100 thoughts on “Watch the US Navy’s laser weapon in action

  1. yeah…how about some information about this thing's range ??
    I bet it's very short compared to any conventional weapon.

  2. But how does a laser hit a moving target? You can't guide a laser, right? I'm honestly asking… how can it hit a Mach 6 hypersonic missile?

  3. Get microchipped. They can sit at a computer want you dead and your gone. People we are dead. Why dont you target the overlords and distroy this thing.

  4. I'm almost sure China could produce a very large Infrared LASER Diode chip to match or succeed over 1000 Terawatts AKA 1 Petawatt. They already have the machines and Labs set up to make anything they want.

  5. Yess now Russia’s gonna have to use its actual military instead of just threatening with nukes yess yess yess


  7. Not the first .rheinmetal from germany had a hel in 2013 .Take a look at Rheinmetall account .High energy laser 2013 .

  8. We all know no one will go after the engine. The driver will also disable the vehicle without damaging it.

  9. As a defence aerospace contractor who works on marine also for Lockheed and rolls Royce I don’t understand the women saying we can take out the engine and nothing else not quiet sure it works like that

  10. 00:56 did anybody notice those "censored out" black squares when the laser cannon is moving? I wonder what is that

  11. So y'all just showing us that alians exist and you got the formula from them
    Just know once you say back then we didn't have the Technology to make this happen well you forgetting that you on earth

  12. Well just leave it to The United States to lead the world for another 80 years into the future. Must the U.S. design and develop everything? For those who would use a mirror to counter this, please do, so that a missile coming right behind it would have a "paved road" right to that ass!!

  13. The Iraqi doctors were saying that during the invasion, US hit civi's in cars with these and it burned up peoples heads like they were matches, leaving only teeth behind. This is why we see it 15 years later, because they have MUCH "better" stuff now…

  14. Well if enemies of the state suddenly start dropping like flies with small consentrated burn marks on them, now we know why

  15. Me at the beginning of the video: Oh boy, what color is the laser gonna be?? Is it blue, like the Kamehameha? Or red, like Darth Vader's lightsaber? Or just plain, boring old white? I guess it can be white, I wouldn't even care honestly as long as I get to see a freakin' LASER!!!

    i t ' s i n v i s i b l e b e c a u s e i t m o v e s a t t h e s p e e d o f l i g h t

    Face on desk

  16. What is the diameter of the beam? And how big is the whole laser?
    And how much energy does it consume? What distance can achieved?

  17. We can do the same thing in space as well, Trump is perfecting this, is why we have no fear of ICBM, we can take out guidance satellites easily as well as rockets, possibly the best working technology we have is the “return to sender” the reality of nuclear control goes unchanged it’s controlled by submarines and has for a long time and will continue. A low flying weapon that has on board mapping is much more deadly than any high flyer always been that way, the high flyer just sounds better

  18. Good to see this…Putin is danger for Europe..but!the biggest danger is Civil War in America..is coming soon…to many lunatics and criminals there

  19. The policy challenges laser weaponry faces is wild; namely, Geneva Convention's ban on such devices if they blind the enemy. There's not alot of wiggle room there to make a great argument; I mean, dying generally isn't so good for one's vision. It's gonna be a mess to surmount.

  20. Would this work against eu politicians?
    It would have to be capable of burning it's way through a lot of undemocratic sxxts.

  21. The army could use moderate powered laser guns to permanently blind soldiers.. rendering them nearly useless. All it takes is a millisecond of exposure to the retina. It is a dirty type of weapon but bullets could be worse.

  22. The Navy's is ultimately looking for a 350 KW laser system for combat operations . The current system is only about 35 KW .

  23. How come we don't label weapons makers "terrorist"? I mean it's thier weapons that kill all the people on both sides that are fighting. Why do the bankers even loan money to nations to buy weapons? The banks are lending to both sides and rolling in all that blood money.

  24. Возможно монтаж, пиротехника, и тд., но…

  25. CIA-link CNN always report fake & propaganda news. That's spot light beam (Light house) compare to Russia-China's Super Atomic laser beam. 😂

  26. God save America 🇺🇸
    Some one should
    Sorry this was written without dromatic music
    Will it still count
    Its good weapon but the pirate boats go fast and shoot back

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