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“We Built This Truck In 12 Days!” – Dual Quad Sniper EFI LS Power – Holley LS Fest

My name is Bill Alvis, my shop is Tweakn’
Performance in Eddyville, Kentucky. In 12 days we put this truck together and
it just started up for the first time at 10 O’clock last night and it moved on its own
power at about 12 O’clock this afternoon to load it on the trailer to come here. It didn’t even roll, I mean it was sitting
on 2x4s just so that we could move it around, so we had to do full air ride suspension,
put an NV3500 five-speed in it to conversion, tried to get this eight inches of spacers
to work with that belt combination, it’s been a struggle, we’ve hit roadblock after roadblock. 1:30 this morning I was pulling the transmission
out of here to reset the throwout bearing. This morning we came back, we built the exhaust,
cut the hood, and hung the doors on it, started it up, and loaded it up on the trailer. This wouldn’t have happened without my wife
and my mechanic Mitchel. We built this truck in 12 days! I’m telling you, we stayed up there countless
hours and why I thought that it was a good idea I don’t know because I’m too old for
this. You know you see the stuff on TV, the drama
on the Fuse stuff, now I’m wondering if it’s actually drama, because I lived it and I did
it, but I had to do it, of course I told my wife I could build this truck for $500 and
that I had a bunch of other stuff laying around the shop to build it and we’re going to stick
with that story. That’s a Holley water pump, Holley brackets,
the whole front accessory drive is Holley. Sniper unit on it, the Holley fuel pump, the
MSD ignition box, that’s what’s controlling the ignition is the MSD ignition box so yeah
the stuff works like I said last year, why go sourcing junkyard parts and everything
else when these trucks are so cramped for space, the Sniper, I mean that’s all the wires,
so I don’t have to hide a bunch of stuff and find places to put it in the dash because
eventually, this will have vintage air on it, you know that way, real estate is a premium
on a C10, the dual Sniper came out, and that’s what I wanted originally was this look, you
know the Dominator is what I ran last year, which worked flawlessly, it worked so well
on the S10 that it made more power than that little LS2 could handle a few weeks ago, so
that’s what kickstarted this project to be here because I’ve been to every LS Fest, I
wasn’t going to miss one and I wasn’t going to be just a spectator. So I was going to be here one way or another. Just trying to keep everything simple, still
got the gas tank behind the seat, I’m running a Holley dual pump on the side of the frame
down here. I used all of the Earl’s push lock hose, simple
easy to run, I ain’t got to poke my fingers and everything, simple, and so far it’s been
great, I’ve still got to do some tuning on highway because I haven’t had time to get
it over first gear, it just I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to take it out tonight
and cruise around a little and do some learning on it and see how it does, but it’s just a
driver, I’m not even going to do a burnout. It’s got a stock clutch in it, I’m going to
be good this year. I want to be able to get it back home because
I’ve still got a few things that I’ve got to get tidied up and some stuff that I want
to get done. I’ve got an intercooler on it that I’m actually
going to plumb up and put ice on it so I can lower my intake air temp, but you know that
was just one of the things that just didn’t make the list this time.

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