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We Try To Play Call Of Duty Without Using Guns

Let’s just get rid of
all my ammo in the air. There we go. All right, don’t need it. ( upbeat rock music) One of the key factors of a shooter game is a gun. It’s like that movie, Hacksaw Ridge. I think everybody’s gonna shoot me a lot and I’m just gonna run at
’em and try and stab ’em. It will not go well, I
don’t feel good about it, and I’m not excited. We’re gonna be playing a game
mode called “Domination,” where you capture points so the objective isn’t
even to kill people. We’re goin’. Domination. More like dominate you with knives. (fake audience applause) Oh a shovel. That counts! That counts! Didn’t see that one comin’, did ya? My conscientious objective,
I’m not gonna fire my weapon. I don’t think those guys
have a right to die, but I will stab them if I need to. Oh, oh, oh, come here, buddy. (groaning) Oh there’s a guy! I got
ya, bitch. I got ya, bitch. You’re mine! Shovel! Why would we send the guy with
the shovel to charge at them? I’m gonna hide up here for
the remainder of the game cause that’s how you don’t die. (deep breathing) Yeah, my dad says if you smile even when you’re not happy,
then you’ll feel happier. I’m doin’ somethin’.
I’m capturing a point. I’m just laying on the ground. Come on. Yeah! We got it! (grunts) Lost it. Do you ever wake up and think to yourself, “I’m gonna have a great day. Today is gonna be a great ass day,” and then somebody approaches you and says, “Hey, play Call of Duty without guns,” and then your whole day is ruined! I wonder why the US Government thought that they might
need guns and bullets cause I’m doing just fine! Hey-yah! I’m gonna get one shovel kill. Yeah! Oh! Shovel in the face! I’m gonna get this guy. Got him. Sweet. I really
wanna kill that guy. Camped in corners. You guys,
this is working out for me. I’m just gonna camp this corner. I really wanna go around
and just approach the guy, but instead I’m just gonna
continue camping this corner. We gotta whole squad. We got three people. Come on, we can do this. Wow, no wonder they’re winning. Even the guys with guns can’t shoot. What other load outs do I have? A bazooka. I mean, if you’re gonna fire a gun, ya might as well fire a big one. (buzzer) Oh! What’s that? What’s that about? Oh! Bazooka in the face! Ironically, I totally
could have killed that guy with a shovel because he
wasn’t even looking at me. I always end point to
hawk. No more bullets. Just my smoke grenades and my bayonet. And then I died. Oh, my weapon leveled up. If it didn’t give me a second
knife then it doesn’t matter. Ah! That’s so frustrating.
I just wanna shoot them. Why don’t you hit me with
a shovel like a real boy. I do wonder why I don’t play
this way at home more often cause this is just the best time and– (buzzer) I threw my one smoke grenade,
now I’m ready to stab again. This has been a lot of fun, but I’ve still been trying to kill people. Now I’m not gonna try and kill anyone. I’m just gonna try and capture points. Smoke grenade. Can’t see me. Ah, I lost. I did alright though. 9 and 19. I mean 19’s not ideal
obviously, but 9’s pretty good. I’m happy with that. I didn’t shoot anybody. I’m also happy about that,
that I didn’t shoot anybody. I just kind of played how
you guys want me to play. One star awarded for heroic service? Oh, me? Oh no, it’s him. Okay, cool. Round two. I’m ready to go. Dang it, I like this map. I would like to shoot people on this map. There’s a guy right in there. You suck at this game! Ah, yes! I just wanna shoot him
so bad, he’s right there. He’s right there! (buzzer) I shot him. (buzzer) It’s so much easier to
kill people with bullets. Oh my gosh, these people are garbage. He ran straight into my knife. Am I being chased? I’m a machine. Freakin’ machine. Is that a female soldier? Wow, how progressive. World War Two. I was admiring my coworker and someone just stabbed me from behind, very viscously. At least she escaped. I died to save her. I sawed your wife. There’s somebody that’s on
the other side of this corner and I have a feeling it’s
going to be frustrating for me. Just kidding! Frustration for
you cause I just stabbed ya. Oh my gosh, that guy was terrible! I think somebody’s gonna come over here so I’m gonna camp this corner. I was right. Ah, my soldier wife. I’m right behind you. You’re doing great, sweetie. Ah, she died! Oh no, she’s alive. Okay. I found a teammate that
I’m kind of in love with. She’s protecting me, I’m
protecting her, just not that well. I’m gonna show you how much
better I am with this gun. Then we’re gonna have a
control and a variable and god, I hope I’m actually good with this gun. Well, okay. I haven’t fired yet. All right, you know what
it’s time for? Shovel. There he is. Really thought I got a shovel kill there. Really thought I did. I just wanna kill one
person with a bullet. Now that I’m trying and
not doing very well, it’s frustrating and I hate it! (grunting) Look, you and I know this
is not going in the video. Oh, oh, oh, like, oh my
gosh, did you see that? Nice try, sir. You guys, I got a recon.
I got a killstreak. I did pretty good. Let’s
see, I went 12 and 8. Oh my gosh. I went positive! Did I shoot a gun? Sometimes. Did I kill someone with a shovel today? Yes. This is a totally fun
way to play the game. I definitely was not happy when they told me I’d
be playing Call of Duty without guns, but I don’t know.. I mean, I think it’s cause I did well that I had a really good time. I think that this is dumb and bad, and no one should do it, and you’re mean for making me do so. (lighthearted music)

100 thoughts on “We Try To Play Call Of Duty Without Using Guns

  1. 0:55 – "Come here buddy!" – My new favorite line when I'm chasing an enemy with my Toggle Action equipped with incendiary shells on Pointe Du Hoc (Hardcore). The screams, when they burn to death, are just so satisfying to hear!

  2. You see I love knifes my kd is almost always positive and now I have a claymore….. Goooooooood times

  3. For the pointe Du hoc (the bunker map) and for the flak tower I use a shovel and the throwing knives and the gun I use a shotgun

  4. the fact that sydnee did better than the boys kinda surprised me.. jk i play better than the boys too #girlsquad

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