than Factory New, it’s about 57 dollars standard and there’s not even a price for
the stat-trak edition, but since Factory New is $210 I think it’s safe to say that it’s
valued higher than that. And that concludes the original 2 cases that
Valve featured in CS:GO. But it certainly didn’t end there! But this video does.

21 thoughts on “Weapon Case 1 Skins

  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT. You completely glossed over the Case Hardened AK. Depending on the pattern it could be worth far more than $46.

  2. The Case Hardened is potentially the most expensive skin in CSGO , if you get the pattern right , you could EVEN get 30.000 $ from it.

  3. Thats why those gun animations look so good. I though he was using some pre-rendered "cut-scenes" of the gun inspections.

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